Word: ETS

The word ETS has appeared in at least 692 clues on different crosswords.

"""Avatar"" extras"
"""Avatar"" figures"
"""Barbarella"" extras, for short"
"""Battle: Los Angeles"" bad guys, for short"
"""Captain Video"" figures, for short"
"""Close Encounters of the Third Kind"" extras"
"""District 9"" extras"
"""District 9"" extras [Bonus: Which comic book character is hiding in this puzzle?]"
"""District 9"" internees, for short"
"""District 9"" refugees, for short"
"""Doctor Who"" creatures"
"""Edge of Tomorrow"" enemies, briefly"
"""Falling Skies"" extras: Abbr."
"""Galaxy Quest"" characters, in brief"
"""Guardians of the Galaxy"" title characters, informally"
"""Independence Day"" assailants"
"""Independence Day"" assailants, briefly"
"""Independence Day"" assailants, for short"
"""Independence Day"" attackers"
"""Independence Day"" creatures, briefly"
"""Independence Day"" invaders"
"""Independence Day"" villains"
"""Mars Attacks!"" enemies, for short"
"""Men in Black"" baddies, briefly"
"""Men in Black"" concern (abbr.)"
"""Men in Black"" concerns"
"""Men in Black"" concerns, briefly"
"""Men in Black"" creatures, briefly"
"""Men in Black"" quarry"
"""Roswell"" regulars"
"""Roswell"" regulars, briefly"
"""Star Trek"" extras"
"""Star Trek"" extras?"
"""Star Trek"" staples"
"""Star Wars"" bar patrons, e.g."
"""Star Wars"" characters"
"""Star Wars"" extras"
"""Star Wars"" extras, for short"
"""Star Wars"" walk-ons"
"""Superman II"" villains, e.g."
"""The Outer Limits"" extras"
"""The Phantom Menace"" creations"
"""The War of the Worlds"" invaders, briefly"
"""The War of the Worlds"" invaders, e.g."
"""The X-Files"" extras"
"""The X-Files"" extras, briefly"
"""The X-Files"" extras, for short"
"""The X-Files"" figures"
"""The X-Files"" subj."
"""The X-Files"" subject"
"""The X-Files"" subjects"
"""The X-Files"" topics, for short"
"""The X-Files"": subjects"
"""Third Rock From the Sun"" family, e.g."
"""V"" visitors, briefly"
"""V"" visitors, e.g."
"""X-Files"" characters"
"""X-Files"" extras"
"""X-Files"" folk"
"'Men in Black' characters, briefly"
"'Roswell' creatures, for short"
1982 movie creatures
A.P. exam org.
"ALF and Mork, for two"
"ALF and Mork,for short"
ALF and Stitch
ALF and others
ALF's ilk
"ALF, Mork, and Superman"
"ALF, Mork, etc."
"ALF, et al."
AP exam administrator
Alf and Mork
"Alf and Mork, briefly"
"Alf and Mork, e.g."
"Alf and kin, briefly"
Alf and others
"Alf, Mork, etc."
Alien critters
"Alien force, briefly"
Alien life forms
"Alien life forms, for short"
Aliens in the toy store
"Aliens, abbr."
"Aliens, briefly"
"Aliens, for short"
"Aliens, initially"
"Aliens, of a sort"
Aliens: Abbr.
"Ands, in Avignon"
"Ands, in Nice"
Ands: Fr.
Ands: Lat.
Area 51 creatures
Area 51 guests
"Area 51 visitors, perhaps"
"Area 51's contents, purportedly"
Aviators in tabloids
"Beings from out of this world, in brief"
"Big-eyed creatures, perhaps"
Big-eyed dolls
"Big-headed sorts, for short"
"Bork and his moss, e.g."
Brief strangers?
Bug-eyed monsters
Bug-eyed monsters with green skin
"Bug-eyed monsters, for short"
"Bug-eyed ones, for short?"
"Bug-eyed ones, maybe: Abbr."
"CGI creations in ""Cowboys & Aliens"""
Caan connectives
Caen connections
Caen connectives
Cannes conjunctions
Cannes connections
"Certain Halloween costumes, for short"
Certain aliens
Certain aliens in the toy store
Certain celeb news shows
Classic video game baddies
Classic video game villains
Co. that administers the GRE
Co. which produces the GRE
"Coneheads, Ferengis, etc."
"Coneheads, e.g., for short"
Conjectural aviators
Conjunctions for Catullus
Connections in old Rome
Connectives for Cato or Corneille
"Conspiracy subjects on ""The X-Files"""
Creatures from outer space
Creatures in a 1982 Spielberg classic
Diminutive endings
Diminutive suffix.
Diminutive suffixes
Diminutive suffixes.
"Doctor Who and others, briefly"
Dolls based on a film
Dolls named for a film alien
Dolls named for a movie figure
Dolls of the 80's
Down-to-earth folks?
"Down-to-earth ones, in brief?"
Down-to-earth types?
"Dr. Zoiberg and Nibbler, on ""Futurama"": Abbr."
Earthly visitors of 1982
Encounter group?: abbr.
Endings for bull and owl
"Enemies in ""Edge of Tomorrow,"" briefly"
"Ewoks, e.g."
Exam-administering org.
Exam-producing co.
"Extras on ""The X-Files"""
F-ers of UOs
"Figures in Astounding Stories, for short"
Fliers of U.F.O.'s
"Flying saucer crew, for short"
"Flying saucer fliers, for short"
Flying saucer pilots
"Flying saucer pilots, for short"
"Flying saucer riders, for short"
Flying-saucer pilots
Foreign visitors?
"Fox Mulder's concerns, for short"
French conjuctions
French conjunctions
French connections
French connections?
French connectives
French connectives.
French connectors
French joiners
French links
French links?
"Frequent Weekly World News subjects, briefly"
G.R.E. distributor
GRE administerer
GRE administrator
GRE co.
GRE company
GRE creators
GRE org.
GRE producers
Group from a very distant place
"Hangar 18 contents, supposedly"
"Illegal aliens, maybe; abbr."
"Infiltrators among us, some say"
Inst. that writes the GRE and the TOEFL
"Intergalactic visitors, for short"
"Interplanetary travelers, for short"
It doesn't have any 11D
"Jovians, e.g."
"Klingons, e.g."
"Latin ""ands."""
Latin conjunctions
Latin conjunctions.
Latin connections
Latin connectives
Latin connectors
Latin ties
Legendary abductors
Letters for college-bound students
Little green men
Little green men (Abbr.)
Little green men (abbr.)
"Little green men, briefly"
"Little green men, for short"
"Little green men, perh."
Little green men?
Little green sci-fi men
"Long-distance travelers, in theory"
MIB characters
MIB extras
"Many ""Futurama"" characters, briefly"
"Many ""Guardians of the Galaxy"" characters"
"Many ""ST:TNG"" characters"
"Many ""Star Trek"" characters"
"Many ""Star Trek"" characters, briefly"
"Many ""Star Trek"" extras, for short"
"Many ""Star Wars"" characters"
Many Trekkie costumes
"Many entries in a ""Star Wars"" bestiary, for short"
"Many figures in the ""Doctor Who"" universe, for short"
"Martians and Venusians, for short"
Martians and such
Martians et al.
"Martians, e.g."
"Martians, e.g., for short"
"Martians, e.g., in brief"
"Martians, for example"
"Martians, for short"
Men from Mars and women from Venus
Montreal connections
Mork and ALF
"Mork and ALF, for example"
"Mork and ALF, initially"
Mork and Alf
"Mork and Alf, e.g."
Mork and Spock
Mork and Worf
Mork and more
Mork et al.
"Mork, Klaatu, etc."
"Most of the characters in ""The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"""
"Natives of Minbar on ""Babylon 5,"" e.g."
Neptunians and others
"Non-Earthlings, briefly"
"Non-earthlings, briefly"
"Non-earthlings, for short"
Nonprofit that administers the GRE
Noun suffixes
Noun suffixes.
Org. that administers PSATs and GREs
Org. that produces college entrance exams
Orly connections?
"Otherworldly beings, for short"
"Otherworldly ones, for short"
Otherworldly visitors
"Otherworldly visitors, for short"
Out-of-this-world creatures
Parisian adders
Pilots who did not attend flight school
Popular '80's dolls
Popular '80s dolls
Popular 80's dolls
"Predators in the ""Predator"" films, for short"
Quebec connections
"Ready to walk on, as concrete"
Reputed UFO fliers
"Romulans, e.g."
"Romulans, e.g.: abbr."
"Roswell crash victims, supposedly"
"Roswell crashers, in brief"
"Roswell crashers, purportedly"
Roswell visitors
"Roswell visitors, for short?"
"Roswell, N.M. visitors?"
S.A.T. administrator
S.A.T. administrators
S.A.T. company
S.A.T. org.
S.f. characters
SAT administerer
SAT administration gp.
SAT company
SAT corp.
SAT developer
SAT org.
SAT-administering co.
Saturn drivers?
"Saucer contents, for short"
"Saucer contents, for short?"
"Saucer contents, in brief"
"Saucer contents, in brief?"
Saucer contents?
Saucer crew
"Saucer crew, for short"
"Saucer occupants, for short"
"Saucer occupants, in brief"
"Saucer's contents, for short"
Sci-fi aliens
Sci-fi aviators
Sci-fi beings
"Sci-fi beings, for short"
Sci-fi beings: Abbr.
Sci-fi characters: Abbr.
Sci-fi creations
Sci-fi creatures
Sci-fi creatures: Abbr.
Sci-fi crew
Sci-fi extras
Sci-fi figures
Sci-fi film extras
Sci-fi fliers
Sci-fi group
Sci-fi invaders
"Sci-fi invaders, for short"
Sci-fi regulars
Sci-fi space voyagers
Sci-fi staples
Sci-fi subjects
"Sci-fi subjects, for short"
"Sci-fi villains, for short"
Sci-fi visitors
"Score keeper, for short?"
Short tabloid subjects
"Sightings, briefly"
Small ones: Suffix.
"So-far-undiscovered ones, briefly"
"Some ""MIB"" characters"
"Some ""Men in Black"" characters, for short"
"Some ""Roswell"" characters"
"Some ""Space Patrol"" characters, for short"
"Some ""Space Patrol"" chars."
"Some ""Star Trek"" convention costumes"
"Some ""Star Wars"" extras"
"Some ""Stargate SG-1"" characters, in brief"
"Some ""Twilight Zone"" creatures"
"Some ""War of the Worlds"" warriors"
"Some ""X-Files"" roles"
Some 'The X-Files' extras
Some Trekkie costumes
Some Wells creations
Some X-Files roles
"Some abductors, in stories"
Some aliens
"Some aliens, familiarly"
Some alleged abductors
"Some characters in ""The X Files,"" for short"
Some cosplay costumes
"Some cosplayers at a Star Trek convention, for short"
"Some cosplayers, for short"
Some say they live among us
"Some say they live among us, briefly"
Some sci-fi creatures
Some sci-fi navigators
Some sci-fi pilots
Some spacemen
Some special FX projects
"Some warriors in ""War of the Worlds"""
Space aliens
"Space aliens, for short"
Space invaders
"Space invaders, briefly"
"Space invaders, for short"
Space travelers
"Space visitors, briefly"
"Spacemen, for short"
Spaceship riders
Special FX subjects
Spielberg alien and others
Spielberg creatures
Spielberg creatures of 1982
Spielberg film dolls
Spielberg's little green guys
Spielberg's spacemen
Spielbergian creatures
Spielbergian green guys
Spielbergian visitors
Spock and Mork (Abbr)
Staples in pulp mags
Subject for conspiracy theorists
Subjects for special fx artists
"Subjects of an as-yet-fruitless search, briefly"
Subjects of some conspiracy theories
"Subjs. of Project Blue Book, supposedly"
"Superman and Supergirl, briefly"
Superman et al.
Supposed crop circle makers
"Supposed crop circle makers, for short"
Supposed makers of crop circles
Surprise fictional visitors
TOEFL administrator
TV's ALF et al.
TV's Alf and others
Tabloid abductors
"Tabloid abductors, briefly"
Tabloid aviators
"Tabloid aviators, briefly"
Tabloid subjects
Tabloids aviators
"The ""gods"" in ""Chariots of the Gods?,"" in brief"
"The &s in ""Mo
"The Coneheads, e.g."
"The Solomons on ""3rd Rock From the Sun,"" e.g."
The X-Files subject
"The invaders in ""The Invaders"""
"Theoretical foreigners, briefly"
They can cover a lot of space
They come in UFOs
They cover a lot of space?
"They make contact in ""Contact"""
"They may be little and green, initially"
They may come down to Earth
They travel a great distance to get here
They travel a long way to get here
They're certainly not from around here
They're encountered in close encounters
"They're found at Area 51, supposedly"
They're from out of town
They're not from around here
"They're not from around here, briefly"
"They're not from these parts, for short"
They're not like us
"They're not of this earth, briefly"
They're out of this world
They're stereotypically green
They're typically known to have big heads
Those aboard a U.F.O.
Toy store aliens
"Travelers from another galaxy, for short"
"Tribbles, e.g."
Typical video game invaders
U.F.O. crew
"U.F.O. crew, supposedly"
U.F.O. fliers
U.F.O. occupants
U.F.O. pilots
U.F.O.'s crew
UFO crew
UFO crew members
"UFO crew, maybe"
"UFO crew, presumably"
"UFO crew, so it's said"
"UFO crew, supposedly"
UFO crew?
"UFO drivers, ostensibly"
UFO engineers
UFO fliers
"UFO fliers, purportedly"
"UFO fliers, supposedly"
UFO maintenance team
UFO navigators
"UFO navigators, so they say"
UFO occupants
"UFO occupants, so some believe"
UFO passengers
UFO personnel
UFO pilots
"UFO pilots, in theory"
"UFO pilots, maybe"
"UFO pilots, ostensibly"
"UFO pilots, perhaps"
"UFO pilots, presumably"
"UFO pilots, supposedly"
UFO pilots?
UFO riders
UFO sightings
UFO staff
UFO types
UFO users
UFO's crew
Unexpected fictional visitors
"Unexpected visitors, for short"
"Uranians, e.g."
"Uranians, e.g., in brief"
Vegas opener
"Venusians and others, for short"
"Venusians, e.g."
Versailles connections
Visiting aliens
"Visitors from Venus, say"
Visitors from afar
"Visitors from afar, briefly"
"Visitors from afar, for short"
Visitors from afar: Abbr.
Visitors from afar?
Visitors from beyond
"Visitors from far, far away"
Visitors from other worlds
Visitors from outer space (abbr.)
Visitors from space
"Visitors to Earth, for short"
Visitors to the Enterprise
"Visitors to the Enterprise, briefly"
"Vulcan and Klingon, briefly"
"Vulcans, e.g."
"Workforce-readiness researcher, for short"
"X-files subjects, for short"
“The X-Files” figures briefly
Infamous abductors
Sci-fi beings for short
Most “Doctor Who” characters for short
Sci-fi staples
Sci-fi staples
Fictional visitors from space
Space invaders briefly
SAT org
UFO pilots, presumably
UFO crew
U.F.O. pilots
Area 51 creatures, it's said
Aliens, for short
UFO crew
GRE developer
French connections
Some "Doctor Who" creatures
Sci-fi staples
UFO drivers
UFO crew
UFO fliers
SAT developer
Some Vonnegut characters
UFO flyers
UFO pilots
"Star Wars" extras
UFO pilots
Forecasting figs.
UFO flyers
UFO pilots ostensibly
"Independence Day" visitors
Purported UFO fliers
Saucer crew, for short
UFO flyers
UFO flyers
Sci-fi beings, for short
Space aliens
Space aliens
Roswell visitors
Roswell visitors
UFO passengers
Sci-fi characters: Abbr.
UFO crew
UFO crew
"MIB" characters
Many 'Star Trek' characters, for short
Sci-fi visitors
Movie makeup dept. creations
Space aliens, for short
UFO crew, supposedly
Aliens from afar, for short
Out-of-this-world beings, in brief
Co. that administers the SATs
Alien crew in sci-fi films
Roswell visitors
UFO crew
UFO pilots
Common sci-fi figures
Figures in the 2016 film "Arrival," for short
"The X-Files" characters, for short
Sci-fi staples
Purported UFO fliers
"Independence Day" baddies, briefly
Visitors to Earth, for short
The Coneheads of "SNL," e.g.
A.P. exam inits.
Saturn drivers?
UFO pilots
Mork and Orson, for short
"Star Wars" extras, for short
UFO navigators
Roswell visitors
Sci-fi staples
UFO crew
UFO crew
UFO crew, so it's said
French connections
Martians, e.g., for short
Sci-fi beings
"Close Encounters" beings
Movie makeup dept. creations
Roswell crash victims, some believe
Space creatures
UFO crew
Targets in "Men in Black," informally
Some characters on TV's 'Futurama,' briefly
Some "X-Files" characters
"Hitchhiker's Guide" beings, for short
Roswell visitors
Sci-fi aviators
French connections?
UFO pilots
UFO passengers
Roswell visitors
Purported UFO fliers
Space aliens: Abbr.
UFO crew
UFO drivers
UFO pilots (perhaps)
Common comics convention costumes
Sci-fi staples
Roswell visitors
UFO crew
UFO crew
Purported UFO crew
Visitors from afar, for short
UFO crew
'The X-Files' extras, for short
Race from space, for short
Arrivals in 'Arrival,' for short
UFO passengers
Area 51 creatures, it's said
Sci-fi visitors
UFO crew, purportedlyend
Sci-fi extras
& & &, in France
UFO occupants: Abbr.
UFO pilots, presumably
Sci-fi crew members
UFO crew
"Arrival" arrivals, briefly
Sci-fi crew members
Visitors from afar
Sci-fi characters
Alien beings: Abbr.
Mysteries in the '16 film 'Arrival'
"District 9" extras
Many "Star Trek" extras, for short
UFO crew members, supposedly: Abbr.
Ewoks and Na'vi, in brief
Uranians and Neptunians
Roswell visitors
Sci-fi invaders
Many "Star Wars" characters, for short
"Star Wars" extras, for short
Coneheads, e.g., for short
UFO crew
Extras on TV's 'Doctor Who'
UFO crew
UFO fliers
Sci-fi visitors
UFO pilots, perhaps
UFO crew
Vulcans or Jawas, in brief
UFO fliers, for short
Creatures in UFOs: Abbr.
U.F.O. crew
Sci-fi movie staples
"The X-Files" subjects
Superman and Supergirl
Sci-fi aviators, for short
Visitors from across the galaxy: Abbr.
Sci-fi film extras, briefly
Sci-fi beings, for short
UFO fliers
"The Martian" has none
Saucer contents, for short?
Sci-fi characters
Space aliens: Abbr.
UFO pilots
UFO passengers
Roswell visitors
Sci-fi staples
UFO pilots
UFO crew
UFO crew
Letters for college applicants
Sci-fi aliens, for short
GRE administrator
Ewoks or Jawas, in brief
Non-earthlings: Abbr.
Sci-fi staples
UFO crew
'The War of the Worlds' villains, briefly
Many "Guardians of the Galaxy" characters, for short
Sci-fi C.G.I. creations
UFO crew
Figures in some 'Twilight Zone' episodes, for short
U.F.O. pilots
UFO crew
UFO crew
Creatures involved in "close encounters": Abbr.
UFO passengers, presumably
Sci-fi crew membersend
Sightings in 11-Across
Visitors from a distant galaxy
Little aliens?
UFO crew