The word GABLE has appeared in at least 138 clues on different crosswords.

"""Gone With the Wind"" star"
"""Gone With the Wind"" star Clark"
"""Gone with the Wind"" star"
"""Gone with the Wind"" star Clark"
"""It Happened One Night"" Oscar winner"
"""It Happened One Night"" Oscar-winner"
"""It Happened One Night"" star"
"""King of Hollywood"""
"""Mogambo"" star"
"""Red Dust"" hero: 1932"
"""Teacher's Pet"" star"
"""The Misfits"" star"
"""The Misfits"" was his last film"
"""The Tall Men"" star"
'G.W.T.W.' star
Actor Clark
"Actor from Cadiz, Ohio"
Actor who played a Butler
Another co-star of the film hidden in this puzzle
Area under a pitched roof
"Best actor for ""It Happened One Night"""
Bit of Gothic architecture
Building feature
Building part
Butler in 1939
Butler off-screen
Butler on screen
Butler player
Butler player of note
Butler portrayer
Butler portrayer in a classic film
Butler portrayer of note
Butler portrayer: 1939
Butler's portrayer
"Butler's portrayer in ""Gone with the Wind"""
Cape Cod feature
Cape Cod house feature
"Clark in ""The Misfits"""
"Clark of ""Gone With the Wind"""
"Clark of ""Mogambo"""
"Clark of ""The Misfits"""
Clark of film
Clark the Hollywood legend
"Colbert's ""It Happened One Night"" costar"
Eight-time co-star of Joan Crawford
End wall of a building
Exterior house feature
Feature of a Cape Cod
Film great.
Gothic adornment
Gothic architectural feature
Gothic architecture feature
Gothic feature
Gothic house feature
Great name in Hollywood.
He played Butler
Hip alternative?
Hollywood immortal
Hollywood legend
Hollywood legend Clark
House feature
Kind of roof or window
Kind of roof.
Kind of window
King of Hollywood
Late King of Hollywood
Late movie star
"Leading man in ""The Misfits"""
Lombard's man
Lombard's widower
Man's man of Hollywood
Mansard alternative
Memorable film star
"Monroe's ""Misfits"" costar"
"Monroe's ""The Misfits"" co-star"
Monroe's last co-star
Notable Butler portrayer
One of a Hawthorne title septet
One of seven in a Hawthorne title
Pitched roof end
Pitched roof part
Rhett Butler's portrayer
Roof feature
Roof feature.
Roof style
Roof support
Roof type
Roofer's triangle
Section of a roof.
Staple of Gothic architecture
"Star born Feb. 1, 1901"
Teacher's Pet star
Triangular architectural feature
Triangular house part
Triangular part of a house
Triangular wall
Type of roof
Victorian house feature
___ roof
Clark who played Rhett
Roof feature
Triangular part of a house
Leigh's "Gone With the Wind" co-star
Government is up to the task of supplying support for the building trade
Butler's portrayer
Butler's portrayer
Gardner's "Lone Star" co-star
Gardner's "Lone Star" co-star
Clark of old Hollywood
Clark of old Hollywood
Hawthorne house feature
Roof feature
Roof type
Gothic architecture feature
Roof end
Roof part
Wall is key in storm
Part of a house
Tudor house feature
Triangular outer-wall section
Clark with a 1935 Oscar
Triangular building feature
Triangular part of a house
Butler on screen
Roof end
Leigh costar
Part of a pitched roof
Clark of "Gone With the Wind"
Clark of ''Gone With the Wind''
Actor, Clark ...
Roof end
Actor, Clark ...
Clark —, Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar winner for It Happened One Night
Clark of ''Gone with the Wind''
Wall part
Clark who played Rhett Butler
Roof end