The word GRASS has appeared in at least 155 clues on different crosswords.

"""And the earth brought forth ___"" (Genesis)"
"""Dog Years"" author G
"""Leaves of ___"""
"""Leaves of ___"" (Walt Whitman poetry collection)"
"""The Tin Drum"" author"
"""The Tin Drum"" author Gunter"
"""The ___ Harp"" (1995 Piper Laurie/Sissy Spacek movie)"
"""The ___ Is Always Greener"" (1949)"
'The Tin Drum' author
*Title figure in an Aesop fable
1960s-'70s band The ___ Roots
Alternative to ass or gas
Astroturf alternative
"Bamboo, e.g."
"Bamboo, for one"
"Bermuda, for one"
Biofuel can be made from switch ___
Blades cut blades
Blades cut by blades
Blades that are cut by blades
Blue Kentucky product
"Bluejoint, e.g."
Bull's breakfast
Central Park feature
"Cereals, e.g."
Certain skirt material
Citi Field surface
Common knee stain for kids
Common stain
Cow chow
Cow food
Crab or blue follower
Fairway carpet.
Fairway cover
Fescue or rye
"Fescue, for instance."
"Fescue, for one"
Foxtail or dogfoot
German author
Grazer's meal
Grazing matter
Green blades
Green land?
Green stuff
Greenskeepers cut it
Ground cover
Ground cover.
Grounds growth
Hard-to-remove stain
Hawaiian skirt material
"Herbage, in general."
Hippie's drug
Hula skirt material
Hula-skirt base
It grows under an idler's feet
It's in the park
Jersey's lunch
Joint contents
Kind of roots
Kind of widow
Lawn cover
Lawn green
Lawn greenery
Lawn growth
Lawn makeup
Lawn matter
Lawn stuff
Llano growth
"Manet's ""Luncheon on the ___"""
Material for some skirts
Mower's target
Not Astroturf
"Oats, for example."
Park feature
Pasture land.
Playing surface
Playing surface in many stadiums
Pothead's purchase
Range forage.
Rough stuff?
Rye or fescue
"Rye, for one"
Shade of green
Shade of green.
Shea playing surface
Skirt material
Smoking material of today
Snake in the ___
Snake's place?
Some blades
Some clippings
Some organic clippings
"Steppenwolf ""Don't Step On the ___, Sam"""
Sward stuff
Tennis court surface
Tennis surface
Third-day creation
Timothy or fescue.
Veld covering
Veld surface
What Astroturf replaces
"Whitman's ""Leaves of ___"""
Wimbledon court surface
Wimbledon surface
Yankee Stadium surface
Zoysia is one
oToepkdnrlo n
Informant on the lawn
Gunter —, winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Literature
Ground cover
Lawn growth
Lawn makeup
Lawn makeup
Lawn material
Informant on the lawn
Gunter —, winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Literature
Pasture growth
Pronoun (3)
Woman from Esher (3)
Some blades
33 Across material
Tennis surface
Informant on lawn
Wimbledon surface
Wimbledon surface
The kind of snake to betray one to the police?
Typical ground cover
Wimbledon surface
Could such a widow make hay?
Cow chow
Tennis surface
It covers a lot of ground
Pasture covering
Ground cover
Rat and skunk perhaps ...
Football pitch surface
Ground cover
Lawn covering