Word: HMOS

The word HMOS has appeared in at least 167 clues on different crosswords.

AMA concerns
Benefit package grps.
Benefit package providers
CIGNA et al.
Care cos.
Care grps.
"Care providers, briefly"
"Care providers, for short"
Care-giving gps.
Caring grps.
Certain co. plans
Certain health plans
Certain insurers
"Certain insurers, briefly"
Certain medical plans: Abbr.
Co-pay firms
Co. medical offerings
Copay firms
"Coverage options, briefly"
Doc blocs
"Doctors' groups, for short"
Doctors' grps.
Dr. providers
Drs. belong to them
Employers of MDs and RNs
Fitness centers?
GP gps.
Gp. medical plans
Gps. often requiring referrals
Gps. requiring copays
Group insurance grps.
Health care orgs.
Health orgs.
"Health plan choices, briefly"
"Health plan choices, for short"
Health plans briefly
Health-care grps.
Healthcare grps.
"Humana and others, for short"
Ins. plans
Ins. providers
Insurance gps.
Insurance groups
Insurance grps.
Insurance grs.
Insurance options
"Insurance options, briefly"
Insurance options: Abbr.
"Insurance providers, for short"
M.D.'s may belong to them
MD groups
MD listers
MDs belong to them
Managed care assns.
Managed care gps.
Managed care groups: Abbr.
Managed care grps.
Managed care orgs.
"Managed care providers, briefly"
Managed-care choices
Managed-care grps.
Managed-care orgs.
Med. agencies
Med. care choices
Med. care gps.
Med. care groups
Med. care grps.
Med. care grs.
Med. care options
Med. care providers
Med. choices
Med. coverage plans
Med. groups
Med. insurance groups
Med. insurance options
Med. insurance systems
Med. plan choices
Med. plan options
Med. plans
Med. providers
Med. service providers
Med.-care providers
Medical care gps.
Medical care grps.
Medical cos.
Medical gps.
Medical grps.
Medical ins. choices
Medical ins. plans
Medical insurance cos.
Medical insurance groups: Abbr.
Medical insurance grps.
"Medical insurance plans, for short"
Medical orgs.
Medical provider grps.
Medicare Advantage gps.
Modern medical gps.
Modern medical grps.
Obamacare opponents: Abbr.
"Obamacare plans, briefly"
Obamacare selections
One side in the Obamacare battle
Open-enrollment grps.
PCP providers?
Patient care gps.
Patient care orgs.
Patient mgrs.
"Premium chargers, briefly"
Premium orgs.
"SelectMed, PacifiCare, etc."
Some Blue Cross cos.
Some health plans
Some hosp. plans
Some insurance grps.
Some insurers
Some med. care providers
Some med. insurance cos.
Some med. plans
Some medical grps.
"Some medical plans, for short"
"Some modern bill payers, for short"
Some providers
Systems many M.D.'s work under
They have participating M.D.'s
"They have plans, for short"
They may have you covered (abbr.)
They often require referrals: Abbr.
They've got you covered: Abbr.
Treatment regulators: abbr.
US Healthcare and BlueChoice
Wellness gps.
Wellness grps.
Wellpoint gps.
Medical insurance grps
Gps. with copays
Co-pay cos
Med. plan options
Medical insurance grps
Med. plan options
Med. plan options
Managed care gps.
Managed care gps.
Med. plan options
Med. plan options
Plans with copays, in brief
Middle of the road?
Aetna and CIGNA
Med. plan options
Med. insurance groups
Med. plan providers
Groups with copays, for short
Med. plan options
Med. plan options
Med. plan options
Medical insurance grps.
Gps. requiring copays
Med. plan options
Med. plan options
Med. plan options
Care managers
Managed care gps.
Managed care groups: Abbr.
Coverage options, briefly
Doctors' gps.
Places to find drs.
Med. insurance groups