Word: FERN

The word FERN has appeared in at least 177 clues on different crosswords.

"""Charlotte's Web"" girl"
"""Fiddlehead"" plant"
"""Frondly"" plant?"
"""Where the Red ___ Grows"""
'Charlotte's Web' girl
1967 hurricane.
Adder's-tongue or Venus's-hair
"Adder's-tongue, e.g."
Art ___ (Johnny Carson character)
Asparagus plant
Best-selling romance author Michaels
Bit of a florist's greenery
Bit of green in a floral display
Bit of greenery
Bit of office greenery
"Boring, drab plant"
Boston plant
"Boston, e.g."
Bouquet enhancer
Bouquet extra
Bouquet green
Bouquet greenery
"Bracken, e.g."
"Bracken, for one"
Brake or bracken
Certain cryptogam
"Certain spore, later"
Christmas or Boston
Club moss's kin
Common fossil impression
Common green house gift
Common house plant
Common houseplant
Common office decoration
Common office plant
Corsage greenery
Crayola color similar to Asparagus
Crayola color since 1998
"Dakota Fanning's role in ""Charlotte's Web"""
Decorative plant
Everglades plant
Feathery plant
"Fiddlehead, e.g."
"Fiddlehead, for one"
Filiform forest flora
Florist purchase
Florist's staple
Flowerless decorative plant
Flowerless houseplant
Flowerless office plant
Flowerless plant
Flowerless plant.
Flowerless seedless plant
"Flowerless, seedless plant"
Forest floor flora
Forest growth
Forest plant
Former spore
Fossil impression
Frond bearer
Frond-bearing plant
Frond-ly forest dweller?
Fronded bit of flora
Fronded plant
"Garden of Eden plant, perhaps"
"Girl in ""Charlotte's Web"""
Glen growth
Green Crayola color
Green Crayola shade
"Green in a vase, perhaps"
"Hart's-tongue, for one"
Hotel lobby plant
House plant
House plant.
"Iron and Wine ""Resurrection ___"""
Johnny Carson character Art
Lacy houseplant
Leafy plant right inside swamp (4)
Leaves in a waiting room?
Living-room plant
Lobby plant
Maidenhair for one
"Maidenhair, e.g."
"Maidenhair, for one"
"Moonwort, for one"
Mountain bracken.
Non-flowering office staple
Non-flowering plant
Nonflowering plant
Nonflowering plant with fronds
Office growth
Office plant
Parlor plant
Plant in a 1970s bar
Plant in a cubicle
Plant in the office
Plant on talk show sets
Plant that reproduces by spores
Plant with a frond
Plant with fiddleheads
Plant with fronds
Plant with spores
Plant with triangular fronds
Plant without seeds or flowers
Popular house gift
Popular houseplant
Popular office plant
Pot plant
Potted plant
Primitive plant
Pteridologist's specimen
Pteridologist's study
Rainforest plant
Seedless bit of flora
Seedless flora
Seedless plant
"Seedless, flowerless plant"
Shade plant
Shedder of spores
Shrubby plant.
Sill plant
Spore maker
Spore producer
Spore source
Spore-producing plant
Terrarium item
Terrarium plant
"Terrarium plant, perhaps"
"Venus's-hair, e.g."
Water-loving houseplant
Wetland growth
Wild plant.
Woodland plant.
Woods plant
Spore-producing plant
Plant with fronds
Frond-bearing plant
Common houseplant
Flowerless houseplant
Feathery plant
Spore-producing plant
Item by many a reception desk
Plant with spores
Flowerless plant
Sgts., for instance
Office plant
Leafy plant
Fronded plant
Leafy plant
Shade of green
Plant with fronds
Plant with fronds
Feathery plant
Feathery plant
Bouquet decoration
Fronded plant
Leafy plant
Leafy plant
Frond bearer
Fronded plant
Spore-producing plant
Plant with fronds
Plant with fronds
Fronded plant
Fronded plant
Forest plant