Word: GAM

The word GAM has appeared in at least 144 clues on different crosswords.

"""A Christmas Story"" lamp, for one"
"""Klute"" actress"
Actress Rita
Actress Rita.
Attractive leg
Bit of cheesecake
Bit of cheesecake?
Bombshell feature
Bridesmaid Rita
Broad's leg
"Calendar leg, perhaps"
Cheesecake ingredient?
Cheesecake leg
Curvaceous leg
Dame's asset
Doll's leg?
Fox's leg?
Gal's leg
Get-together at sea
Grampus grouping
Group of whale(r)s
Group of whales
Group of whales.
Group whales
Herd of humpbacks
Herd of whales
Herd of whales.
Hoofer's leg
Hoofer's limb
Leg model's asset
Leg that gets whistled at
"Leg, in a detective novel"
"Leg, in a hard-boiled detective novel"
"Leg, in old slang"
"Leg, in slang"
"Leg, old-style"
"Leg, slangily"
"Leg, so to speak"
"Leg, tabloid-style"
"Leg, to ""Legs"" Diamond"
"Leg, to Legs Diamond"
"Leg, to Marlowe"
"Leg, to a film noir detective"
"Leg, to a gangster"
"Leg, to a looker"
"Leg, to an old gangster"
Leg: Slang
Leg: slang
Looker's leg
Lots of cachalots
Lovely leg
Mammalian school
Moll's leg
"Nice-looking leg, in slang"
One of Grable's assets
One of two Grable assets
Part of an old-fashioned pin-up
Part of an old-fashioned pinup
"Part of cheesecake, maybe"
Piece of cheesecake
Piece of cheesecake?
Pin-up leg
"Pin-up's leg, in old slang"
Pin-up's limb
Pinup feature
Pinup highlight
Pinup leg
Pinup part
Pinup's asset
Pinup's leg
Pinup's limb
Pinup's pin
Rita ___
"Rita in ""Night People"""
Rita of 'Klute'
Sailors' confab
School of whales
School of whales.
Seamen's chat
Sei school
"Sexy leg, to a catcaller (OK, probably a really old catcaller)"
Shapely leg
"Shapely leg, in slang"
"Shapely leg, slangily"
"Shapely limb, slangily"
Slangy leg
Slice of cheesecake?
"Social visit, at sea"
Tootsy connection
Visit between whalers
Visit between whalers at sea
Visit between whalers.
"Visit socially, as at sea."
Whale group
Whale herd
Whale school
Whaler's conversation asea
"Whalers' gathering, in New England"
Whalers' get-together
"Whalers' meeting, in ""Moby-Dick"""
Whalers' social visit
What a floozy might show off
___ of whales (big group)
Pinup’s leg
Leg, in slang
Whale group
School of whales
Pinup's leg
Jessica Rabbit feature
Leg, in slang
Shapely leg, slangily
Whale group
Pinup's leg
Pinup's leg
Whale group
Leg, in slang
Moll's leg
Shapely leg, in slang
School of whales
Whale herd
Whale group
Leg, in slang
Leg, in slang
Group of whales
Whale group
Leg, in slang
School of whales
Pin-up's leg, slangily
Whale group
Moll's limb
Leg, in slang
School of whales
Group of whales
Group of whales
Leg, in slang
Sexy leg in B movies
Group of whales
Leg, in slang
Lower limb
Group of whales