Word: GPS

The word GPS has appeared in at least 246 clues on different crosswords.

"""Calculating"" device"
A.M.A. members
AAA TripTik alternative
AMA members
Acronym for a modern navigational tool
"Aid for lost souls, briefly?"
"Auto accessory often mounted on the windshield, for short"
Auto gizmo that talks
"Auto gizmo that talks, for short"
"Auto gizmo that talks, in brief"
Auto navigation aid: Abbr.
Auto rental add-on
Auto rental option
Boon to navigators
"Car item that speaks, in brief"
Car navig. aid
"Car navigation aid, for short"
"Car navigational aid, for short"
Car rental add-on
Car rental option
Car renter's option
Car rte. displayer
Car-rental extra
"Cellphone feature, for short"
Certain AMA members
Certain M.D.'s
Certain doctors
Certain doctors: Abbr.
Certain drs.
Certain physicians.
Colorful nav. tool
Colorful navig. tool
"Common cellphone feature, briefly"
Common smartphone app
Common smartphone feature
Common taxi feature
"Conversation interrupter in a car, maybe"
Dash device
Dash option
"Dashboard attachment, briefly"
Device useful in geocaching (abbr.)
"Direction giver, briefly"
Docs who don't specialize
"Docs, briefly"
"Docs, for short"
Driver's aid
"Driver's aid, in brief"
Driver's rte. displayer
Driving device
Fam. docs
Fam. doctors
Family M.D.'s
Family MDs
Family docs
"Family doctors, briefly"
Family drs.
Feature in some rental cars
Feature of some cutting-edge cell phones
Feature of some high-tech cell phones
Feature of some watches
"Fitbit feature, for short"
Front-line M.D.'s
"Gadget to keep you on track, briefly"
"Garmin gadget, for short"
Garmin gizmo
Garmin letters
Garmin product
General practitioners: Colloq.
Geocaching aid
"Geocaching need, for short"
"Geocaching tool, initially"
"Guide that tells you where to go, briefly"
H.M.O. listing
H.M.O. listings
H.M.O. roster
HMO listing
"Help for lost drivers, for short"
"Help for those who have strayed, briefly?"
"Hi-tech dash attachment, for short"
High-tech rte. finder
How to find your place in the world?
It helps with directions
It helps you when you're going places (abbr.)
"It helps you when you're going places, briefly"
"It may be attached to a windshield, in brief"
It might tell you where to get off
"It'll show you to your place, initially"
Loc.-finding tool
Locating device
"Location finder, briefly"
Location gizmo
"Location identifier, for short"
Location identifier: Abbr.
Luxury car feature: Abbr.
M. D.'s.
MDs who don't specialize
Machine that can be set to talk like a British butler
Many family doctors
Members of A. M. A.
"Modern car feature, for short"
Modern dash-mounted device: Abbr.
"Modern dashboard attachment, for short"
Modern navig. tool
"Modern navig. tool, or alternative title for this puzzle"
"Modern navigation aid, familiarly"
"Modern navigation aid, for short"
Modern navigation letters
Modern navigation syst.
"Modern navigation tool, for short"
Modern navigational aid
"Modern navigational aid, for short"
"Modern navigational tool, briefly"
Modern orientation syst.
"Modern rental car feature, briefly"
Motorist's navig. aid
Motorist's rte displayer.
Nav. aid in many autos
Nav. by satellite
Nav. gadget
Nav. system
Navig. aid
Navig. guide
Navig. tool
Navigation aid
Navigation aid for drivers: Abbr.
"Navigation aid, for short"
"Navigation device, briefly"
Navigation gizmo
Navigation help (abbr.)
"Navigational aid, for short"
Navigational gizmo
Navigational instr.
"Navigational tool, for short"
Navigational tracker
Navigational tracker (abbr.)
"Navigational tracker, for short"
Navigator's aid (abbr.)
Nissan navigator
Non-specializing M.D.'s
Non-specializing MDs
One may tell you where to get off
"One telling you where to get off, for short?"
One way to find yourself?
"Phone feature, often"
Point pinpointer: Abbr.
Popular smartphone app
Portable mapping device: Abbr.
Rd. map displayer
Rental car add-on
"Rental car add-on, in brief"
Rental car extra
Rental car extra (abbr.)
"Rental car extra, for short"
"Rental car feature, briefly"
Route-finding gizmo
Rte. finder
Rte.-display gadget
SUV option
Satellite navigation letters
"Satellite-based navigation aid, for short"
"Satellite-based navigation aid, in brief"
"Savior of lost souls, for short?"
Scarce physicians: abbr.
Smartphone app
Smartphone application: Abbr.
Some A.M.A. members
Some AMA members
Some Canadian Medical Assoc. members
Some Dr.'s
Some Drs.
Some M.D.'s
Some M.D.'s.
Some MD's
Some MDs
Some docs
"Some doctors, for short"
Some doctors.
Some drs.
Some family docs
Space-based navig. tool
St.-finding aid
Talker on long car trips: abbr.
Technology heavily used in geocaching
They're not specialists: Abbr.
Thing that gives directions
"TomTom or Magellan unit, for short"
Tracking aid: Abbr.
Tracking instrument abbr.
Tracking letters
"Traveler's aid, for short"
"Trip guide, for short"
"Way finder, briefly"
Way to find your way: Abbr.
iPhone feature
TomTom unit for short
Auto navigation aid: Abbr
Family docs
Dashboard-mounted gadget, for short
Route displayer on a dashboard, for short
Family docs
Family docs
Satellite navigation letters
Family docs
High-tech rte. finder
Aid for a lost driver, for short
Rental-car extra
Satellite-enabled device
Common navigational system
Some MDs
Activity-tracking letters
Rte.-suggesting system
Speaker on a car's dash
Car speaker
Rte. finder
Provider of directions, for short
Family MDs
Conversation interrupter in a car, at times
Geocaching device
Family docs
Rte. suggester
Dash device
Rte. finder
See 83-Across
Family docs
Pokémon Go finder: Abbr.
Rte. finder
Family docs
Driver's navig. aid
Navig. technology
Auto navig. aid
Many AMA members
One talking to a driver?
Family docs
Navigation device: Abbr.
Dashboard navigation aid (abbr.)
Family docs
Some AMA members
Digital navigation guide: Abbr.
Car technology that tells you the way: Abbr.
Navigational smartphone feature: Abbr.
Step-by-step directional guide to going somewhere: Abbr.
Smartphone feature used by motorists: Abbr.
Auto accessory often mounted on the windshield, for short