Word: ETRE

The word ETRE has appeared in at least 410 clues on different crosswords.

"""Are"" in Arles"
"""Fusses"" is a form of it"
"""L'___ et le N
"""L'___Supreme,"" decree of May 7, 1794"
"""Le Foyer des artistes - La Difficult
"""Peut-___"" (perhaps: Fr.)"
"""Sommes"" is a form of it"
"""Sont"" is its third-person present-tense plural"
"""Suis"" is part of its conjugation"
"""To be"" to Henri"
"""To be,"" in Tours"
"""Verbe irr
"""Verbe irr
"""___ Dieu"" (Dal
"""___ Dieu"" (Salvador Dali opera-poem)"
'___ et avoir' (2002 film)
36 Raison d'___
"Ah, to be in Paris!"
"Antoine's ""to be"""
"Apply butter, maybe"
Arles auxiliary
Avignon infinitive
Balzac's being
Bart of football
Basic French infinitive
Basic French verb
Basic French verb.
Basic verb in Versailles
"Be, in France"
"Be, in Paris"
"Be, to Henri"
Being abroad
Being in Bordeaux
Being in Brittany
"Being, in Aries"
"Being, in Biarritz"
"Being, in Bordeaux"
"Being, in Boulogne"
"Being, in Brest"
"Being, in Brittany"
"Being, in Burgundy"
"Being, in France"
"Being, in France."
"Being, in Paris."
"Being, in Pau"
"Being, in Vienne"
"Being, to Balzac"
"Being, to Baudelaire"
"Being, to Berlioz"
"Being, to Brigitte"
"Being, to Sartre"
Being: Fr.
Bien-___ (well-being): Fr.
Bien-___ (wellness)
Bizet 'be'?
Bordeaux being
Burgundian existence
Burgundy being
Common French infinitive
Common French infinitive.
Common French verb
Common French verb.
Common French word
Common verbe
Ecole verb
Elementary French verb
Exemple d'un verbe irr
"Exist, in France"
"Exist, in Paris"
Exist: Fr.
"Existence, in Paris"
"Existence, in
"Existence, in
"Existence, to Henri"
"Existence, to Sartre"
Existence: Fr.
First French 101 verb
First-year French infinitive
First-year French student's verb
"French ""to be"""
French 'to be'
French 1 verb
French 101 infinitive
French 101 verb
"French 101 verb which means ""to be"""
French 101 word
French I infinitive
French I verb
French I word
French anagram for tree
French auxiliary
French being
French equivalent of esse
French existentialist's word
French infinitive
French infinitive.
French lesson word
French soliloquy starter?
French verb
French verb with a circumflex
French verb.
French word with a circumflex
French-1 verb
French-class word
French-lesson verb
Furent is a form of it
Fusses is a form of it
Gallic infinitive
"Hamlet choice, in French"
Infinitive in Finist
Infinitive with a circumflex
Intro French verb
Irregular French verb
Issy infinitive
It's all relatives
Late Art Deco illustrator
Much-used verbe
Must-learn French verb
"Nice ""to be"""
Nice being
Nice to be?
"Paree ""to be"""
"Parisian ""to be"""
Parisian 'to be'
Parisian to be
"Parisian's ""to be"""
Parisian's basic verb
Part of a French conjugation
Peut ___ (perhaps): Fr.
Peut- ___
Peut- ___ : maybe
"Peut-___ (French for ""maybe"")"
Peut-___ (French weasel word)
"Peut-___ (Parisian's ""perhaps"")"
Peut-___ (maybe): Fr.
"Peut-___ (maybe, in France)"
"Peut-___ (maybe, in French)"
"Peut-___ (maybe, in Marseille)"
"Peut-___ (maybe, in Marseilles)"
"Peut-___ (maybe, in Metz)"
"Peut-___ (maybe, in Mulhouse)"
Peut-___ (maybe: Fr.)
Peut-___ (perhaps)
Peut-___ (perhaps): Fr.
"Peut-___ (perhaps, in French)"
"Peut-___ (perhaps, to Pierre)"
Peut-___ (perhaps: Fr.)
"Peut-___: French ""maybe"""
"Peut-___: Pierre's ""perhaps"""
"Peut-___: maybe, in French"
Peut-___: perhaps
Pierre's being
Raison d ___
Raison d' ___
Raison d' ___ (4)
Raison d'--
Raison d'---
Raison d'___
Raison d'___ (Crosswords of course)
Raison d'___ (justification)
Raison d'___ (reason for being)
Raison d'___.
Raison d'___: reason for being
Raison follower
"Relative of ""esse."""
"Relative of ""estar."""
Relative of esse
"Sartre's ""L' ___ et le Neant"""
"Sartre's ""L'___ et le N
"Sartre's ""L___et le neant"""
Sartre's L'___ et le Neant (Being and Nothingness)
Sartre's L'___ et le Ne
Sartre's being
Sein : German :: ___ : French
"Sein, across the Rhine"
"Ser, across the Pyrenees"
Sommes is a form of it
Sont is a form of it
Soyez is a form of it
Soyons is a form of it
Start of le monologue d'Hamlet
Start of le soliloque d'Hamlet
To be abroad
To be across the sea?
To be in Belleau
To be in Biarritz
To be in Bordeaux
To be in Boulogne
To be in France
To be in France?
To be in Montreal
To be in Paree
To be in Paris
To be in Paris?
To be in St. L
To be in Toulon
To be in Toulouse
To be in Tours
To be in Vichy
To be in a faraway land
To be in another country?
To be in another place
To be in the Bois
To be in the Tour de France
To be over there?
To be overseas
To be to Balzac
To be to Bardot
To be to Gigi
To be to Henri
To be very far away?
"To be, abroad"
"To be, along the Loire"
"To be, at the Louvre"
"To be, at the Sorbonne"
"To be, in Aix"
"To be, in Arles"
"To be, in Bayonne"
"To be, in Beauvais"
"To be, in Belley"
"To be, in Bernay"
"To be, in Blois"
"To be, in Bordeau"
"To be, in Bordeaux"
"To be, in Boulogne"
"To be, in Bourgogne"
"To be, in Brest"
"To be, in Brittany"
"To be, in Burgundy"
"To be, in Cannes"
"To be, in France"
"To be, in France."
"To be, in French"
"To be, in French 101"
"To be, in French class"
"To be, in Giverny"
"To be, in Haiti"
"To be, in Le Havre"
"To be, in Lyon"
"To be, in Marseilles"
"To be, in Martinique"
"To be, in Monaco"
"To be, in Montreal"
"To be, in Nice"
"To be, in Paree"
"To be, in Paris"
"To be, in Paris."
"To be, in Picardy"
"To be, in Quebec"
"To be, in Qu
"To be, in Qu
"To be, in SethG's favorite language"
"To be, in Toulon"
"To be, in Toulons"
"To be, in Toulouse"
"To be, in Tours"
"To be, in Vichy"
"To be, in old New Orleans"
"To be, overseas"
"To be, to Alain"
"To be, to Babette"
"To be, to Balzac"
"To be, to Baptiste"
"To be, to Bardot"
"To be, to Baudelaire"
"To be, to Beaumarchais"
"To be, to Beauvoir"
"To be, to Berlioz"
"To be, to Bernadete"
"To be, to Bernadette"
"To be, to Berthe"
"To be, to Binoche"
"To be, to Bizet"
"To be, to Breton"
"To be, to Brigitte"
"To be, to B
"To be, to Camus"
"To be, to Celine Dion"
"To be, to Debussy"
"To be, to Deneuve"
"To be, to Descartes"
"To be, to Fifi"
"To be, to Fifi or Gigi"
"To be, to Gigi"
"To be, to Guillaume"
"To be, to Guy"
"To be, to Henri"
"To be, to Hollande"
"To be, to Jacques"
"To be, to Lili"
"To be, to Marie"
"To be, to Michelle"
"To be, to Napoleon"
"To be, to Paris"
"To be, to Ren
"To be, to Satie"
"To be, to Tati"
"To be, to Thierry"
"To be, to Voltaire"
"To be, to Zola"
"To be, to a Breton"
"To be, to a mademoiselle"
To be: Fr
To be: Fr.
"To exist, in Dieppe"
"To exist, in Paris"
"To key, in ballet"
"To live, to L
Tours infinitive
Tours to be
Tours to be?
"Verb conjugated as ""je suis"", ""tu es"", etc."
"Verb conjugated as ""suis"" in the first person singular"
Verb learned in French I
Verb origin of suis and sont
Verb with a circumflex
Verbe de l'existentialisme
Verdun verb
Versailles verb
Versatile Versailles verb
Vichy infinitive
Vichy verb
"Victor Hugo's ""L'art d'___ grand-p
Victor Hugo's 'L'Art d'___ grand-p
Vital French verb
Vital verb in Versailles
Word repeated by a French Hamlet
Word repeated in a French Hamlet's soliloquy
"___ dans la lune (""distracted"" in French)"
"___ humain (human being, in French)"
___ humain: human being
___ humains: human beings
Introductory French infinitive
To be in Toulouse
French “to be”
Raison d’__
Étienne's existence
To be in Paree
Being to Sartre
French 'to be'
Raison d'__
Basic French verb
Well-remembered ''soliloque'' starter
Verne's being
To be, in Toulouse
French 101 verb
Verb from which 'suis' and 'sommes' are conjugated
French 101 verb
French 101 verb
French 101 infinitive
Ser : Spanish :: ___ : French
''. . . ne pas __, c'est là la question''
French 101 verb
French 'to be'
French I verb
''Exister'' synonym
Being in Bordeaux
French 101 verb
To be, in Bordeaux
Low wetlands
Basic French verb
Basic French verb
Raison d'__
Raison d'__
Bordeaux being
Bordeaux being
Being, in Bretagne
Being, in Bretagne
French I infinitive
French verb
French 101 verb
French 101 verb
French verb
French I infinitive
To be, to Babette
Tours to be?
Raison d'__
Raison d'__
To be, in Tours
French 101 verb
French verb
French 101 verb
To be, to Bizet
Raison d'__
To be, in French
Sein, across the Rhine
To be, in Toulon
Raison d'___
Balzac's being
French I verb
French 101 verb
Verb like ''exister''
Basic French infinitive
''To be'' in France
French 101 verb
Raison d'__
Raison d'__
Raison d'__
'Seriez' is a form of it
French 101 verb
To be, to 5-Down
To be, to Voltaire
French 101 verb
Ser : Spanish :: ___ : French
To be, to Balzac