The word EMOTE has appeared in at least 443 clues on different crosswords.

EMOTE definition(s):

• A virtual action, presented to other users as reported speech, rather than a direct message.

• To perform a virtual action, presented to other users as reported speech, rather than sending a direct message.

• give expression or emotion to, in a stage or movie role

• (intransitive) to display emotions openly, especially while acting

• To display emotions openly, especially while acting.

Act amateurishly
Act badly
"Act badly, in a way"
"Act badly, maybe"
Act badly?
Act big?
Act broadly
Act dramatically
Act dramatically: Colloq.
Act excessively expressive
Act excessively expressively
Act expressively
Act histrionically
"Act in ""East Lynne"""
Act in a certain way
Act in a melodrama?
Act in a soap?
Act in a way.
Act larger than life
Act like Duse
Act like Pearl White
Act like a thespian
Act like an amateur?
Act melodramatically
Act out
Act over the top?
Act passionately
Act poorly
Act the drama queen
Act the ham
"Act the ham in ""Hamlet"""
Act the wrong way?
Act theatrical
Act theatrically
Act to the hilt
Act unnaturally?
Act unprofessionally
Act unprofessionally?
Act up a storm
Act with a capital A
Act with a flourish
Act with feeling
Act with great feeling
Act with passion
Act without restraint
Act without subtlety
"Act, in a way"
"Act, in a way."
Affect feeling
"Annoy one's co-star, perhaps"
Bathe the stage with bathos
Be Jim Carrey when you should be George Clooney
Be a drama queen
Be a ham
"Be a ham in ""Hamlet"""
"Be a ham in ""Hamlet""?"
"Be a hammy Hamlet, say"
Be a hammy actor
Be a thespian
Be actorish
Be hammy
Be histrionic
Be melodramatic
Be melodramatic on stage
Be melodramatic.
"Be over the top, while acting"
Be overdramatic
Be overtheatrical
Be the ham.
Be theatrical
Be theatrical.
Become maudlin onstage
Behave like Streep
Behave like a thespian
Behave theatrically
Behave theatrically: Colloq.
Chew scenery
Chew the scenery
Chew up the set
Cry crocodile tears
Cry crocodile tears on stage
Cry on cue
"Cry on cue, say"
"Cry too readily, maybe"
Director's cry to an underactor?
Disappoint Lee Strasberg
Display feeling
Display feelings
Display grief or joy
Display histrionics
Do a part poorly
Do one's part poorly?
Do some tub-thumping
Dramatize: Colloq.
Emulate Barrymore
Emulate Cabotin
Emulate Duse
Emulate Pearl White
Emulate Pola Negri
Emulate Valentino
Emulate thespians
Enact a feeling
Engage in cabotinage
Engage in histrionics
Engage in melodramatics
Exaggerate onstage
Express effusively
Express feeling excessively
Express oneself on stage
Express sentiment
"Express shock or happiness, say"
Express unsubtly
Fake feelings
Feign feelings
Flaunt one's feelings
"Frustrate the director, perhaps"
Get all histrionic
Get all melodramatic
Get carried away in Hollywood
Get dramatic
Get melodramatic
Get overtheatrical
"Go big, on stage"
Go into histrionics
Go over the top on Broadway
"Go over the top, on stage"
Go overboard on stage
"Go overboard, in a way"
Go too far in performing
Go too far onstage
Go wild with Wilde or Wilder
Gush feeling
Gush on stage
Ham Hamlet
Ham it up
Ham it up as Hamlet
Ham it up as King Lear
"Ham it up in ""Hamlet,"" say"
Ham it up onstage
Ham it up.
"Ham up ""Hamlet"""
Hardly be deadpan
Hardly be stoical
Hardly suppress one's feelings
Hardly underplay
Hog the spotlight
Hog the stage
Imitate ham actor Tom with ease
Indulge in cabotinage
Keep up with a ham?
Laugh or cry onstage
Lay it on thick on stage
Let it all hang out
Make a big scene?
Make a scene
Make like a ham
Melodramatize: Colloq.
Milk a scene
Milk a scene for all it's worth
"Mug, e.g."
"Mug, say"
Not act subtly
Not act well
Not act well?
Not hold back
Not keep one's feelings pent up
Not play it straight
Not play subtly
Overact: Colloq.
Overact: Slang.
Overdo a part
Overdo a role
Overdo a scene
"Overdo a scene, say"
Overdo it
Overdo it on Broadway
Overdo it on stage
Overdo it on the stage
Overdo it onstage
"Overdo it, in a way"
"Overdo it, on stage"
Overdo one's lines
Overdo onstage
Overdo the Thespian bit.
Overdo the acting
Overdo the drama
Overdo the dramatics
Overdo the stage directions
"Overdo, onstage"
Overdramatize lines
Overdramatize: Colloq.
Overexpress one's feelings
"Overexpress one's feelings, on stage"
Overplay a part
Overplay a role
Overplay a role: Colloq.
Overplay a scene
Overplay it
Overplay one's part
Overplay onstage
Overplay the part
Overplay the role
Overplay the scene
Overplay: Colloq.
Perform histrionically
Perform with broad gestures
Perform with great feeling
"Perform, in a way."
Play a role none too subtly
Play act
Play broadly
Play it to the hilt
Play much too broadly on stage
Play the Old Vic
Play the drama queen
Play the ham
Play the ham.
Play to the back crowd
Play to the back of the audience
Play to the back of the room
Play to the back of the theater
Play to the back row
Play to the back row and then some
Play to the balcony
Play to the cheap seats
Play to the gallery.
Play to the last row
Play to the peanut gallery
Play to the rafters
Play too broadly
"Play too broadly, on stage"
Play without restraint
"Play-act, in a way."
Pour on the theatrics
"Push the envelope, theatrically"
Put on an act
Rage onstage
"Rage, e.g., onstage"
Really act out?
Really ham it up onstage
Run the Thespian's gamut.
Say it with feeling
Sell the scene
Serve up some ham?
Shed crocodile tears
Shed crocodile tears on stage
"Shed false tears, say"
"Show anger, for example"
"Show anger, say"
"Show fear, perhaps"
Show feeling
Show feelings
Show one's feelings
"Show rage onstage, say"
Show thespian zeal
Show too much feeling?
Speak histrionically
Speak theatrically
Spoil a scene
"Steal the scene, say"
"Steal the show, in a bad way"
Sturt and fret
Tear a passion to tatters
Tenors do it
Throw a tantrum
Tread the boards broadly
Tread the boards heavily
Try to out-ham a ham
Try to steal a scene
"Try to steal the scene, maybe"
Try too hard onstage
Turn on the dramatics
"Turn on the waterworks, maybe"
"Upset a stage coach, perhaps"
"Upstage a co-star, perhaps"
Use fustian cabotinage
Use the method terribly?
Vent on stage
Vent strongly
Wax dramatic
Wax dramatic.
Wax histrionic
Wax operatic
"Wax rhapsodic, perhaps"
Wax theatric
Wax theatrical
Wear one's feelings on one's sleeve
Wear one's heart on one's sleeve
What characters do in a melodrama
What hams do
What some divas do
What some stars do
Chew the scenery
Chew the scenery
Hardly underplay on stage
Be theatrical
Exaggerate onstage
Act the ham
Feign feelings
Ham it up
Overplay a part
Ham it up
Overplay a role
Engage in melodramatics
Act with passion
Act poorly?
Ham it up
Ham it up
Overplay a role, say
Get gushy
Ham it up
Act the ham
Aloof, not the first to show strong feelings
Act too dramatically
Overdo it, in a way
Ham it up
Ham it up
Ham it up
Ham it up
Overdo a part
Act the ham
Act the ham
Act the ham
Ham it up
Ham it up
Ham it up
Ham it up
Ham it up
Ham it up
Feign feelings
Be a ham
Be a ham
Ham it up
Blow the audition, perhaps
Act the ham
Act the ham
Act the ham
Act the ham
Ham it up
Get carried away on stage
Show feeling
Ham it up
Ham it up
Ham it up
Act the ham
Act the ham
Show feeling
Ham it up
Overdo it on stage
Overplay a part
Act the ham
Gush on stage
Chew the scenery
Ham it up, in a theater
Gush wildly
Ham it up
Act with passion
Act the ham
Ham it up
Ham it up
Act the ham
Play too hard, perhaps
Act in a melodramatic manner
Show feeling
Act the ham
English book about a way to show one's feelings
Act melodramatically
Ham it up
Ham it up
Be melodramatic
Behave theatrically becoming faint right away
Overplay during a play
Ham it up
Be a boisterous actor
Act and how
Chew the scenery
Open the faucets onstage, so to speak
Ham it up
Act the ham
Gush onstage
Feign feelings
Overplay a part
Portray fury or fear, say
Ham it up
Scream or bawl, e.g
Act the ham
Ham it up
Gush on stage
Act the ham
Act too broadly
Be too dramatic
Play to the cheap seats
Be a ham actor
Ham it up
Act the ham
Ham it up
Ham it up
Ham it up