Word: GIT

The word GIT has appeared in at least 117 clues on different crosswords.

"""Away with you, you varmint!"""
"""Be gone!"""
"""Beat it!"""
"""Beat it, punk!"""
"""Beat it, ya varmint!"""
"""Begone, varmint!"""
"""Clear off!"""
"""Clear off, ya varmint!"""
"""Go on now!"""
"""Go on! Beat it!"""
"""Go on, scat!"""
"""Go on, scram, ya varmint!"""
"""I said... out!"""
"""I'm Gonna ___ You Sucka"""
"""Move along, lil' doggie"""
"""Move it!"""
"""Out!"" from an Okie"
"""Out, dagnabbit!"""
"""Out, varmints!"""
"""Outta here!"""
"""Scoot critter!"""
"""Scram!"" in Dogpatch"
"""Scram!"" oater-style"
"""Scram!"", in an oater"
"""Scram, varmint!"""
"""Scram, ya varmint!"""
"""Shoo!"" on the farm?"
"""Vamoose, varmint!"""
"""Y'all leave me alone!"""
"""Yer botherin' me!"""
"""___ Along Little Dogies"""
"""___ Along, Little Dogies"""
"""___ along, little dogie"""
"""___ along, little dogie..."""
'Make yourself scarce!'
"'Shoo, varmint!'"
"Acquire, on The Beverly Hillbillies"
"Annoying person, to Harry Potter"
"Backwoods ""F off!"""
Barmy bloke
Beat it!
"Begone, cowboy style"
Bloody moron
"Countrified ""Scram!"""
"Countrified ""shoo!"""
"Cowboy's ""vamoose"""
"Cowboy's ""vamoose."""
"Cowpoke's ""Scram!"""
Depart: Dial.
Dogpatch yell
Epithet heard in many Monty Python sketches
Go away in the country?
"Kin of ""scat!"""
"Li'l Abner's ""Scram!"""
"Oater ""Scram!"""
Oater command
Scaring-off word
"Scram!, in old West"
"Scram, Dogpatch style"
"Scram, oater-style"
Scram: Dial.
"Shoo!, in Dogpatch"
"Shool, Western version"
Shout to Halloween pumpkin smashers
Skedaddle to Gomer!
"Sniveling Little Rat-Faced ___ (""Monty Python"" character)"
"Vamoose, out West"
Western movie command
"Western-style ""Scram!"""
Word to a dogie
Worthless one in Soho
Yosemite Sam imperative
"Yosemite Sam's ""Scram!"""
___-go (start)
"""Scram!"" in oaters"
"Shoo," in Westerns
Oater "Scram!"
Fool's oddly guilty
"Beat it!"
"Scram, varmint!"
Oater "Scram!"
"Scram!" to a buckaroo