Word: FAO

The word FAO has appeared in at least 53 clues on different crosswords.

FAO definition(s):

• acronym

• For the Attention Of. Used on an address or label, specifies an individual to whom the document should be delivered, usually put on when the address is of an organisation.

• FAO Schwarz, a toy store chain

• Food and Agriculture Organization

-- Schwarz
-- Schwarz (toy retailer)
-- Schwarz (toy store)
--- Schwarz
Block letters in NYC?
Food agency of the U.N.
Initials for toy merchant Schwartz
Iraqi port
Retailer Schwarz
Schwarz kids love
Schwarz of toy fame
Schwarz of toys
Schwarz with the toys
Toy giant Schwarz
Toy magnate Schwarz
Toy magnate ___ Schwarz
Toy merchant Schwartz
Toy retailer Schwarz
Toy seller Schwartz
Toy seller ___ Schwarz
Toy store ___ Schwarz
Toy store chain ___ Schwarz
Toy store inits.
Toy store___Schwarz
Toy-seller ___ Schwarz
Toycoon Schwarz
Toyshop initials
U. N. agency.
U. N. farm agency
U.N. org
U.N. outfit
___ Schwartz
___ Schwartz (toy store)
___ Schwarz
___ Schwarz (New York toy store)
___ Schwarz (noted N.Y. toy store)
___ Schwarz (noted toy company)
___ Schwarz (noted toy store)
___ Schwarz (toy company)
___ Schwarz (toy retailer)
"___ Schwarz (toy store featured in ""Big"")"
___ Schwarz (toy store)
___ Schwarz of toy store fame
___ Schwarz of toys
"___ Schwarz, toy store near the Plaza Hotel, home of kid's book character Eloise"
___ Schwarz: 5th Avenue toy store
___ Schwarz: NYC toy store
Schwarz of toydom
Schwarz with the toys
__ Schwarz
__ Schwarz
Big letters in toys