Word: EMO

The word EMO has appeared in at least 488 clues on different crosswords.

"""A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing"" comedian Philips"
"""Garden State"" music"
"""Garden State"" musical genre"
"""I like to play chess with old men in the park. The tough part: finding 32 of them."" comic Philips"
"""I loaned a friend of mine $8,000 for plastic surgery and now I don't know what he looks like"" comic Philips"
"""I'm a great lover, I'll bet"" comedian Philips"
"""I'm not a Republican, but I'm saving up to be one"" comic Philips"
"""My mother was like a sister to me, only we didn't have sex quite so often"" comedian Philips"
"""People come up to me... concerned... that I'll reproduce"" comedian Philips"
"""Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps"" comedian Philips"
"""Yesterday's Feelings"" rock genre"
"'I was sleeping the other night, alone, thanks to the exterminator' comic Philips"
'Weird Al' pal
1999 album by the punk band Screeching Weasel
2001 comedy album
A Philips
"Adjective for ""pop punk"""
Adjective for some contemporary high school haircuts
Adjective for some kids with long hair and skateboards
"Affectedly sulky, say"
"All broken up over a break-up, perhaps"
Alt-rock genre
Alt-rock subgenre
Alternative rock genre
Alternative style to goth
Alternative to grunge
Alternative to metal
Angst-filled genre
Angst-ridden genre
Angst-ridden music genre
Angst-ridden rock genre
Angsty genre
Angsty music genre
Angsty rock genre
Arty outgrowth of hardcore punk
Bizarre comic Philips
Braid genre
Brooding genre
Brooding music genre
"Brooding, as some pop music"
Broody music genre
Broody rock genre
Cartoon bartender Szyslak
Category for the Shins
Comedian Philips
"Comedian Philips once called ""a one-man asylum"""
Comedian Phillips
Comedic Philips
Comic Philips
Comic Phillips
Comic mophead
Comical Philips
Confessional genre
Confessional music genre
Confessional rock genre
"Dark and depressing, as music"
Dark and introspective
Dark-haired fashion style
Dashboard Confessional genre
Dashboard Confessional music genre
Dashboard Confessional rock genre
Dashboard Confessional's genre
Dashboard Confessional's music
Dashboard Confessional's music style
Dashboard Confessional's musical genre
Depressing and self-absorbed
Depressing music genre
"Depressing, like music"
Downbeat music genre
Eccentric comedian Philips
Effusive musical genre
English comic Phillips
Evocative music genre
Expressive music genre
Expressive music subgenre
Expressive offshoot of punk rock
Expressive rock genre
Expressive rock music subgenre
Expressive rock-music genre
Fall Out Boy's genre
Fall Out Boy's music genre
Falsetto-voiced comedian Philips
Fashion associated with studded belts
Fashion category with a lot of black
Fashion style sold at Hot Topic
Feelings-expressing musical genre
Filly Sillups
First name in comedy
First name in oddball comedy
First name in screwball comedy
First name in zany comedy
Fugazi-spawned genre
Funny Philips
Funny Phillips
Funny-voiced entertainer Philips
Funnyman Philips
Further Seems Forever genre
Genre associated with absurdly long band names
Genre associated with complicated haircuts
Genre disavowed by most bands said to be in it
Genre for Fall Out Boy
Genre for Matchbook Romance
Genre for My Chemical Romance
Genre for Panic! at the Disco
Genre for Panic! at the Disco and other bands with long names
"Genre for Simon & Garfunkel, according to Skrillex"
Genre for the Get Up Kids
Genre of Fall Out Boy
Genre of My Chemical Romance
"Genre of music heard in ""Garden State"""
"Genre of music where guys may wear ""guyliner"""
Genre of rock's Fall Out Boy
"Genre of the 1997 album ""Nothing Feels Good"""
Genre of the Get Up Kids
Genre of the band Fall Out Boy
Genre of the band Jawbreaker
Genre of the band Jimmy Eat World
Genre similar to punk
Genre started by Rites of Spring
Genre that developed from hard-core punk
Genre that grew from hardcore punk
"Genre whose band name generator offers results like ""Some Kind of Bleeding Feeling"""
Goes back
Goth alternative
Goth kin
Goth relative
Guitar-driven alt-rock
Guitar-heavy alt-rock genre
Hard-core punk offshoot
Hardcore offshoot
Hardcore punk offshoot
"Having lots of feels, as an angsty teen"
Indie music genre
Indie rock offshoot
"Insufferable, lovelorn and whiny, in slang"
"Introspective, as music"
Jawbreaker rock genre
Jawbreaker's genre
Jawbreaker's music
Jimmy Eat World genre
Jimmy Eat World's genre
Jimmy Eat World's music
Jimmy Eat World's music genre
Jimmy Eat World's music style
Jimmy Eat World's musical genre
Kooky comic Philips
Kooky comic Phillips
Like Pete Wentz
Like a boy wearing a studded belt and horn-rimmed glasses
Like a style with eyeliner and long bangs
"Like an insufferable, privileged sophomore who hates everyone... and is melodramatic about it"
"Like one wearing a studded belt, black wristbands and black-rimmed glasses"
Like one wearing guyliner
Like some Shins songs
Like some angsty teens
Like some broody teens
Like some dyed-black hairstyles
Like some hairstyles with long bangs
"Lovelorn and whiny, in slang"
Melodic offshoot of punk rock
"Melodramatic, in slang"
Melodramatically sensitive genre
Modern music genre
Modern punk genre
Modern rock genre
Money fan Phillips
Moody music genre
"Moody, as music"
Mopey genre
Mopey music genre
"Mopey, in slang"
"Mopey, like some rock music"
Music genre
Music genre derived from punk rock
"Music genre heard in the movie ""Garden State"""
Music genre of I Am Ghost
Music genre spawned from punk
Music genre that started in D.C. in the mid-1980s
Music genre with a lot of guyliner
Music genre with lots of guyliner
Music in mall stores for teens
Music made by boys who wear eye makeup and girls' skinny jeans
Music related to punk rock
Music style of Jimmy Eat World
Music style of Saves the Day
Musical category almost universally rejected by its would-be exemplars
"Musical genre featured in the movie ""Garden State"""
Musical genre of Jimmy Eat World
"Musical genre pioneered in Washington, D.C."
Musical genre related to punk
Musical genre that more often now specifies a high school social category
My Chemical Romance genre
My Chemical Romance's genre
My Chemical Romance's music
Nondance music genre
Numbers for brooders
Nutty comic Philips
Oddball comic Philips
Oddball comic Phillips
Offbeat comedian Philips
Offshoot of punk
Offshoot of punk rock
Overly dramatic and moody
"Overly sensitive, informally"
Pal of 'Weird Al'
Panic at the Disco genre
Panic! at the Disco genre
Panic! at the Disco or My Chemical Romance genre
Paramore's genre
Paraprosdokian-dropping comic Philips
Philips of 'UHF'
Philips of comedy
Philips of oddball comedy
Philips of stand-up fame
Philips of the high-pitched whine
"Philips who quipped ""You know, I don't have to tell you folks about SCUBA diving. So that'll save some time."""
"Philips who reported ""Last Easter I visited my grandma... well, I had to go up to the attic anyway"""
"Philips who said ""How many people here have telekinetic powers? Raise my hand"""
"Philips who said ""I've learned about women the hard way - through books."""
"Philips who said ""You know, I don't have to tell you guys about SCUBA diving, so that will save some time"""
"Philips who said: ""My brother says 'hello', so hooray for speech therapy"""
"Philips who was in ""The Aristocrats"""
Plaintive genre
Popular music style
"Post-hardcore, of a sort"
Post-punk genre
Post-punk music genre
Punk genre
Punk music
Punk music genre
Punk music offshoot
Punk music subgenre
Punk music variant
Punk offshoot
"Punk offshoot that originated in Washington, D.C."
Punk rock genre
Punk rock offshoot
Punk rock offshoot born in D.C.
Punk rock subgenre
Punk rock subgenre [See NOTE above.]
Punk subgenre
"Punk subgenre, popularly"
Punk-derived genre
Punk-music subgenre
Punk-pop's cousin
Punk-rock genre
Punk-rock offshoot
Punk-rock subcategory
Punk-rock subgenre
Purchase: Lat.
Quirky comic Philips
Rock genre
Rock genre known for excessively long band names and song titles
Rock genre known for ridiculously long song titles
"Rock genre related to ""crabcore"""
Rock genre that evolved from punk
Rock music genre
Rock music subcategory
Rock music subgenre
Rock music subgenre derived from punk
Rock style that evolved from punk
Rock subgenre
Rock type
San ___ (Italian seaport)
"Sappy, in slang"
Saves The Day genre
Screwball Philips
Screwball comedian Philips
Screwball comic Philips
Self-pitying and prone to wearing black
"Sensitive and melodramatic, in slang"
"Sensitive and twee, slangily"
"Sensitive, so to speak"
Shins genre
Side-swept bangs style
Softcore punk genre
Some music on the Warped Tour
Some overly sensitive notes?
Some punk
Some punk rock
Some rock
Soundtrack to a misunderstood mall rat's miserable existence
Spaced-out Philips
Stand-up Philips
Stand-up comedian Philips
Stand-up comic Philips
Standup comic Philips
Stereotypically self-serious genre
Style of music for Weezer
"Style of music running through ""Garden State"""
Subgenre of punk
Subgenre of punk rock
Sunny Day Real Estate genre
Sunny Day Real Estate's genre
Sunny Day Real Estate's music
Sunny Day Real Estate's music genre
Sunny Day Real Estate's musical genre
Taking Back Sunday's genre
"Temperamental one with bad face piercings, maybe"
Texas Is the Reason genre
The Anniversary's musical style
The Dismemberment Plan genre
The Get Up Kids' genre
Town in Ontario
Type of bands or bangs
Type of punk music
Unrestrained musical genre
Wacky comedian Philips
Wacky comic Philips
Warped Tour fare
"Wearing a black hoodie and eyeliner, say"
"Wearing guyliner, e.g."
"Wearing guyliner, say"
"Wearing thick black eyeliner, maybe"
Weepy rock genre
Weezer genre
Weezer's music genre
Weezer's musical genre
Weird Al's bud
Whiney and wussy
Whiny and annoying
"Whiny and melodramatic, e.g."
Whiny music genre
Whiny punk genre
Whiny rock genre
"Whiny, as it were"
Zany comedian Philips
Zany comic Philips
Zip-up hoodie subculture
___ pop (music genre)
___ pop: Weezer genre
Cousin of goth
Angst-ridden music genre
Offshoot of punk
Angst-ridden music genre
Angst-ridden music genre
Confessional music genre
Jawbreaker's music style
Punk rock offshoot
Angst-filled rock genre
Punk rock variant
Punk-rock subgenre
Angst-ridden music genre
Punk rock subgenre
Paramore's specialty
Comic Philips
Punk rock offshoot
Spotify subgenre
Comic Philips
Rock genre
Fashion look with long 6-Down and eye liner
Emergency response org.
Punk rock offshoot
Genre for Fall Out Boy
Angst-ridden music subgenre
Expressive rock genre
Angst-ridden music genre
Brooding rock genre
Punk offshoot
Punk rock offshoot
Angst-ridden genre
Angsty rock genre
Comic Philips
Genre of rock
Comic Philips
Angsty music genre
Angst-ridden music genre
Moody music genre
Moody music genre
Music genre that spawned a fashion style
Comic Philips
Comic Philips
Confessional rock genre
Revealing rock genre
Jimmy Eat World's genre
Angsty music genre
Alternative rock genre
Angst-ridden music genre
Angst-ridden music genre
Spotify genre
Broody rock genre
Weepy rock music
Angst-filled music genre
Genre with often-depressing lyrics
Comic Philips
Jimmy Eat World music genre
Angsty genre
Comedian Philips
Comic Philips
Comedian Philips
Punk rock offshoot
Much of Fall Out Boy's music
Weepy rock music
Punk rock offshoot
First responder's org.
Punk-rock subgenre
Pandora genre
Confessional music genre
Punk offshoot
Punk rock offshoot
Expressive rock genre
Much of Paramore's early music
Expressive rock genre
Kind of look with bangs and eye shadow
Genre of the band Jawbreaker
Punk offshoot
Angsty music genre
Angsty rock genre
Guyliner wearer's genre
Revealing rock genre
Angsty rock genre
Comic Philips
Punk rock offshoot
First responders org.
Like guyliner, stylistically
My Chemical Romance genre
Fall Out Boy's music genre
Moody music genre
Philips on "24/7 Comedy"
Expressive punk genre
Punk rock subgenre
Confessional music
Punk rock offshoot
Angsty music genre
Punk-rock subgenre
Music genre similar to goth
Brooding genre
My Chemical Romance genre
Offshoot of punk rock
Jawbreaker's music genre
Moody rock genre
___ pop (much of Paramore's music)
Broody genre
Punk rock offshoot
Music genre for Brand New
Punk rock subgenre
Civil defence org.
Mopey rock music
Dashboard Confessional's genre
Angsty music genre
Punk-rock subgenre
Music genre with confessional lyrics
Broody rock genre
Comic Philips
Weepy rock category
Comic Philips
Oddball comic Philips
Relative of goth rock
My Chemical Romance rock genre
Post-hardcore genre
Punk-rock subgenre
Music genre related to punk
Modern punk genre
Angsty music
Confessional rock genre
Paramore's music genre
'Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers and ___' (2003 book)
Punk-like music genre
___ pop
Genre with confessional lyrics
Brooding music genre
Melodramatic music
Punk offshoot
Genre for Fall Out Boy
Classification for the band Fall Out Boy
Oddball comic Philips
Angst-filled music
Genre for Panic! at the Disco
Music genre that is far from perky
Genre of the band Dashboard Confessional
Subgenre of punk
Punk rock offshoot
Rock genre that took off in the early 2000s
Comic Philips
Angst-filled musical style
Rock subculture
Angsty music genre
Comic Philips
Type of punk music
Punk subgenre
Full of broodiness, say
Angsty music genre
Expressive rock style
Offshoot of punk rock
Kind of phase for some teens