The word ERNES has appeared in at least 148 clues on different crosswords.

Aerie inhabitants
Anagram for sneer
Aquatic eagles
Atlantic fishhawks
Bald eagle's cousins
Bald eagles' kin
Beach birds
Beach flock
Birds at sea
Birds by sea cliffs
Birds of merit?
Birds of prey
Birds of prey.
Coastal birds
Coastal creatures
Coastal eagles
Coastal fliers
Coastal flyers
"Common birds, in puzzles"
Cousins of fish hawks
Cousins of harriers
Cousins of ospreys
Crossword birds
Cruisers at sea
Diving ocean birds
Eagle-eyed raptors
Eagles of puzzle fame
Eagles of the sea.
Eagles with white-tails
European sea birds
European sea eagles
Fish hawks' cousins
Fish hawks' relatives
Fish-eating birds
Fish-eating birds.
Fish-eating divers
Fish-eating eagles
Fish-eating fliers
Fishhawks' cousins
Flying fish catchers
Flying fish eaters
Flying fish-catchers
Flying fish-eaters
Fulmars' kin
Gannets' kin
Gannets' relatives
Irish lake and river
Kin of fish eagles
Kin of fish hawks
Kin of fulmars
Kite relatives
Kite's cousins
Lake and river in Ireland
Littoral raptors
Marine birds
Marine eagles
Marine fliers
Marine ornithologists' subjects
Maritime birds
Maritime eagles
Maritime fliers
Maritime raptors
Meritorious birds
Ocean birds
Ocean divers
Ocean eagles
Ocean flock
Ocean flyers
Oceanic raptors
Osprey cousins
Osprey's cousins.
Osprey's kin
Ospreys' cousins
Ospreys' relatives
Pelagic birds
Pelagic eagles
Pelagic predators
Pelagic raptors
Pelagic soarers
Petrels' kin
Piscators birds
Piscivorous birds.
Piscivorous fliers
Piscivorous raptors
Popular puzzle birds
Predatory sea birds
Raptorial sea birds
Relatives of ospreys.
Sea birds
Sea birds found mainly in crosswords
Sea birds.
Sea eagles
Sea eagles.
Sea flock
Sea flyers
Sea predators
Sea scavengers
Sea swoopers
Seashore fliers
Seashore flock
Seaside flock
Seaside soarers
Ship followers
Shore birds
Shore eagles
Shore fliers
Shore sights
Shoreline swoopers
Some seafood lovers
Threats to littoral fish
Trawler followers
Water birds
Water birds.
White-tailed birds
White-tailed birds.
White-tailed eagles
White-tailed eagles.
White-tailed sea birds
Sea eagles
Eagles may be seen around the air terminal
Relatives of kites
Sea eagles
Sea eagles
Seashore birds
Sea eagles
Diving seabirds
Sea eagles
River eagles
Marine fliers
Ocean birds
Fish-catching eagles
Piscators birds
Sea birds
Ocean raptors
River eagles
Sea eagles
Ocean birds
Marine eagles
Sea eagles
Marine fliers
Coastal eagles
Flying fish eaters
Ocean birds