Word: EVA

The word EVA has appeared in at least 693 clues on different crosswords.

"""2 Fast 2 Furious"" actress Mendes"
"""A Dark Truth"" actress Longoria"
"""America's Next Top Model"" winner Pigford"
"""Casino Royale"" Bond girl ___ Green"
"""Casino Royale"" actress Green"
"""Corrina, Corrina"" grandmother"
"""Deliver Us From ___"" (2003 film)"
"""Deliver Us From ___"" (2003 romantic comedy)"
"""Deliver Us From ___,"" 2003 film"
"""Deliver Us from ___"" (2003 film)"
"""Desperate Housewives"" actress Longoria"
"""Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg"" heroine"
"""Die Meistersinger von N
"""Die Meistersinger"" heroine"
"""Die Meistersinger"" soprano"
"""Evita"" role"
"""Green Acres"" first name"
"""Green Acres"" star Gabor"
"""Hitch"" co-star Mendes"
"""Hitch"" costar Mendes"
"""Hitch"" star Mendes"
"""Housewife"" Longoria"
"""John Wick"" producer Longoria"
"""Life Among the Lowly"" child"
"""Little"" '60s singer"
"""Little"" 1960s singer"
"""Little"" 60's singer"
"""Little"" 60s singer"
"""Little"" Loco-Motion songstress"
"""Little"" Stowe character"
"""Little"" Stowe girl"
"""Little"" girl in ""Uncle Tom's Cabin"""
"""Little"" girl of ""Uncle Tom's Cabin"""
"""Little"" girl of fiction"
"""Little"" heroine of 1851"
"""Little"" name in 1960s pop"
"""Little"" pop star"
"""Little"" singer of the '60s"
"""Little"" woman of '60s music"
"""Loco-Motion"" singer Little ___"
"""Loco-Motion"" singer, Little ___"
"""Locomotion"" popster Little ___"
"""Locomotion"" singer Little ___"
"""Neva ___"" (Trillville song)"
"""North by Northwest"" actress ___ Marie Saint"
"""On the Waterfront"" Oscar winner ___ Marie Saint"
"""The Loco-Motion"" girl"
"""The Loco-Motion"" singer ""Little ___"""
"""The Loco-Motion"" singer Little ___"
"""The Loco-motion"" singer Little ___"
"""The Locomotion"" singer Little ___"
"""The Other Guys"" actress Mendes"
"""Total Divas"" star ___ Marie"
"""Uncle Tom's Cabin"" character"
"""Uncle Tom's Cabin"" girl"
"""___ Luna"" (Isabel Allende novel)"
'Casino Royale' actress Green
'Deliver Us From ___' (2003 LL Cool J movie)
'Die Meistersinger' heroine
"'The Loco-Motion' singer, Little ___"
'Uncle Tom's Cabin' girl
-- Marie Saint
1954 Oscar winner ___ Marie Saint
1960's singer Little ___
"2003 LL Cool J film, 'Deliver Us from ___'"
2006 Bond girl ___ Green
60's pop star Little ___
60's singer Little ___
A Gabor
A Gabor sister
A Gabor.
A Mendes of Hollywood
A Peron
A Per
A Per
A popular Per
A sister of Zsa Zsa
Actress Amurri
Actress Bartok
Actress Gabor
Actress Gabor of 'Green Acres'
Actress Gabor or Argentine political figure Per n
Actress Gabor or Marie Saint
Actress Green
"Actress Green in ""300 (Rise of an Empire)"""
"Actress Green of ""300: Rise of an Empire"""
"Actress Green of ""Casino Royale"""
"Actress Green of ""Kingdom of Heaven"""
Actress LaRue
Actress Le Gallienne
Actress LeGallienne
Actress Longoria
Actress Longoria Parker
"Actress Longoria of ""Desperate Housewives"""
Actress Longoria or Gabor
Actress Longoria who divorced Tony Parker
Actress Marie Saint
Actress Mendes
"Actress Mendes of ""2 Fast 2 Furious"""
"Actress Mendes of ""Hitch"""
Actress Mendes or Longoria
"Actress Mendes who appears as herself in ""Knocked Up"""
Actress Saint
Actress Tanguay
Actress ___ Longoria Parker
Actress ___ Marie Saint
Actress/model Mendes
Actress/producer Le Gallienne
Adolf's bunkermate?
Adolf's mistress
Andrew Lloyd Webber subject
Argentina's Peron
Argentinean leader Per
Astronaut's outing: Abbr.
BAFTA-winning actress Green
Ballerina Evdokimova
Balzac's wife.
Bartok of film
Bartok or Gabor
Bartok or Per
Big name in '40s-'50s Argentina
Bond girl Green
"Bond girl Green of ""Casino Royale"""
Bond girl player Green
Braun of Hitler era
Braun or Gabor
Braun or Le Gallienne
Braun or Marie Saint
Braun or Peron
Braun or Per
Braun who married Hitler
British actress Bartok
"Cary's ""North By Northwest"" co-star"
"Cary's ""North By Northwest"" costar"
"Cary's ""North by Northwest"" costar"
"Cary's ""north by Northwest"" costar"
Character in 1851 novel.
Child of fiction.
Child saved by Uncle Tom.
Children's book author Ibbotson
Civic Repertory Theatre founder Le Gallienne
Co-star of Teri and Felicity
"Co-star of Teri, Felicity, and Marcia"
"Co-star of Teri, Marcia and Felicity"
"Costar of Marcia, Felicity, and Nicollette"
Costar of Teri and Felicity
"Costar of Teri on ""Desperate Housewives"""
"Costar of Teri, Felicity, et al."
"Costar of Teri, Marcia, and Felicity"
Cougar Longoria
Czech model Herzigova
Dahllof of the Ladies' Tour
Daughter of Augustine St. Clare
Early 60's singer Little ___
"Eddie's ""Green Acres"" co-star"
"Eddie's ""Green Acres"" costar"
Eddie's Green Acres costar
Edie in On the Waterfront
Entertainer Gabor
Famous Gabor
Fashion model Herzigova
Figure skater Pawlik
First name in a Lloyd Webber work
"First name of a ""Desperate Housewives"" star"
Foerster opera
Former Argentinian first lady Per
Friend of Topsy
Gabor from Hungary
"Gabor of ""Green Acres"""
Gabor of 'Gigi'
Gabor of TV and film
Gabor or Le Gallienne
Gabor or Longoria
Gabor or Peron
Gabor or Per
Gabor or Saint
Gabor sister
Gabor who died in 1995
"Gabor, of <I>Green Acres<I>"
"Gabrielle portrayer on ""Desperate Housewives"""
Gabrielle's portrayer on 'Desperate Housewives'
Gabrielle's portrayer on TV
Girl rescued by Uncle Tom
Girl saved by Uncle Tom
Girl's name
"Girl's name meaning ""life"""
"Girl's name meaning ""life."""
Girl's name.
Glamorous Gabor
Green Acres first name
Green Acres name
"Green of ""Casino Royale"""
"Green of ""Penny Dreadful"""
"Green of ""The Golden Compass"""
Green of 'Casino Royale'
Green on the screen
H. B. Stowe character.
"Heroine of ""Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg"""
Heroine of 1852.
Hitch actress Mendes
Hitler's Bunker name
Hitler's bunker name
Hitler's love
Hitler's wife
Hungarian sister
Hungarian soprano ___ Marton
Hungarian-born Gabor
Hungarian-born actress Gabor
Infamous Braun
Jazz/blues singer Cassidy
Jeweler ___ Fehren
Jolie's youngest
Juan Peron's first lady
Juan Peron's wife
Juan Per
Juan Per
Juan Per
Juan Per
Juan married her
Juan's famous wife
Juan's first lady
Juan's wife
"Katharine's Oscar-winning role in ""Morning Glory"""
LPGA Tour player Dahllof
La Gallienne or Bartok
"LaRue of ""CSI: Miami"""
"Late ""Songbird"" singer Cassidy"
Late actress Bartok
Late singer Cassidy
Le Gallienne
Le Gallienne of the theater
Le Gallienne or Gabor
Le Gallienne.
Lehar opus: 1911
Lehar work: 1911
"Lisa on ""Green Acres"""
Lisa on Green Acres
"Little ""Locomotion"" singer"
Little Miss St. Clare.
Little Stowe girl
Little Stowe heroine
Little ___
Little ___ '60s singer
"Little ___ (""Loco-motion"" singer)"
"Little ___ (""Locomotion"" singer)"
"Little ___ (""The Loco-Motion"" singer)"
"Little ___ (""Uncle Tom's Cabin"" character)"
"Little ___ (singer mentioned in Elton John's ""Wrap Her Up"")"
Little ___ (singer of 'The Loco-Motion')
Little ___ of 60's pop
"Little ___, ""The Loco-Motion"" singer of 1962"
"Little ___, 60's singer"
"Little ___, who did the Loco-Motion"
"Little ___, who sang ""Do the Loco-Motion with me"""
"Little ___, who sang ""The Loco-Motion"""
Little ___.
Little girl
Little girl is caught in a crevasse
Little girl of fiction
Little heroine
Little rock singer
Little singer of the '60s
"Longoria Parker of ""Desperate Housewives"""
"Longoria formerly of ""The Young and the Restless"""
"Longoria of ""Desperate Housewives"""
"Longoria of ""Telenovela"""
Longoria of TV
Longoria of TV and film
Longoria of the screen
"Longoria of the short-lived ""Dragnet"" TV remake"
Longoria or Gabor
Longoria or La Rue
Longoria who spoke at the 2012 DNC
"Longoria with a $40 million ""Desperate Housewives"" contract"
"Longoria with a recurring role on ""Brooklyn Nine-Nine"""
"Longoria-Parker of ""Desperate Housewives"""
Longoria-Parker of TV
Lovely Longoria
M. Levin novel
Madonna film role of '96
Madonna played her
Madonna played her in a movie
Madonna role
Magda and Zsa Zsa's sister
Magda's sister
Marie Saint of films
"Marlon's ""On the Waterfront"" co-star"
"Marlon's ""On the Waterfront"" costar"
"Marlon's girl in ""On the Waterfront"""
Marlon's girl in 'On the Waterfront'
Memorable Peron
"Mendes in ""The Place Beyond the Pines"""
Mendes in movies
"Mendes of ""2 Fast 2 Furious"""
"Mendes of ""Ghost Rider"""
"Mendes of ""Hitch"""
"Mendes of ""Stuck on You"""
"Mendes of ""The Other Guys"""
"Mendes of ""The Spirit"""
"Mendes of ""We Own the Night"""
Mendes of '2 Fast 2 Furious'
Mendes of 'Stuck on You'
Mendes of 'Training Day'
Mendes of Hollywood
Mendes of film
Mendes of movies
Mendes of the movies
Mendes or Gabor
Mendes or Longoria
Miss Gabor
Miss Le Gallienne
Miss Ophelia's little relative.
"Miss Pogner of ""Die Meister singer"""
Miss St. Clare.
Mistress Braun
Model Herzigova
Model Herzigov
Model Marcille
Model Mendes
Model/actress Marcille
Model/actress Mendes
Modonna role
Movie role for Madonna
Movies' Mendes
Mrs. Juan Peron
Mrs. Juan Per
Mrs. Peron
Mrs. Per
Ms. Braun
Ms. Duarte
Ms. Gabor
Ms. Longoria
Ms. Longoria Parker
Ms. Peron
"NASA ""stroll"""
"NASA ""walk"""
NASA excursion
NASA outing
NASA spacewalk
NASA walk
"NASA walk, for short"
Netter Pfaff
North Carolina Congresswoman Clayton
North Carolina congresswoman Clayton
One Gabor
One of Felicity's co-stars
One of Jolie's daughters
One of Jolie's girls
One of Zsa Zsa's sisters
One of the Gabor sisters
One of the Gabors
One of the Perons
One of the Per
"Onetime co-star of Teri, Felicity, and Marcia"
Operatic heroine wooed by Beckmesser
"Ophelia's niece, in ""Uncle Tom's Cabin"""
Oscar winner ___ Marie Saint
Peron in politics
Peron of Argentina
Peron or Braun
Peron or Gabor
"Peron, for one"
Popular Per
Porn star ___ Angelina
Powerful Peron
Powerful Per
Powerful engine
Revlon model Mendes
"Rice and Lloyd Webber's ""Waltz for ___ and Che"""
Role for Madonna
Role for Patti or Madonna
Saint of acting
Saint of films
"Saint, of the movies"
Sculptor Hesse
Seductive Longoria
Senora Peron
Senora Peron (3)
Senora Per
"She played Lisa on ""Green Acres"""
"She plays Ana on TV's ""Telenovela"""
"She was Lisa on ""Green Acres"""
Sib of Zsa Zsa
Singer Cassidy
Singer Little ___
Sister of 20A
Sister of 3D
Sister of Magda
Sister of Zsa Zsa
Sister of Zsa Zsa and Magda
Soprano Marton
Soprano Marton of the Met
"Space station assignment, for short"
"Space walk, for short"
"Space walk, to NASA"
Space walk: Abbr.
Spacewalk abbr.
Spacewalk acronym
Spacewalk for short
Spacewalk initials
"Spacewalk, a la NASA"
"Spacewalk, acronymically"
"Spacewalk, at NASA"
"Spacewalk, briefly"
"Spacewalk, e.g.: Abbr."
"Spacewalk, for NASA"
"Spacewalk, for short"
"Spacewalk, in NASA-ese"
"Spacewalk, to NASA"
"Spacewalker, in NASA-speak"
Spacewalking inits.
Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Herzigova
St. Clare's little girl
Stowe character
Stowe character.
Stowe girl
Stowe girl.
Stowe heroine
Stowe heroine.
Stowe slave
Stowe tot
"Stowe's ""Little"" girl"
Stowe's Little ___
Stowe's St. Clare
Stowe's little girl
Stowe's little heroine
Stowe's little one
Subject for Sir Andrew
Supermodel Herzigova
Sviglerova of tennis
TV's Longoria
Taiwan's ___ Airways
Tanguay of vaudeville
Tanguay or Le Gallienne
"Teri's ""Desperate Housewives"" co-star"
"Teri's ""Desperate Housewives"" costar"
"Teri's ""Desperate Wives"" co-star"
"The ""I Don't Care Girl"" Tanguay"
"The Gabor in ""Gigi"""
The stage's Le Gallienne
Tony Parker's ex
Tony-winning musical role for 1980
Topsy's friend
"Topsy's friend, in ""Uncle Tom's Cabin"""
Topsy's friend.
Topsy's little friend
Topsy's playmate
"Topsy's playmate in ""Uncle Tom's Cabin"""
USSR first of '65
Uncle Tom rescues her from drowning
Uncle Tom s Cabin girl
"Uncle Tom's ""little"" friend"
Uncle Tom's Cabin girl
Uncle Tom's charge
Uncle Tom's friend
Uncle Tom's little friend.
Uncle Tom's pet
Vaudeville's Tanguay
Vaudevillian Tanguay
Wagner heroine
Wagner heroine.
Wagner role.
Wagner soprano
"Walk in space, for short"
Wife of Juan
"Will's ""Hitch"" costar"
"With 39A, source of the quote"
Woman from eastern Virginia
Youngest Gabor sister
Youngest of the Gabor sisters
Youngest of the Gabors
Zsa Zsa and Magda's sister
Zsa Zsa's sibling
Zsa Zsa's sis
Zsa Zsa's sister
Zsa-Zsa's sister
___ Air (Taiwanese carrier)
___ Air (carrier to Taiwan)
___ Duarte Per
"___ Green, 2006 Bond girl"
___ Longoria-Parker
___ Lovelace (Katharine Hepburn's Oscar-winning role in 'Morning Glory')
___ Marie Saint
"___ Marie Saint (""North by Northwest"" actress)"
___ Marie Saint of films
___ Peron (Madonna movie role)
___ Peron (musical Madonna role)
"___ Peron, Argentine first lady"
"___ Peron, former Argentine first lady"
___ Per
"___ Per
"___ Pogner of ""Die Meistersinger"""
___ ongoria of TV
Astronaut excursion
Actress Longoria
Magda and Zsa Zsa's sister
Mendes of Hollywood
French actress Green
Gabor of "Green Acres"
One of the Gabors
Juan Perón's wife
Sister of Zsa Zsa
Mendes of 'Ghost Rider'
Stowe character
Actress Longoria
Ms. Longoria
Green of "Penny Dreadful"
Mendes of "The Other Guys"
Longoria of TV
Lovely Longoria
Mendes of "2 Fast 2 Furious"
Mrs. Peron
Actress Gabor
Mrs Peron, eg
Devastated about lady
Longoria of "Telenovela"
Sister of Zsa Zsa
TV's Longoria
Ms. Longoria
A Gabor sister
Green of 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children'
Juan Peron's wife
Ms. Gabor
Juan Perón's wife
Ms. Longoria
Singer Cassidy
— Marie Saint
Ms. Longoria
A Gabor
Mendes of "2 Fast 2 Furious"
Juan Per�n's second wife
Ms. Longoria
Youngest Gabor sister
Longoria of "Desperate Housewives"
A sister of Zsa Zsa
Ms. Longoria
Wife of Juan
Longoria of TV
Longoria of TV
Mendes of "Training Day"
Mendes or Peron
Mendes or Peron
Peron of Argentina
Mrs. Juan Peron
Ms. Longoria
Ms. Longoria
Mendes of "Stuck on You"
NASA spacewalk
Argentina's ... Peron
NASA spacewalk
''Die Meistersinger'' soprano
Longoria of "Telenovela"
Actress Longoria
Longoria of "Desperate Housewives"
Mendes of "Hitch"
Actress Longoria
LaRue or Longoria
Eddie's "Green Acres" co-star
Spacewalk, for short
Mendes of movies
Longoria of TV
Actress Longoria
Actress Longoria
Green on the silver screen
NASA "walk"
Actress Longoria
NASA "walk"
Actress Longoria
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" girl
Spacewalk, for short
Longoria of the screen
Actress Longoria
Zsa Zsa's sister
Singer Cassidy who achieved posthumous fame
Actress Longoria
Actress Mendes
Mendes of "Hitch"
Argentina's ... Peron
Actress Longoria
Argentina's ... Peron
Longoria of TV
Señora Perón
Longoria of TV
Spacewalk initials
Mendes of "Hitch"
Longoria of "Desperate Housewives"
Sister of Zsa Zsa
Green of "Casino Royale"
A Gabor
Ms. Longoria
One of the Gabors of old Hollywood
Actress Mendes
Juan Perón's wife
Mendes of "The Other Guys"
Zsa Zsa's sister
Actress Longoria
One of the Gabor sisters
Wife of Juan Per�n
Juan Perón's wife
Giardino dell'Eden woman
NASA spacewalk
Mendes of movies
Peron or Gabor
Juan Peron's lady
Actress Gabor
Zsa Zsa's sister
Peron of Argentina
Actress Longoria
Argentina's ... Peron
Actress Longoria
Female Peron
Woman from East Virginia
Juan Perón's wife
Actress Longoria
Actress Mendes
Actress Longoria
Green on screen
Mendes of Hollywood
Juan's wife
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" girl
Argentina's ... Peron
First lady Peron
Actress Mendes
Actress Green of 2006's 'Casino Royale'
Longoria of TV
Actress Longoria
Longoria of TV
Actress Mendes
'Uncle Tom's Cabin' girl
Madonna role
"2 Fast 2 Furious" actress Mendes
Actress Longoria
A Peron
Mendes of movies
Actress Mendes
One Gabor
Actress Green
Sister of Magda and Zsa Zsa
"Don't Cry For Me Argentina" singer
Longoria of TV
Ms. Peron
Actress Mendes of "The Place Beyond the Pines"
____ Marie Saint, actress
Actress Mendes
Gabor sister
Actress Gabor
Actress Mendes
Actress Gabor
Actress LaRue who was on "CSI: Miami"
Longoria of "Frontera"
Ms. Peron
She turns to give a hail
Peron or Gabor
94-year-old actress ___ Marie Saint
Eddie's "Green Acres" co-star
Mendes of "The Other Guys"
Gabor of Hollywood
NASA "walk"
___ Marie Saint
Ms. Peron of Argentina
Longoria of "Desperate Housewives"
A Gabor sister
Actress Green of "300: Rise of an Empire"
Senora Peron
French actress Green
Actress Longoria
Argentina's ... Peron
Ms. Peron of Argentina
A Peron
Gabor or Peron
Cuban-American actress Mendes
"Dog Days" actress Longoria
Girl rescued by Uncle Tom
One of the Gabor sisters