The word ERASER has appeared in at least 345 clues on different crosswords.

'96 Arnold Schwarzenegger film
1996 Ah-nold movie
1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger film
1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie
1996 Arnold movie
1996 Schwarzenegger film
1996 Schwarzenegger movie
1996 Schwarzenegger thriller
1996 Schwarzenegger-Williams film
A golf pencil doesn't have one
A use for art gum
Ah-nold flick
Aid for the error-prone
Alternative to crossing out
Art gum item
"Art gum, for one"
"Art gum, perhaps"
"Artgum, e.g."
"Artgum, for example"
"Backspace key, at times"
"Backspace key, e.g."
Bad adder's need
Basic correction device
Blackboard accessory
Blackboard accessory.
Blackboard adjunct
Blackboard appurtenance
Blackboard cleaner
Blackboard cleaner.
Blackboard item
Blackboard necessity
Blackboard need
Blackboard tool
Blank maker
Board cleaner
Board clearer
Boner remover
Boo-boo remover
California's governor starred in it
Chalk complement
Chalk go-with
Chalk remover
Chalk talk item
Chalk wiper
Chalk's effacer
Chalk's partner.
Chalk-mark remover
Chalkboard accessory
Chalkboard complement
Chalkboard standby
Chalkboard tool
Chalkrail item
Classroom accessory
Classroom clearer
Classroom essential
Classroom item
Classroom missile
Classroom missile?
Classroom need
Classroom tool
Clean-slate facilitator
Clearing aid
Copy-editor's need
Correcting aid
Correction unit?
Corrections agent?
Corrective device
Corrective tool
Counterpart of a delete key
Crossword puzzler's need
"Crossword solver's need, perhaps"
Crossword-puzzle maker's aid
"Crossword-solving need, maybe"
"Crossword-solving need, typically"
Crossworder's need
Desk drawer item
Desk item
Desk item.
Desk necessity.
Device used by writers.
Doodle remover
Drafting tool
Draftsman's need
Eberhard Faber feature
Editing need
Editorial aid
End of a #2
End of a pencil
End of a pencil.
End of some pencils
End of some pens
End opposite the point
Error fixer
Error-correcting tool
Error-removal aid
Flubber's rubber
Golf pencil's lack
Goof eliminator
Goof remover
Graphite eliminator
Graphite remover
Gum product
Handy helper for solvers.
Helmet on a pencil
Helpful tip for a puzzle solver?
Hit man
Hit man?
Implement for a difficult crossword
India rubber.
It clears the boards
It clears the slate
It gets the graphite out
It gets the lead out
It goes by the boards
It may be felt by a blackboard
It may contain traces of lead
It may help when changing your mind
It might be gum
It's felt in the classroom
It's opposite the point
Kids clean it
Kneaded ___ (artist's tool)
"Knockout punch, in boxing slang"
"Knockout, in boxing slang"
Lead lifter
Lead's counterpart
Lead-off item?
Literary device?
"Manual typist's accessory, perhaps"
Means of getting the word out?
Mechanical pencil end
Miscalculator's aid
Mistake eliminator
Mistake remover
Mistake remover.
Most golf pencils lack one
Necessity for a bad speller
"Nine Inch Nails track off ""The Downward Spiral"""
No. 2 end
Nonpointed end
Number 2 end
Obsolete typewriter accessory
Office item
Office tool
On the other end of a pencil
One end of a #2
One end of a pencil
One that eliminates slips of paper?
One way to take back one's words?
Opposite end of the point
Opposite lead
Opposite of the point?
"Paper Mate's Pink Pearl, e.g."
Part of a pencil.
"Pencil ""helmet"""
Pencil addendum.
Pencil adjunct
Pencil attachment
Pencil attachment.
Pencil cap
Pencil end
Pencil implement
Pencil mark remover
Pencil part
Pencil part.
Pencil partner
Pencil pop-on
Pencil pusher's need
Pencil tip
Pencil topper
Pencil utensil
Pencil's end
Pencil-box item
Photoshop tool
Piece of classroom equipment
"Pink Pearl, for one"
Pink end
Pink end of a pencil
Pink pencil part
Pink tip
Point counterpart?
Point's opposite?
Pointless end?
"Problem solver, in a way"
Pupil's need
Puzzle-correction device
Puzzle-solving aid
Puzzler s precaution
Puzzler's necessity
Puzzler's need
Puzzler's precaution
Puzzler's tool
Reminder of man's fallibility.
Righter of bad writing?
Rubber rubber
Rubbery rubber
School item
School supply
School supply item
School-board standby
Schoolbag item
Schoolroom need.
Schwarzenegger film
Schwarzenegger flick
Schwarzenegger played one in film
Script scraper
Sketcher's need
Slate adjunct
Slate cleaner
Slate clearer
Slip hider
Slip remover
Slip-removing tip
"Solver's ""undo"" implement"
Something to clap at school
Spot remover?
Stationer's item
Stationery item.
Steno's need
Stick of gum?
Student's accessory
Summer 1996 movie thriller
Takeout item?
Test-taking tip?
The less-used end
The unsharpened end
Thing taken to a slip
Ticonderoga tip
Ticonderoga topper
Tip for an exam taker?
Tip for remedying mistakes?
Tip for slips
Tip for test takers?
Tip for test-takers?
Tip of a Ticonderoga
Tool for fixing a slip
Tool in Photoshop
Typist's aid.
Typist's necessity.
"Typist's need, once"
Uncertain solver's implement
Underwood user's need
"Undo, essentially"
Useful tip
Utensil on a pencil
Whiteboard accessory
Whiteboard cleaner
Writing remover
Implement for rubbing out
Blackboard accessory
Error remover
Blackboard cleaner
Pencil end
One end of a No. 2
Rubber for removing marks
Removes all traces of mice from creameries
Pencil end
Pencil end
Empty lift in hospital ward with an instrument for cleaning up mistakes
Pencil end
Ages getting queen a rubber
No width in Harris tweed - there's bound to be a rub with that
Pink Pearl, for one
End of a pencil
Pencil rubber
On paper, it's useful for small removal jobs
Pencil rubber
Pencil rubber
Pencil part
Pencil rubber
Pencil rubber
With which to rub away
Blackboard cleaner
Blackboard cleaner
Backspace key, often
No. 2 terminus
Pencil end
Engineering lift is empty on fifth floor for fixing error
Pencil rubber
Chalkboard necessity
1996 action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Caan
Blackboard cleaner
Correcting aid
With which to rub away
Schoolbag item
Slate cleaner
Blackboard cleaner
Ages getting queen a bit of stationery
Pencil end
One end of a No. 2
Pencil rubber
Golf pencil's lack, often
Pencil end
Implement for rubbing out
School supply with felt strips
Golf pencil's traditional lack
Blackboard accessory
Correcting aid
Engineering lift is empty on fifth floor for fixing error
Photoshop icon
In corrective use, it starts as it finishes
Pencil end
Classroom accessory
Pink end of a No. 2
Handy item for a solver
Schwarzenegger film
Pencil topper
Pencil top
Pencil tip
Pencil rubber
Pencil rubber
Pencil rubber
Blackboard cleaner
Pencil attachment
Slate wiper
Chalkboard item
Chalkboard item
Pencil rubber
Pencil end
Blackboard need