The word GROAN has appeared in at least 133 clues on different crosswords.

"""Ouch!"" relative, in response to a pun"
Adverse reaction to corn?
Bad pun outcome
Bad pun reaction
Bad pun response
Bad-joke response
Be loaded down.
Corny joke reaction
Creak under strain
Crowd reaction to a missed gimme
Deep sound
Despairing sound
Disappointed response
Frequent reaction to a pun
Haunted house sound
"It might follow a pun on ""organ"""
It often follows a pun
Moan and ___
Moan and ___ (complain)
More than a murmur
Mournful cry
Mournful sound
Music to a punster's ears
Pained sound
Painful sound
Plaintive sound.
Pro-wrestling sound
"Pun follower, at times"
"Pun follower, often"
Pun product
Pun reaction
"Pun reaction, maybe"
"Pun reaction, often"
"Pun reaction, perhaps"
Pun response
"Pun response, perhaps"
"Punch line postlude, perhaps"
Punster's evocation
Punster's reward
React to a bad pun
React to a pop quiz
React to a pun
React to an outrageous pun
"Reaction to ""Take my wife, please!"""
Reaction to a bad joke
Reaction to a bad pun
Reaction to a horrible joke
"Reaction to a pop quiz, often"
Reaction to a pun
"Reaction to a pun, often"
"Reaction to a pun, perhaps"
Reaction to a pun?
Reaction to bad news
Respond to a bad pun
"Response to ""Clean your room,"" perhaps"
Response to a bad pun
Response to a pun
Response to a weak joke
"Response to a weak joke, perhaps"
Show annoyance
Slave's response
Sorrowful sound
Sound displeased
Sound of anguish
Sound of despair
Sound of disappointment
Sound of dismay
Sound of distress
Sound of pain
Sound unimpressed
This might follow a bad pun
"Today's reaction to ""Take my wife, please!"""
What a lame joke might elicit
What full tables do
"Wordless ""Ouch!"""
"[""Oh no!""]"
[I've heard that one too often]
"[Man, this is heavy!]"
[Not more homework!]
[Not that one again!]
[Oh no!]
"[Oh, that's awful!]"
[That's an old one!]
Reveal that one's in pain
Reaction to a bad pun
Show displeasure
Reaction to a pun
Reaction to pain
Sound of pain
Complain, moan & ...
Moan and __
Response to a bad pun
Complain, moan & ...
Punster's reward?
Response to a bad pun
Express stress, in a way
"Aw, mom!" utterance
What to do when an organ is out of order
What to do when an organ is out of order
Complain, moan & ...
Sound of a maladjusted organ?
[Ugh, not this again!]
Bad pun response
A pun can induce one
Sound of pain
Reaction to a "dad joke"
React to a bad pun
Good horse is to suffer under weight
Response to "Clean your room," perhaps
Sound of pain
Preceder of "Do I have to?"
Make a sound of pain
Cry when an organ's out of order
Expression of pain or disapproval
Pained utterance