Word: HIVE

The word HIVE has appeared in at least 224 clues on different crosswords.

5-1 he will be stung here
Abode for a queen
Abode of buzzers
Abuzz abode
Active place
Active place.
Activity center
Allergic reaction
Apian abode
Apian home
Apiarist's concern
Apiary feature
Apiary home
Apiary sight
Apiary unit
Apiary unit.
Bee abode
Bee barracks
Bee complex
Bee flat
Bee flat?
Bee flats?
Bee habitation
Bee home
Bee's home
Bee's house
Bee's milieu
Bee's pad
Bee's place
Bee's residence
Bee's wax house
Bee-teem abode?
Bees' hangout
Bees' home
Box designed by Langstroth: 1851
Busy home
Busy place
Busy place.
Busy spot
Busy spot.
Busy swarm.
"Busy, buzzy place"
Buzz source
Buzzers' abode
Buzzing colony
Buzzing source
Buzzy abode
Buzzy place
Cellular construction
Cellular home
Cellular structure
Center of activity
Center of activity.
Center of industry
Certain queen's digs?
Certain queen's home
Comb container
Drone home
Drone s home
Drone's home
Drones' club?
Drones' home
Dwelling with cells
Home for a colony
Home for a honey bunch
Home for a little queen
Home for a queen
Home in an apiary
"Home sweet home, to bees"
Home with a queen
Home with cells
Home with hexagonal cells
"Home, to the Apis family"
Honey bunch?
Honey container
Honey factory
Honey factory?
Honey home
Honey of a home
Honey of a spot
Honey origin
Honey site
Honey source
Honey spot
Honeybee home
Honeybee hub
Honeybee's hangout
Honeybee's home
Honeycomb site
Honeycombed home
House of wax
House of wax?
Hub of activity
"Hub, in a way"
Hymenopteran home
Industrious place
Insect abode
Insect colony
It gives a good buzz
It might be out on a limb
It's abuzz with activity
It's all abuzz
It's always abuzz
It's combed on some farms
It's fit for a queen
Lay away for the future
Many-celled structure
Nest of a kind.
One kind of storage place.
One place to find your honey
Part of an apiary.
Place abuzz with activity
Place buzzing with activity
Place for a buzzer
Place for a comb
Place for a honey bunch?
Place for certain combs
Place of activity
Place of buzziness
Place of hustle and bustle.
Place of intense activity
Place of much activity
Place that accumulates wax
Place that is a-buzzing
Place that is abuzz
Place that's abuzz
Place with a lot of buzz
"Queen bee's ""castle"""
Queen bee's residence
Queen's domain
Queen's domain?
Queen's home
Queen's place
Queen's quarters
Queen's residence
Queen's residence?
Residence for a little queen
Scene of busyness
Scene of great activity.
Scene of much activity
Source of honey.
Spot for a certain queen
Spot for a comb
Spot of urticaria
Spot with a very active community
Storage place of a kind.
Store up (honey).
Structure with cells
Swarm's home
Swarming spot
Sweet home
Sweet home?
Teeming multitude
Very busy place
Wax structure
Wax works
Where a small queen resides
Where all the workers are female
Where bees bop
Where bees swarm
Where drones serve
Where drones serve a queen
Where the bees be
Where the queen resides
Where you might find your honey
Where you might get attacked by drones?
Worker's place
Workers' base
Workers' place
___ mentality
___ mind
Drone base
Bee's home
Drone's place
50-Across home
What a hollowed-out tree might be
Busy place
Drone's home
Honey source
Home with drones
Bee's abode
Drones' home
Center of activity
Center of activity
Center of activity
Home for a little queen
Home for a little queen
Bee abode
Bee abode
Honeybee's home
Honey factory
Workers' place
Busy place, ... of activity
There's no B in ___
Home to domesticated insects
Queen's residence
Bee home
Bee's home
Busy place, ... of activity
Bees' structure
I have to follow husband home
Honey bee dwelling
Honey bee dwelling
Cellular home
Hurry to take in very busy area
Bee's home
Bustling place
There's a lot of activity in the workers' home
Busy place
Home to workers and drones
Colony of bees
Home to honey handlers
Bee colony
Bee's abode
Bee structure
Site of busy activity
Place buzzing with activity
Dwelling for bees