Word: ERS

The word ERS has appeared in at least 634 clues on different crosswords.

"""Chicago Hope"" work areas, briefly"
"""Chicago Hope"" workplaces, briefly"
"""Grey's Anatomy"" settings, briefly"
"""Nurse Jackie"" settings"
"""Scrubs"" sets: Abbr."
"""Sure about that?"" sounds"
"""Thinking, thinking..."" sounds"
"""This can't wait"" hosp. areas"
"""Um"" cousins"
'Um' cousins
-ists' relatives
24-hr. hospital areas
24-hr. hospital zones
24/7 care ctrs.
24/7/365 facilities
49 and 76 ending
"Accident-assessing areas, briefly"
Acute treatment spots
"Address insertions, at times"
Ahems' cousins.
"Alternatives to urgent care clinics, for short"
"Ambulance arrival sites, briefly"
Ambulance destinations (abbr.)
"Ambulance destinations, briefly"
"Ambulance destinations, for short"
"Ambulance destinations, in brief"
"Ambulance destinations, often (abbr.)"
Ambulance destinations: Abbr.
Ambulance destinations: abbrev.
"Ambulance sites, briefly"
Ambulance stops: abbr.
Ambulances speed to them
Ambulances' destinations (abbr.)
Ambulances' destinations: Abbr.
Asiatic vetch
Audible pauses
Awkward conversation fillers
Beginnings of hedges?
Bitter vetch
Brief trauma sites
Busy hosp. areas
C.P.R. sites
CPR sites
Care ctrs.
"Casualty departments, in the UK"
Common suffixes.
Comparative endings
Comparative suffixes
Comparative suffixes.
Confused sounds
Conversation fillers
Conversation pauses
Conversation stumbles
Conversational hesitations
Conversational pauses
Conversational pauses.
Conversational sounds.
Cousins of ums
Crisis points?: Abbr.
Critical hosp. areas
Critical-care ctrs.
"De facto primary care centers, often, in the U.S."
Defib settings
Defib venues
Defib-paddle sites
Defibrillator locales: Abbr.
Defibrillator rms.
Destinations for EMS ambulances
Destinations for EMTs
"Drones, e.g."
Drs.' workplaces
E.M.T. destinations
EMS destinations
EMT destinations
EMT's destinations
EMTs destinations
EMTs go to these
EMTs head to them
EMTs' destinations
Elocution class no-nos
Elocution-class no-nos
Elocutionary stumbles
Ending for 76
FL billboards display their current wait times
Fence-sitter's sounds
Fence-sitters' sounds
"First responders' destinations, briefly"
Forage plant
Gen-X followers
"Grey's Anatomy settings, for short"
Halting sounds
Hectic hosp. areas
Hectic hosp. locales
Hectic hosp. sections
Hectic hosp. zones
Hectic places in hosps.
Hem and haw sounds
Hem-and-haw sounds
Hemming and hawing
Hemming sounds
Hems and haws
Hems and haws?
Hems' relatives
Hesitant sounds
Hesitant sounds.
Hesitant speaker's insertions
Hesitant syllables
Hesitant syllables.
Hesitant utterances
Hesitater's syllables
Hesitating sounds
Hesitation fillers
Hesitation sounds
Hesitation syllables
Hesitations in speech.
Hesitations of speech.
Hesitative sounds.
Hesitator's sounds
Hesitator's words
Hesitatory expressions.
Hesitatory sounds.
Hosp. area
Hosp. areas
Hosp. areas for accident victims
Hosp. areas for lifesaving operations
Hosp. areas that triage
Hosp. centers
Hosp. crisis center
Hosp. drama settings
Hosp. facilities
Hosp. features
Hosp. hot spots
Hosp. hubs
Hosp. locales
Hosp. locations
Hosp. parts
Hosp. parts... or what the answers to the six starred clues each have twice
Hosp. places
Hosp. receiving centers
Hosp. rooms
Hosp. sections
Hosp. sections that ambulances rush to
Hosp. sections where George Clooney might work
Hosp. sites
Hosp. sites for dire cases
Hosp. trauma areas
Hosp. trauma centers
Hosp. trauma units
Hosp. triage areas
Hosp. triage sites
Hosp. units
Hosp. units for urgent care
Hosp. zones
Hospital areas (Abbr.)
"Hospital areas, for short"
Hospital areas: Abbr.
Hospital areas: abbr.
Hospital crisis areas: Abbr.
Hospital crisis ctrs.
Hospital depts.
Hospital rooms: Abbr.
Hospital sections: abbr.
Hospital trauma centers
Hospital trauma ctrs.
Hospital units
"Hospitals' ""treat now"" areas: Abbr."
ICU referers
IV areas
IV sites
IV-covered areas
Inarticulate sounds
Ineloquent one's utterances
Ineloquent pauses
Interjections of indecision
Interns' workplaces
It comes after 49
"King of ""uhs."""
Lecturer's lapses
"Life-saving locales, for short"
"Lifesavers, maybe: Abbr."
Lifesaving ctrs.
"Lifesaving sites, briefly"
"Lifesaving workplaces, briefly"
Locales for residents?: Abbr.
Lousy but common substitutes for primary care docs
M.D.'s work in them
MD workplaces
MDs' milieus
Med. drama sets
Med. drama settings
Med. drama sites
Med. show locales
Med. workplaces
Med.-show sets
Medevac destinations
"Medevac destinations, briefly"
Medical drama settings (abbr.)
"Medical drama settings, for short"
"Medics' destinations, for short"
Misses the mark
Mumblings of uncertainty
Mutters of doubt.
Nervous talkers' syllables
Noun endings
Noun endings.
Noun suffixes.
"Nurse settings, briefly"
Occupational suffixes
"Often overcrowded hospital areas, for short"
Often-frantic hosp. spots
Often-hectic hosp. areas
"Operation locations, for short"
Oral hesitations
Oral stumbles
Orator's stumbles
"Organ repair sites, for short"
Overcrowded U.S. hospital areas
Overcrowded areas in many Canadian hospitals (abbr.)
Parenthetical sounds.
"Parts of trauma centers, briefly"
Pause fillers
Pauses in speech
Pausing sounds
Places docs wear smocks
Places for EKGs
Places for EMTs and RNs
Places for RNs
"Places for life-and-death decisions, for short"
"Places for quick operations, briefly"
Places for running through your annual insurance deductible in about 20 mins.
"Places to act quickly, for short"
Places to find RNs
"Places to go for a break, briefly"
"Places to hear cutting remarks, briefly?"
Places to see M.D.'s in a hurry
Places to treat v-fib
"Places to which people are always rushing, for short"
Places using paddles
Places with IVs
"Places with defibrillators, for short"
Places with lots of IVs
Podium pauses
"Post-triage destinations, for short"
Quick stumbles
R.N. locales
R.N. workplaces
R.N.'s are in them
R.N.'s stations
R.N.'s work in them
RN's posts
RN's work places
Relatives of ums
Residents practice in them (abbr.)
San Francisco's 49___
Sets for med. dramas
Sets for some TV dramas
Setting for many TV dramas
"Settings for ""Grey's Anatomy"" and ""House,"" for short"
Settings for med. dramas
Settings for some TV dramas
Settings for some TV dramas (abbr.)
Settings for some TV dramas: Abbr.
Settings for some hospital dramas (abbr.)
Signs of fluster
Signs of ineloquence
Silence fillers
Sites for R.N.s and M.D.s
"Sites of many revivals, briefly"
Sites of some arrests: Abbr.
Sites of unplanned visits: Abbr.
Some 24/7 facilities
Some TNT airings
Some TV doctor drama sets
"Some TV drama locales, for short"
Some TV drama sets
Some TV drama settings
"Some TV drama settings, for short"
"Some TV drama sites, for short"
Some TV hospital sets
Some noun endings
"Some speeding vehicles' destinations, briefly"
Some stammering
Some stumbles
Sounds edited out of a taped broadcast
Sounds from a slow speaker
Sounds from one lacking words
Sounds from the stumped
Sounds from the unsure
Sounds of a nervous speaker
Sounds of ambivalence
Sounds of equivocation
Sounds of fluster
Sounds of hesitance
Sounds of hesitancy
Sounds of hesitation
Sounds of hesitation.
Sounds of indecision
Sounds of the tongue-tied
Sounds of uncertainty
Sounds often edited out for radio
Sounds omitted in transcription
Speaker's pauses
Speakers' hesitations
Speakers' pauses
Speech bobbles
Speech fillers
Speech fumbles
Speech hesitations
Speech interruptions
Speech pauses
Speech sounds
Speech sounds.
Speech stammers
Speech stumbles
Spoken placeholders
Spots for RNs
Spots for some Drs.
Stalling sounds
Stalling-for-time sounds
Stalling-for-time syllables
Stammerer's syllables
Stammering sounds
Stammering syllables
Stretcher settings: Abbr.
Stumblers' sounds
Stumbling points
Stumbling sounds
Stuttering syllables
Stuttering syllables from Noah Wyle?
Substitutes for hems or haws.
Suffix with '49 or '76.
Syllables of hesitation
Syllables of hesitation.
Syllables of uncertainty
TV drama settings
TV drama sites
"TV drama sites, for short"
Test administration locations: Abbr.
"They go with ""ums"""
"They make quick admissions decisions, for short"
They may come with ums
They may have special entrances in hosps.
They may leave you in stitches: Abbr.
They're near ORs
Thought-gatherer's sounds
Thoughtful sounds?
Tongue-tied sounds
"Trauma centers, briefly"
"Trauma centers, for short"
Trauma centers: abbr.
Trauma ctrs.
"Trauma sites, for short"
Trauma treatment ctrs.
"Triage areas, briefly"
"Triage centers, briefly"
"Triage centers, for short"
Triage ctrs.
"Triage locales, briefly"
"Triage locales, for short"
Triage locales: Abbr.
Triage locs.
"Triage places, for short"
"Triage sites, briefly"
"Triage sites, for short"
"Triage spots, for short"
Uh's cousins
Uhs' kin
Um's partners
Ums and ---
Ums' cousins
Uncertain sounds
Uncertain speakers' space fillers
Uncertain syllables
Uncertain utterances
Underconfident utterances
Unscripted utterances
Urgent care alternatives
Urgent care center alternatives
Urgent-care hospital areas: Abbr.
Utterances from the uncertain
V-fib treatment sites
Verbal hesitations
Verbal stalls
Verbal stumbles
Verbal uncertainties
Vetch grown in Asia.
Vile vetch
Vocal hesitations
Vocal hesitations.
Vocal pauses
Vocal pauses.
Vocal stumbles
Vocalized pauses
Vocalized pauses.
Voiced pauses
Waffling sounds
"What Brits call ""casualty departments"""
"What five puzzle answers are, initially"
"Where ""stat!"" is the norm"
Where IVs hang
Where IVs may be administered
Where IVs might be hooked up
Where M.D.s do triage
Where MDs and RNs keep busy
Where MDs and RNs stay busy
Where ambulance chasers end up?: Abbr.
"Where many airways are cleared, briefly"
"Where many arrests take place, for short"
Where many medical dramas are set
Where operators are standing by?
Where operators may be standing by: Abbr.
Where operators may be standing by? (abbr.)
Where operators stand by?: Abbr.
Where residents are often found
Where some M.D.'s work
Where some M.D.s work
Where some MDs work
Where some nurses work: abbr.
Where tests are often given: Abbr.
Where there may be openings in the medical field?
Where to find M.D.s and R.N.s
"Where to find lifesavers, for short"
Where triage is done: abbr.
"Where you get hooked up with amps, CCs, and IVs"
"Where you might see a lot of chest-pumping, for short?"
Workplaces for MD's
Workplaces for RNs
Workplaces for RNs and MDs
Workplaces for some R.N.'s
Workplaces for some RNs
"Workplaces of vital importance, briefly"
"Workplaces with many stats, for short?"
Workup locales: Abbr.
Wretched vetch
"You may leave them in stitches, briefly"
You may leave them in stitches: Abbr.
Trauma centers (abbr.)
EMTs' destinations
Where ''stat'' is often spoken
Docs' work areas
Triage ctrs.
Gaiter locales for short
Verbal stalls
Hosp. areas
Ending for 76 or 49
Hosp. areas
24/7 service ctrs
Stumbling sounds
Spots for getting stitches, in brief
Hectic hosp. areas
Triage spots, in brief
Hosp. sections
Hectic parts of hospitals, briefly
Medevac destinations, informally
Hosp. facilities
Hosp. parts
Urgent-care hospital areas: Abbr
Busy hosp. areas
Places that might transfer people to CCUs
Triage ctrs.
Triage ctrs.
Triage ctrs.
Hosp. areas
Hosp. parts
Hosp. parts
Hosp. sections
Workplaces for LPNs
Workplaces for LPNs
Ambulance destinations: Abbr.
76 suffix, in sports
Users of the HEART Pathway app
Hosp. parts
EMS destinations
Triage ctrs.
Speakers' stumbles
Hectic hosp. spots
Hosp. areas
Triage ctrs.
Hosp. zones
Hosp. areas
Hosp. hot spots
Busy hosp. areas
Triage ctrs.
EMT's destinations
Triage ctrs.
Hosp. areas
Triage ctrs.
Places using plaster
Places using plaster
Hosp. areas
Sounds from the stumped
Critical care ctrs.
Ambulance destinations: Abbr.
Hosp. areas that deal with 24-Across
Triage locales, briefly
76 suffix, in sports
Hosp. areas
Hosp. parts
Hosp. sections
Hectic hosp. zones
Defib locales
Hosp. areas
Hosp. parts
Hosp. areas
Critical care ctrs.
Hosp. areas
"Chicago Med" areas (Abbr.)
Verbal stumbles
Where some MDs work
Workplaces for some MDs
Hosp. sections
Busy hosp. areas
Often-hectic hosp. areas
Hosp. parts
EMTs' destinations
Hosp. areas
Hosp. sites
Lifesaving locales, for short
Hosp. sections
Some TV drama settings
Busy hosp. sites
EKGs may be done in them
Ambulance destinations: Abbr.
Sounds of hesitation
Places of trauma
Trauma ctrs.
Stressful hospital sections
Ambulance destinations, for short
Med. treatment areas
LPN workplaces
RN workplaces
Ambulance destinations: Abbr.
Critical care ctrs.
Hosp. sections
Hosp. sections
Hosp. sections
Places to which M.D.s rush
Hectic hosp. zones
EMT destinations
EMTs' destinations
"Chicago Med" and "Code Black" settings (Abbr.)
Hosp. areas
Urgent-care hospital areas, for short
Hosp. areas for lifesaving operations
Stammering sounds
Defib locales
They make quick admissions decisions, for short
Spoken pauses
Spoken pauses
Triage ctrs.
Hosp. areas
Spoken pauses
Stammering sounds
Hesitant sounds
Hosp. areas
Hosp. areas
Hosp. sections
Where victims of arrests are taken, for short
FL billboards display their current wait times
RNs' workplaces
Ambulance destinations
Hesitant speech sounds
Hosp. parts
EMT destinations
Stammering syllables
Ambulances' hosp. destinations
Hectic hosp. areas
Settings for hospital dramas: Abbr.
Hesitant sounds
Stammering sounds
Hosp. areas
Stalling-for-time syllables
Hosp. sections
Med. show locales
Hectic hosp. spots
Triage sites, for short
Critical-care hospital areas, for short
Urgent care areas of hospitals: Abbr.
Settings for some TV dramas, for short
Common filler words
EMT destinations
24-hour hospital areas (Abbr.)
Hosp. sections
Busy hospital areas: Abbr.
Hosp. sections
Critical-care ctrs.
Places where ambulances bring patients: Abbr.
Settings on many hour-long medical dramas: Abbr.
Places for quick operations, briefly
Ambulance destinations: Abbr.
Triage ctrs.
Trauma ctrs.
EMT's destinations
Spoken pauses
Triage ctrs.
M.D.'s work in them
Medical drama locales, for short
Hectic areas in hospitals: Abbr.
Hosp. areas
Places to take people who need immediate medical attention: Abbr.
Hosp. trauma centers
Trauma ctrs.
rock musical 6. Spoken pauses
R.N. locales
Spoken pauses
Defib settings
Stumbling sounds
Trauma centers, for short
Hospital areas for critical cases: Abbr.
Med. drama sites
Some TV drama settings, for short
Ambulance destinations: Abbr.
Critical-care ctrs.
Hospital trauma centers: Abbr.
Hosp. parts
Where many medical dramas are set (Abbr.)
Busy hosp. areas
Entry points for many admissions
Conversation stumbles
Workup sites, briefly