Word: EUR

The word EUR has appeared in at least 332 clues on different crosswords.

"""Over There"" cont."
"""Over There"" continent: abbr."
"""The Bourne Identity"" setting: Abbr."
"""The Continent"" (abbr.)"
"""Wherever I May ___"" (Metallica hit)"
1940s war zone: Abbr.
A cont.
A continent: abbr.
Abbr. on a currency exchange board
Afr. neighbor
Alb.'s place
Alps site: Abbr.
Alternative to the USD
Andorra's cont.
Area east of Amer.
Area north of Afr.
Asia neighbor (abbr.)
Asia's neighbor: Abbr.
Asian lead-in
Asian leader?
Asian opener
Asian opening
Asian preceder
Aus. setting
Aus.'s continent
Backpacker's destination: Abbr.
Belg. location
Benelux loc.
Benelux locale: Abbr.
Benelux's cont.
Berliner's cont.
"Blue cont. on a standard ""Risk"" board"
Bulgaria area: Abbr.
Cannes's cont.
Common Market area: Abbr.
Common Mkt. home
Cont. east of N.A.
Cont. for many a backpacker
Cont. hosting most World Puzzle Championships
Cont. north of Africa
Container of It. and Fr.
Continent (Abbr)
Continent above Afr.
Continent from which many immigrants came to Ellis Island: abbr.
Continent north of Afr.
Continent of Ger.
Continent on one side of the Atl.
Continent on the Atl.
Continent on the Medit. sea
Continent once divided along the Iron Curtain (abbr.)
Continent where most yodeling takes place: abbr.
Continent with both the largest and smallest countries by area: Abbr.
"Continent, for short"
Continent: (abbr.)
Continent: Abbr.
Continent: abbr.
Continental abbr.
Continental prefix
Continental: Abbr.
Den.'s location
"Den., Gr., etc."
"Den., Nor., etc."
"Den., Switz., etc."
E.E.C. part: Abbr.
E.U. mem.?
EEC mem.?
EEC part: abbr.
Eng. land
Eng.'s continent
Eng.'s location
"English, e.g.: Abbr."
Estonia's cont.
Fifth-largest cont.
Fin.'s locale
"Fr., Ger., Ital. et al."
"Fr., Ger., Port., etc."
France and Germany's continent: Abbr.
France et al.: Abbr.
France loc.
"France, Spain, etc.: Abbr."
Frenchman's continent: Abbr.
From the Continent: abbr.
Geographic abbreviation.
Geographical abbreviation.
Ger. continent
Ger. is here
Ger. loc.
Ger. locale
Ger. setting
Ger.'s home
Ger.'s locale
"Ger., Fr., etc."
"Ger., Fra., etc."
"Ger., Neth., etc."
"Ger., Nor., etc."
Germany's continent: Abbr.
Global area: Abbr.
Grand Tour cont.
Grand Tour loc.
Grand tour locale: Abbr.
Grand-tour cont.
Half of EU
Home for Ger. and the U.K.
Home of Fr. and Ger.
Home of Ukr.
Home of the U.K.
Home of the world's smallest country: Abbr.
Home to Benelux
Hun. home
Iberia's cont.
Iberian Peninsula's cont.
Intro to Asia
Intro to Asia?
Ire. land
It borders the Atl.
It borders the N. Atl.
It contains It.
It now has a Union: Abbr.
It's E of the Atl.
It's N of Afr.
It's W of the Urals
It's about 10% larger than Australia
It's across the Atl.
It's across the Atl. from the U.S.
It's east of the Atl.
It's north of Afr.
It. is here
It. is part of it
It. is there
It.'s continent
It.'s here
It.'s place
It.'s there
Italy's continent: Abbr.
Land east of the Atl.
Land mass: Abbr.
Land north of Afr.
Land of Nor. and Fin.
Latvia's cont.
Liechtenstein's cont.
Liechtenstein's locale: Abbr.
Lith. location
Locale for Switz. or the U.K.
"Locale of Ger., Nor., etc."
Locale of Sp.
Lux. locale
Lux. location
Lux. site
Lux.'s place
Luxembourg's cont.
Luxembourg's continent (abbr.)
Moldova's cont.
Money-changing locale: Abbr.
NATO turf
Neighbor of Afr.
Nor. container
Nor. is in its north
"Nor., Sp., etc."
Norway's cont.
Old World abbr.
Old World cont.
"Old World continent, for short"
Old World: Abbr.
One E of EEC
One E of EEC (abbr.)
One of seven: abbr.
Part of E.E.C.
Part of E.E.C.: Abbr.
Part of E.U.
Part of E.U.: Abbr.
Part of EEC
Part of EEC (abbr.)
Part of EEC: Abbr.
Part of ETO: Abbr.
Part of EU
Part of Old World: Abbr.
Pol. place
Pol.'s place
"Pol., Fra., etc."
"Pol., etc."
Port. is part of it
Port.'s place
Port.'s there
Portugal's continent (abbr.)
Prefix for Asian
"Prefix with ""Asian"""
Prefix with -asian
Prefix with Asian
Prefix with Asian or African.
Pt. of EEC
Pt. of ETO
Region N of Afr.
Risk realm (abbr.)
Rom. site
Ryder Cup opponent of the U.S.
Ryder Cup team: abbr.
Scandinavia's continent: Abbr.
"Second smallest continent, by size (abbr.)"
Second-smallest cont.
Setting of Swed. and Switz.
Setting of the U.K. and Ukr.
Site of Ger. or Fr.
Smallest cont.
Source of about 20% of U.S. imports: Abbr.
Sp. and Fr. milieu
Spain loc.
Spain's cont.
Spain's continent (abbr.)
Spain's continent: Abbr.
"Start for ""asian"""
"Swed., Switz., et al."
Switz. locale
Switz. setting
"Switz., Ger. et al."
The Continent (abbr.)
The Continent: Abbr.
The Old World: Abbr.
The Scorpions' continent: abbr.
The U.K. is part of it
The U.K.'s continent: Abbr.
The U.K.'s home
"The whole damn continent, for short(z), where you should go for your birthday!"
Third-smallest continent
U.K. locale
U.K.'s home
U.K.'s locale
U.S.'s Ryder Cup foe
UK locale
USD alternative
Union former in 1993: Abbr.
Union land: Abbr.
W of the Urals
W. of the Urals
W.W.I. setting
WWI venue
WWII theater
Whence Kraftwerk and Domingo: abbr.
Where Belg. is
Where Fr. and Ger. wines are made
Where Ger. and Aust. are
Where Ger. is
Where It. is
Where It.'s at
Where Lux. is
Where Nor. is
Where Switz. is
Where some bum around after college: Abbr.
Where the Griswolds vacationed in 1985: Abbr.
Where to find Ger. and Fr.
Where to find It.
Where to find Lux.
Where to find Port.
Where to leave Port.
___ Union: Abbr.
Site of Ger. and It
Port. setting
Brexit subj.
Where Ger. is
Where Lux. is
Italy's cont.
Where It.'s at
Port. is part of it
Denmark's cont.
Albania's cont.
Where Lux. is
Austria's cont.
Rom. locale
Where Ger. is
Where Ger. is
Portugal's cont.
Portugal's cont.
Where Ger. is
Portugal's cont.
Portugal's cont.
France's cont.
France's cont.
France's cont.
France's cont.
Where Lux. is
Where Ger. is
Italy's loc.
Where Lux. is
Where It. is
Where Lux. is
Where Lux. is
Belgium's cont.
Andorra's cont.
Where Lux. is
Common Market market: Abbr.
Lux. setting
Port. is part of it
Denmark's cont.
Albania's cont.
Single market locale: Abbr
Austria's cont.
Belg. locale
The Danube's cont.
Portugal's cont.
France's cont.
Afr. neighbor
Where It. is
NATO HQ locale
Where Belg. is
Where Lux. is
Where Lux. is
Belgium's cont.
Spain's cont.
U.K. locale
Continent north of Afr
Continent north of Africa (Abbr.)
Ger. is there
Denmark's cont.
Spain's cont.
Where It.'s at
Germany's continent (Abbr.)
Norway's continent (Abbr.)
Benelux locale: Abbr.
Where Macedonia and Montenegro are: Abbr.
Albania's cont.
Austria's cont.
Where Lux. is
Where Slovakia and Slovenia are: Abbr.
U.K.'s continent
Portugal's cont.
Pol. site
France's cont.
U.S. opponent in the Ryder Cup
Continent north of Africa (Abbr.)
Continent north of Afr.
Where Lux. is