Word: ELO

The word ELO has appeared in at least 579 clues on different crosswords.

"""10538 Overture"" band"
"""A New World Record"" band"
"""A New World Record"" grp."
"""A New World Record"" grp., 1976"
"""All Over the World"" band"
"""All Over the World"" grp."
"""All Over the World"" rock grp."
"""All Over the World"" rockers"
"""All over the World"" grp."
"""Calling America"" band"
"""Can't Get It Out Of My Head"" band"
"""Can't Get It Out of My Head"" band"
"""Can't Get It Out of My Head"" band, briefly"
"""Can't Get It Out of My Head"" band, for short"
"""Can't Get It Out of My Head"" group"
"""Can't Get It Out of My Head"" group, familiarly"
"""Can't Get It Out of My Head"" grp."
"""Can't Get It Out of My Head"" rock gp."
"""Can't Get It Out of My Head"" rock grp."
"""Can't Get It Out of My Head"" rockers"
"""Confusion"" band"
"""Do Ya"" band"
"""Do Ya"" band, briefly"
"""Do Ya"" band, for short"
"""Do Ya"" gp."
"""Do Ya"" group, for short"
"""Do Ya"" grp."
"""Do Ya"" rock band"
"""Do Ya"" rock gp."
"""Do Ya"" rock group"
"""Do Ya"" rock grp."
"""Do Ya"" rockers"
"""Do Ya?"" rock grp."
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" band"
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" band (Abbr.)"
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" band, briefly"
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" band, for short"
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" band, informally"
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" gp."
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" group, for short"
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" grp."
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" grp., 1979"
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" rock band"
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" rock gp."
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" rock group"
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" rock group, for short"
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" rock grp."
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" rockers"
"""Don't Bring Me Down"" rockers, familiarly"
"""Eldorado"" band"
"""Eldorado"" group"
"""Eldorado"" grp."
"""Eldorado"" rock band"
"""Eldorado"" rock group"
"""Eldorado"" rock grp."
"""Eldorado"" rockers"
"""Evil Woman"" artists"
"""Evil Woman"" band"
"""Evil Woman"" band, briefly"
"""Evil Woman"" band, for short"
"""Evil Woman"" gp."
"""Evil Woman"" gp.^EL"
"""Evil Woman"" group"
"""Evil Woman"" group, for short"
"""Evil Woman"" grp."
"""Evil Woman"" grp., 1975"
"""Evil Woman"" rock band"
"""Evil Woman"" rock band, for short"
"""Evil Woman"" rock gp."
"""Evil Woman"" rock gr."
"""Evil Woman"" rock group"
"""Evil Woman"" rock group, for short"
"""Evil Woman"" rock grp."
"""Evil Woman"" rockers"
"""Evil Woman"" rockers, familiarly"
"""Evil Woman"" singers"
"""Face the Music"" grp."
"""Face the Music"" rockers"
"""Here's the kicker""?"
"""Hold On Tight"" band"
"""Hold On Tight"" band, briefly"
"""Hold On Tight"" band, to fans"
"""Hold On Tight"" gp."
"""Hold On Tight"" group"
"""Hold On Tight"" grp."
"""Hold On Tight"" rock band"
"""Hold On Tight"" rock gp."
"""Hold On Tight"" rock group"
"""Hold On Tight"" rock grp."
"""Hold On Tight"" rockers"
"""Hold on Tight"" band"
"""Hold on Tight"" gp."
"""Hold on Tight"" group"
"""Hold on Tight"" rock gp."
"""Hold on Tight"" rock group"
"""Hold the Line"" group"
"""Hooked on Classics"" grp"
"""I'm Alive"" band"
"""I'm Alive"" band, to fans"
"""I'm Alive"" group"
"""I'm Alive"" musicians"
"""Illusions in G Major"" rock grp."
"""Last Train to London"" band"
"""Last Train to London"" grp."
"""Livin' Thing"" band"
"""Livin' Thing"" band, 1976, informally"
"""Livin' Thing"" band, for short"
"""Livin' Thing"" band, to fans"
"""Livin' Thing"" group, in brief"
"""Livin' Thing"" grp."
"""Livin' Thing"" rock gp."
"""Livin' Thing"" rock grp."
"""Long Black Road"" band"
"""Mr. Blue Sky"" band"
"""Mr. Blue Sky"" band, briefly"
"""Mr. Blue Sky"" band, for short"
"""Mr. Blue Sky"" grp."
"""Mr. Blue Sky"" rock gp."
"""New World Record"" group"
"""New World Record"" rock grp."
"""Ole ___"" (1976 album)"
"""On the Third Day"" group"
"""Out of the Blue"" band"
"""Out of the Blue"" band (Abbr.)"
"""Out of the Blue"" rock gp."
"""Out of the Blue"" rock grp."
"""Out of the Blue"" rockers"
"""Rock 'N' Roll Is King"" band"
"""Rock 'N' Roll Is King"" group"
"""Rock 'n' Roll Is King"" band"
"""Rock 'n' Roll Is King"" band, 1983"
"""Rock 'n' Roll Is King"" gp."
"""Rock 'n' Roll Is King"" group"
"""Rock 'n' Roll Is King"" rockers"
"""Rockaria!"" band"
"""Rockaria!"" band, briefly"
"""Rockaria!"" band, for short"
"""Rockaria!"" band, in brief"
"""Rockaria!"" group, for short"
"""Rockaria!"" grp."
"""Rockaria!"" rock group"
"""Rockaria"" band"
"""Roll Over Beethoven"" band"
"""Roll Over Beethoven"" band, for short"
"""Roll Over Beethoven"" group, briefly"
"""Roll Over Beethoven"" grp."
"""Roll Over Beethoven"" rock grp."
"""Secret Messages"" band"
"""Shine A Little Love"" band"
"""Shine a Little Love"" band"
"""Shine a Little Love"" band, for short"
"""Shine a Little Love"" gp."
"""Shine a Little Love"" group"
"""Shine a Little Love"" grp."
"""Shine a Little Love"" grp., 1979"
"""Shine a Little Love"" rock band"
"""Shine a Little Love"" rock gp."
"""Shine a Little Love"" rock grp."
"""Showdown"" band"
"""Showdown"" band, briefly"
"""Strange Magic"" band"
"""Strange Magic"" band, briefly"
"""Strange Magic"" band, for short"
"""Strange Magic"" gp."
"""Strange Magic"" grp."
"""Strange Magic"" rock band"
"""Strange Magic"" rock gp."
"""Strange Magic"" rockers"
"""Strange Magic"" singers"
"""Stranger on a Quiet Street"" band"
"""Sweet Talkin' Woman"" band"
"""Sweet Talkin' Woman"" band (abbr.)"
"""Sweet Talkin' Woman"" rock band"
"""Telephone Line"" artists"
"""Telephone Line"" band"
"""Telephone Line"" band (Abbr.)"
"""Telephone Line"" band, briefly"
"""Telephone Line"" band, for short"
"""Telephone Line"" gp."
"""Telephone Line"" group"
"""Telephone Line"" grp."
"""Telephone Line"" pop grp."
"""Telephone Line"" rock gp."
"""Telephone Line"" rock group"
"""Telephone Line"" rock grp."
"""Telephone Line"" rockers"
"""Telephone Line""grp."
"""Ticket to the Moon"" band"
"""Time"" band, for short"
"""Turn To Stone"" band"
"""Turn To Stone"" gp."
"""Turn to Stone"" band"
"""Turn to Stone"" band (Abbr.)"
"""Turn to Stone"" gp."
"""Turn to Stone"" group"
"""Turn to Stone"" group, briefly"
"""Turn to Stone"" group, familiarly"
"""Turn to Stone"" group, for short"
"""Turn to Stone"" grp."
"""Turn to Stone"" rock gp."
"""Turn to Stone"" rock group, briefly"
"""Turn to Stone"" rock grp."
"""Turn to Stone"" rockers"
"""Turn to Stone"" rockers, briefly"
"""Twilight"" band"
"""Twilight"" recorders, for short"
"""Wild West Hero"" band"
"""Xanadu"" band"
"""Xanadu"" band (Abbr.)"
"""Xanadu"" band (abbr.)"
"""Xanadu"" band, briefly"
"""Xanadu"" band, for short"
"""Xanadu"" band, to fans"
"""Xanadu"" gp."
"""Xanadu"" group"
"""Xanadu"" group, for short"
"""Xanadu"" group, initially"
"""Xanadu"" grp."
"""Xanadu"" musical grp."
"""Xanadu"" prog rock grp."
"""Xanadu"" rock band"
"""Xanadu"" rock gp."
"""Xanadu"" rock group"
"""Xanadu"" rock group, for short"
"""Xanadu"" rock group, initially"
"""Xanadu"" rock grp."
"""Xanadu"" rockers"
"""Xanadu"" singers"
"""Xanadu"" singers, for short"
"""Zoom"" grp."
"""___ II"" (1973 rock album)"
'70s band
'70s band inits.
'70s group that included a string trio
'70s pop-rock grp.
'70s rock band that used cellos
'70s rock group
'70s rock orch.
'Boy Blue' rock gp.
'Can't Get It Out of My Head' was their first hit
'Confusion' band
'Do Ya' band
"'Do Ya' band, briefly"
'Do Ya' gp.
'Do Ya' rock gp.
'Do Ya'
'Don't Bring Me Down' group
'Don't Bring Me Down' rock grp.
'Eldorado' rock gp.
'Evil Woman' band
'Evil Woman' band's acronym
'Evil Woman' gp.
'Evil Woman' group
'Evil Woman' rock gp.
'Evil Woman' rock group
'Evil Woman' rockers
"'Evil Woman'
"'Hold On Tight' band, briefly"
'Hold On Tight' group
'Hold On Tight' grp.
'Hold On Tight' rock gp.
'Hold On Tight' rock group
'Hold on Tight' band
'Hold on Tight' rockers
"'Livin' Thing' band, for short"
'Mr. Blue Sky' band
'Rockaria rock gp.!'
'Shine a Little Love' rock group
'Showdown' rock gp.
'Strange Magic' band
'Strange Magic' group
'Strange Magic' grp.
'Strange Magic' rock group
'Sweet Talkin' Woman' band
'Telephone Line' band
'Telephone Line' gp.
'Telephone Line' grp.
'Turn to Stone' rock gp.
'Twilight' group
'Twilight' recorders
'Twilight' rock gp.
'Xanadu' band
"'Xanadu' band, briefly"
"'Xanadu' band, for short"
"'Xanadu' group, briefly"
'Xanadu' grp.
'Xanadu' rock band
'Xanadu' rock gp.
'Xanadu' rock group
'Xanadu' rockers
"1970s band that did ""Don't Bring Me Down"""
"1970s band that sang ""Do Ya"""
1970s pop-rock grp.
1970s rock group
"1973 prog-rock album ""___ 2"""
"1976 album ""Ol
1980 rock inits.
"70's rock band from Birmingham, for short"
70s rock gp.
<I>Do Ya<I> rock group
Band formed after the breakup of the Move
"Band formed in 1971 in Birmingham, England"
"Band from Birmingham, Eng."
"Band name heard in Morse code on its single ""Secret Messages"""
"Band on the 'Xanadu' soundtrack, briefly"
Band ripped off (in several ways) by L.E.O.
Band running through melody
"Band that did ""Rockaria"""
"Band that did ""Xanadu"" with Olivia Newton-John"
"Band that did half the ""Xanadu"" soundtrack"
"Band that gave Olivia Newton-John an assist on ""Xanadu"""
"Band that sang ""Don't Bring Me Down"""
Band that the Move became
"Band that wrote half the ""Xanadu"" soundtrack"
Band whose biggest hit was 'Don't Bring Me Down'
"Band whose debut song was ""10538 Overture"""
"Band with a ""Part II"" offshoot band"
Band with a trippy jukebox/spaceship logo
Band with keyboardist Richard Tandy
"Band with the '75 album ""Face the Music"""
"Band with the '79 album ""Discovery"""
"Band with the 1977 album ""Out of the Blue"""
"Band with the album ""All Over the World"""
"Band with the album ""Eldorado"""
"Band with the album ""Out of the Blue"""
Band with the album 'Zoom'
"Band with the hit ""Don't Bring Me Down"""
"Band with the hit ""Evil Woman"""
"Band with the hit ""Livin' Thing"""
"Band with the hit ""Sweet Talkin' Woman"""
"Band with the hit album ""Face the Music"""
Band with the hit album 'A New World Record'
"Band with the hits ""Evil Woman"" and ""Sweet Talkin' Woman"""
Band with the record for most Top 40 hits without ever having a #1 single
Bev Bevan & crew
Bev Bevan was its drummer
Bev Bevan's band
Bev Bevan's band from Birmingham
"Bev Bevan's band, briefly"
Big band from Birmingham
Big letters in prog-rock
"Birmingham band, briefly"
Birmingham-based gp.
British band that shares its name with the World Chess Federation's rating system
British prog band that broke up three times
British rock band
"British rock band heard in ""American Hustle"" trailers"
British rock group
"British rock group of the 70s and 80s, for short"
Chess player Arpad or the rating system he developed
Chess ranking system
Chess ranking system that is also used in MLB
Chess rating system
Chess rating system named for its creator
Chess rating that shows the player's strength
Chess skill rating system
Chess's ___ ratings
Classic '70s band (abbr.)
"Classic rock band that famously wanted to ""pick up where 'I Am the Walrus' left off"""
Classic rock band that sort of reunited in 2012
Disco-inflected prog rock band
Don't Bring Me Down grp.
Early prog rock gp.
Evil Woman band
Evil Woman band familiarly
Evil Woman band for short
Evil Woman rock group
Gp. co-founded by Roy Wood
"Gp. that hired an orchestra for its ""Eldorado"" album"
"Gp. with the 1979 top-10 album ""Discovery"""
"Gp. with the album ""Secret Messages"""
Group co-founded by Jeff Lynne
"Group formed in Birmingham, England, in 1970"
"Group with the '79 double-platinum album ""Discovery"""
Group with the double LP 'Out of the Blue'
Grp. formerly featuring Jeff Lynn
"Grp. that sang ""Do Ya"""
"Grp. that sang ""Telephone Line"""
"Grp. with the 1976 hit ""Livin' Thing"""
"Grp. with the 1976 platinum album ""A New World Record"""
"Grp. with the 1977 album ""Out of the Blue"""
"Grp. with the 1977 hit ""Do Ya"""
"Grp. with the 1977 platinum album ""Out of the Blue"""
"Grp. with the 1979 hit ""Don't Bring Me Down"""
"Grp. with the 1979 top 10 album ""Discovery"""
"Grp. with the debut single ""10538 Overture"""
"Grp. with the platinum album ""Out of the Blue"""
"Grp. with the platinum record ""A New World Record"""
"Grp. with the top 10 album ""Face the Music"""
I'm Alive group
Inits. in '70s and '80s rock
Inits. in 70's-80's rock
J. Lynne's band
J. Lynne's rock group
"Jeff Lynne ""Discovery"" band"
"Jeff Lynne ""Face the Music"" band"
"Jeff Lynne ""Hold On Tight"" band"
Jeff Lynne Rock band
Jeff Lynne band
Jeff Lynne band with violins and cellos
"Jeff Lynne band, other than the Traveling Wilburys"
Jeff Lynne gp.
Jeff Lynne group
Jeff Lynne grp.
Jeff Lynne rock band
Jeff Lynne used to be part of it
Jeff Lynne's band
Jeff Lynne's band (abbr.)
Jeff Lynne's band before the Traveling Wilburys
"Jeff Lynne's band, briefly"
"Jeff Lynne's band, for short"
Jeff Lynne's gp.
"Jeff Lynne's group, briefly"
"Jeff Lynne's group, familiarly"
Jeff Lynne's grp.
Jeff Lynne's musical gp.
Jeff Lynne's old band
Jeff Lynne's old rock band
Jeff Lynne's rock gp.
Jeff Lynne's rock grp.
Jeff Lynne's symphonic rock gp.
Jeff Lynne-led band
Lynne and crew
"Lynne's band, familiarly"
Name in rock
Oft-abbreviated band
One of its ex-members joined the Traveling Wilburys
Orchestral '70s band
Out of the Blue group
"Pop grp. heard in ""Xanadu"""
"Pop outfit from Birmingham, Eng."
Pop-rock group
"Popular rock group, for short"
Potty ___ (kids' toy)
Prog rock band letters
Prog rock group of the '70s
Prog-rock band of the 1970s
Prog-rockers on Xanadu soundtrack
Rating of which Magnus Carlsen currently has the highest in the world
"Released ""Time"" in '81 (Abbr.)"
Rock band with the 2001 album 'Zoom'
Rock gp.
Rock gp. known for its symphonic sound
Rock gp. with winds and strings
Rock group
Rock group with the drummer Bev Bevan
"Rock grp. once promoted as ""the English guys with the big fiddles"""
Rock grp. with cellos
Rock letters
"Rockers who sang ""Mr. Blue Sky,"" briefly"
Roy Wood's band before Wizzard
Strange Magic rock gp.
Strange Magic rock group
Symphonic rock band
Symphonic rock gp.
"Their biggest hit was ""Don't Bring Me Down"""
"They did ""Do Ya"""
"They did ""Don't Bring Me Down"""
"They did ""Telephone Line"""
"They made the record ""A New World Record"""
"They sang ""Evil Woman"""
World Cup cry
Xanadu band
Xanadu rock band briefly
Xanadu rock group
Xanadu rockers
___ Part II: Bev Bevan band
___ rating (chess skill-level measure)
___ rating system (world chess standard)
Jeff Lynne's band
29-Down's rock gp.
"Xanadu" band
"10538 Overture" gp.
'Evil Woman' band
"Rockaria!" band, in brief
"Xanadu" band
"Do Ya" gp.
Band with the 1977 hit 'Telephone Line,' in brief
"Xanadu" band
"Mr. Blue Sky" band, for short
"Xanadu" band
Rock gp. with winds and strings
"Evil Woman" rock grp.
"Xanadu" band, for short
"Don't Bring Me Down" gp.
"Evil Woman" gp.
"Evil Woman" gp.
2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee
"Xanadu" band for short
"Xanadu" band
"Xanadu" band
"Evil Woman" gp.
"Evil Woman" band
'Strange Magic' band, for short
"Xanadu" band
"Eldorado" rockers
'Xanadu' band, for short
'Do Ya' rock grp
"Xanadu" band
"Xanadu" band
"Don't Bring Me Down" rock gp.
Symphonic rock gp.
"The Time Machine" race
"Xanadu" band
"Strange Magic" band, for short
Grp. with the 1976 platinum album "A New World Record"
"Rockaria!" band
"Eldorado" rock gp.
"Xanadu" band
"Strange Magic" gp.
"Xanadu" gp.
Roy Wood's rock gp.
Symphonic gp. inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017
"Don't Bring Me Down" band
"Evil Woman" band
"Livin' Thing" band
"Evil Woman" band
"Evil Woman" band
Big '70s-'80s band inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017
"Mr. Blue Sky" band, for short
"Evil Woman" band
"Xanadu" band
"Evil Woman" gp.
"Rockaria!" band, for short
"Evil Woman" group
"Xanadu" band, for short
"Evil Woman" group
"Xanadu" gp.
"Evil Woman" band
Symphonic rock gp.
"Livin' Thing" band
"Evil Woman" band
"Showdown" rock gp.
"Sweet Talkin' Woman" band
"Xanadu" rock gp.
"Don't Bring Me Down" rock gp.
"Shine a Little Love" band, to fans
"Evil Woman" band, briefly
"Telephone Line" band
"Evil Woman" band
"Evil Woman" gp.
"Don't Bring Me Down" rock gp.
"Evil Woman" gp.
"Evil Woman" band
'Telephone Line' band, informally
___ rating system (chess standard)
"Don't Bring Me Down" and "Strange Magic" band, for short
Symphonic rock gp.
Rock grp. with the 1977 song 'Rockaria!'
"Don't Bring Me Down" rock grp.
'Do Ya' grp
Band that had the 1981 hit "Hold On Tight," for short
"Evil Woman" band, briefly
"Xanadu" band
"Xanadu" rock band
"Strange Magic" rock band, for short
"Xanadu" rock group, for short
"Strange Magic" band
"Xanadu" band
"Evil Woman" group
'Strange Magic' band, in brief
Band that played "Evil Woman" at its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, for short
"Evil Woman" band, for short
"Don't Bring Me Down" band
"Sweet Talkin' Woman" band, for short
"Xanadu" band, for short
"Evil Woman" band, for short
"Evil Woman" grp., 1975
"Xanadu" rock band, for short
"Don't Bring Me Down" band, for short
"Xanadu" band
"Do Ya" rock gp.