The word EVERS has appeared in at least 96 clues on different crosswords.

"""... ___ to Chance"""
"""Miss ___ Boys"" (1997)"
"""Tinker to ___ to Chance"""
'50s-'60s civil rights activist
'50s-'60s civil rights leader
'Tinker to ___ to Chance'
'Twixt Tinker and Chance
Activist Medgar
"Activist who said ""You can kill a man but you can't kill an idea"""
Baseball great
Baseball's Crab or Hoot
Between Tinker and Chance
Between Tinker and Chance.
Brooklyn's Medgar ___ College
Chance's partner
Charles or Medgar
Civil Rightist Medgar
Civil Rights martyr
Civil Rights martyr Medgar
Civil rights VIP
Civil rights activist Medgar
Civil rights leader Medgar
Civil rights leader from Mississippi
"Civil rights leader portrayed in ""For Us, The Living"""
Civil rights martyr
Civil rights martyr Medgar
Civil rights worker Medgar
Civil rights' Medgar
Civil-rights leader Medgar
Civil-rights leader Medgar ___
Cubs' Hall of Famer
Diamond middleman?
Double-play combo member
Double-play name
"Duke ___, Rocky's manager/trainer"
Famous middleman of baseball
Ghosts of Mississippi subject
Hall of Fame infielder
Hall-of-Fame second baseman Johnny
He left things to Chance
He threw to Chance
"John ___, noted second baseman"
Last name in civil rights
Martyred Medgar
Medgar ___ College
Medgar of Mississippi
Medgar of civil rights
Medgar of the civil rights movement
Memorable Medgar
Middle of a famous trio
Middle of a noted Cubs trio
Middleman in a baseball trio
Noted civil rights leader
Noted name in civil rights
One of a baseball trio
One of a double-play trio
One of a famous baseball trio.
Part of a famed baseball trio
Part of a famous double-play combo
Part of a famous double-play trio
Player between Tinker and Chance
Player with Chance and Tinker
"Second baseman called ""The Crab"""
Second baseman in a famed trio
Team-mate of Tinker and Chance.
Tinker and Chance's infield partner
Tinker to --to Chance
Tinker to ___ to Chance
Tinker to ___ to Chance (classic double play)
Tinker to ___ to Chance (famed baseball double play)
Tinker to ___ to Chance: classic double-play combo
Tinker to ___ to Chance: old double-play combo
Tinker to ___ to...
Tinker's partner
Tinker's pivot man
Tinker's receiver
Tinker's target
Tinker's target?
Tinker-Chance connection
Tinker-Chance go-between
Tinker-Chance link
Tinker-Chance middleman
Tinkers to ___ to Chance
To whom Tinker threw
50s-60s civil rights activist
Civil rights activist Medgar
Tinker to ___ to Chance (Cubs double play combo)
Civil rights leader Medgar
Civil rights leader Medgar
Big name in '50s-'60s civil rights
Civil rights leader Medgar
Civil rights activist Medgar
Activist Medgar
Civil rights icon Medgar
Civil rights leader Medgar