The word GENIE has appeared in at least 255 clues on different crosswords.

"""Aladdin"" apparition"
"""Aladdin"" character"
"""Aladdin"" character voiced by Robin Williams"
"""Aladdin"" role"
"""Aladdin"" spirit"
"""Arabian Nights"" character"
"""Arabian Nights"" creature"
"""Arabian Nights"" figure"
"""Arabian Nights"" spirit"
"""Friend Like Me"" singer in ""Aladdin"""
"""The Thief of Bagdad"" figure"
"""Three wishes"" giver"
"""Three wishes"" giver of myth"
"""Three wishes"" granter"
"""Your wish is my command"" speaker"
"#1 hit ""___ in a Bottle"""
1992 film character voiced by Robin Williams
2014 Tony-winning role for James Monroe Iglehart
Aide for wishful thinkers
Aladdin associate
Aladdin's aide
Aladdin's aide.
Aladdin's benefactor
Aladdin's do-all
Aladdin's enabler
Aladdin's friend
Aladdin's friend.
Aladdin's good buddy
Aladdin's helper
Aladdin's jinn
Aladdin's magic pal
Aladdin's magical pal
Aladdin's man Friday.
Aladdin's mentor
Aladdin's pal
Aladdin's servant.
Aladdin's servitor
Aladdin's wish-granter
Aladdin.s benefactor
Alladin's servant
Arabian demon
Barbara Eden played one
Barbara Eden role on TV
Being in a lamp
Beneficial thing to release
Benevolent spirit
Bottle babe
Bottle content
Bottle denizen
Bottle dweller
Bottle opener's surprise
Bottle resident
Bottle resident?
Bottle spirit
Bottle spirit?
Bottled benefactor
Bottled spirit
Bottled spirit.
Bottled spirit?
Bottled wish granter
Bottled-up sort?
Bottled-up type?
Canada's Oscar
Canadian Oscar
Canadian award
Canadian equivalent of the Oscar
Canadian film award
"Character in ""The Return of Jafar"""
Character in many jokes
"Christina Aguilera ""___ in a Bottle"""
"Christina Aguilera's ""___ in a Bottle"""
Coming-out party?
Cooperative spirit
"David Bowie's ""Jean ___"""
Fabled bottle dweller
Fabled wish granter
Generous granter
Giver of three wishes
Granter of three wishes
Granter of wishes
Hardly a free spirit?
He gets rubbed out
He got rubbed out
He may be rubbed out
He may get rubbed out
Helpful spirit
Islamic spirit
Islamic spirit: Var.
It might be rubbed out
It might come out with a rub
It's bottled-up and rubbed out
It's bottled-up mostly
"Jeannie, e.g."
"Kazaam in a 1996 film, e.g."
"Lamp contents, perhaps"
Lamp denizen
Lamp dweller
Lamp dweller of lore
"Lamp emanation, if you're lucky"
Lamp emanation... in your dreams
"Lamp emission, if you're lucky"
Lamp figure
Lamp inhabitant
Lamp occupant
Lamp occupant?
Lamp personage
Lamp power?
Lamp resident
Lamp slave.
Lamp spirit
Legendary being
Legendary wish granter
Magic lamp occupant
Magic lamp spirit
Magic maker
Magic practitioner
Magic-lamp occupant
Magical helper
Magical wish granter
Magical wish-granter
Mil. off. that is a miracle worker
Mythic lamp-dweller
Mythical creature
Mythical wish granter
Mythical wish-granter
Obliging spirit
One bottled up
One in a bottle
One might be rubbed out
One might be rubbed out?
One often seen in a turban
One often seen with crossed arms
One to rub out?
One who has to be rubbed out?
One who makes dreams come true
One who might thank a rubber
One who needs to be rubbed out?
One who's been rubbed out?
One who's bottled up?
One who's generally bottled up?
One who's rubbed out?
"Robin Williams role in ""Aladdin"""
Robin Williams voiced a blue one
"Robin Williams voiced one in ""Aladdin"""
"Robin Williams was its voice in ""Aladdin"""
"Robin Williams' ""Aladdin"" role"
Role for Eden
Rubber byproduct?
Rubber production?
Rubber's spirit
"Shaquille O'Neal played one in ""Kazaam"""
Something to be rubbed out?
Spirit from a bottle
Spirit in Aladdin's lamp
Spirit in a bottle
Spirit in a lamp
Spirit of Arabian saga.
Spirit of the lamp
Spirit that's willing?
Spirit; demon
Storied spirit
Storybook spirit
Subject of wishful thinking?
Summoned spirit
Supernatural being
Supernatural being.
Supernatural creature
Supernatural servitor.
Supernatural spirit.
Surprise from a lamp
Three wishes granter
Unexpected lamp benefit?
What Christina Aguilera was on 1st hit
What a rubber produces?
What rubbing may yield
"Williams' voice in ""Aladdin"""
Willing spirit?
Wish fulfiller
Wish granter
Wish granter of fable
Wish grantor
Wish list responder
Wish-granting spirit
Yield of Aladdin's lamp
Lamp denizen
Bottled spirit?
Lamp spirit
Aladdin's lamp servant
Wish granter
Bottled spirit?
Spirit in a lamp
Aladdin's benefactor
Short chap, namely a character in fairy tales
Aladdin's aide
Bottled surprise
Magic lamp spirit
Aladdin’s helper
Aladdin’s helper
Spirit of information, that is
Spirit of information, that is
Wish granter
Wish granter
Bottled spirit?
Bottled spirit?
Benevolent spirit
Lamp spirit?
Lamp spirit?
Wish granter of stories
Mythical lamp dweller
Magic servant
''You ain't never had a friend like me'' singer (1992)
Aladdin's magical helper
Magic servant
Magic lamp spirit
Aladdin's magical helper
Spirit of fulfillment
Magic servant
Bottled spirit?
Garage door opener brand
2,000-year-old portrayal for Eden
Wish granter
Spirit in "Aladdin"
Magic servant
Magic spirit
Spirit of information, that is
Wish granter
Lamp spirit?
Aladdin's benefactor
Lamp dweller
Wish filler
Lamp denizen
Aladdin's lamp servant
"Arabian Nights" spirit
Lamp polisher's surprise?
Magic servant
Storied servant/spirit
Surprise from a lamp
Magic servant
Aladdin's find
"Friend Like Me" singer in "Aladdin"
Bottled spirit?
Aladdin's magic pal
Lamp dweller of lore
Aladdin's magical helper