Word: HORA

The word HORA has appeared in at least 217 clues on different crosswords.

"""Fiddler on the Roof"" dance"
"""Hava Nagila"" dance"
"""Que ___ es?"" (Spanish 101 question)"
"""___ fugit"""
'Hava Nagila' dance
'Que ___ es?'
60 minutes in Spain
60 minutos
A book of hours.
Baja time span
Balkan circle dance
Bar Mitzvah dance
Bar Mitzvah highlight
Bar mitzah dance
Bar mitzvah dance
Bar mitzvah highlight
Bar mitzvah party staple
Bar mitzvah reception highlight
Bar mitzvah staple
Bar-mitzvah dance
Bat mitzvah dance
Book of hours
Book of hours.
Brisk dance
Caesar's hour
Caterpillar creation
Celebratory circle dance
Celebratory dance
Celebratory dance of Balkan origin
Celebratory round dance
Chair-raising experience?
Circle around the newlyweds?
Circle dance
Circle dance of Israel
"Circle dance with a chair, often"
Circular dance
"Dance after breaking the glass, say"
Dance around a high chair?
Dance at Jewish weddings
Dance at a Haifa wedding
Dance at a Jewish wedding
Dance at a Romanian wedding
Dance at a bar mitzvah
Dance at a bar mitzvah reception
Dance at bar mitzvahs
Dance at some weddings
Dance done after Birkat Hamazon
"Dance done to ""Hava Nagila"""
Dance done to klezmer music
Dance following a ceremony under a huppah
Dance in Tel Aviv
Dance in a circle
Dance in a shtetl
"Dance involving a chair, perhaps"
Dance near a huppah
Dance of Israel
Dance seen in Israel
Dance that begins: DADA dadada DADA
Dance that may involve a chair
Dance that might give you a lift?
Dance that's a real chair-raiser
"Dance to ""Hava Nagila"""
Dance to 'Hava Nagila'
"Dance typically done to ""Hava Nagila"""
Dance with a chair
Dance with a raised chair
Dance with grapevine steps
Dance with high chairs
Dance with terrified 13-year-olds held aloft by drunken relatives
Dimona dance
Ethnic dance
Ethnic round dance
Folk dance
Folk dance performed in a circle
Group dance done while holding hands
Haifa dance
Hand-holding dance
Hand-holding group dance
High-chair dance?
"Hour, in Italy."
"Hour, in Madrid."
"Hour, in Spain."
Hour: Lat.
Hour: Sp.
"Irene, for one"
Israeli circle dance
Israeli dance
Israeli dance.
Israeli folk dance
Israeli folk dance.
Israeli national dance.
Israeli reel
Israeli revolution?
Israeli ring dance
Israeli round dance
It goes around at some weddings
It's done while holding hands
"It's often done to ""Hava Nagila"""
Jewish circle dance
Jewish dance
Jewish round dance
Jewish wedding dance
Jewish wedding favorite
Jewish wedding ring?
Jewish wedding staple
Joyful dance
Joyful ethnic dance
Joyful group dance
Joyous Israeli dance
Joyous dance
Joyous ethnic dance
Joyous round dance
Juan's hour
Kibbutz dance
Kibbutznik's dance
Kibbutzniks' dance
Klezmer-music dance
Latin hour.
Lively circle dance
Lively circle?
Lively dance
Lively folk dance
Part of a wedding celebration
Peppy dance
Rehovototh reel
Ring after exchanging rings?
Ring around the newlyweds
Ring around the newlyweds?
Ring dance
Ring event after exchanging rings
Romanian dance
Romanian folk dance
Romanian round dance
Romanian wedding dance
Round dance
Round dance of Haifa
Round dance of Rumania
Rumanian dance
Rumanian folk dance
Rumanian round dance
Sabra dance
Sabra's dance
"Sixty minutes, in Spain"
Spanish dance.
Spirited dance
Steps around a chair lift?
Tijuana time
Time: Sp.
Traditional circle dance
Traditional dance
Traditional round dance
Wedding dance
Wedding dance for some
Wedding group activity
Wedding ring?
What you might do after stepping on a glass?
Something done with round numbers?
Joyful circle dance
Dance at a Jewish wedding
Dance with a raised chair
Dance that's going around
Circle of friends at a party, perhaps
Joyous wedding dance
"Hava Nagila" dance
Circle dance
Israeli dance
Circle dance
Circle dance
Bat mitzvah dance
Circle dance
Circle dance
Rhyme for ''menorah'' in Chanukah songs
Circle dance
Dance done to "Hava Nagila"
Bar mitzvah dance
Jewish round dance
Kibbutz entertainment
Dance that might involve a chair
Bar mitzvah dance
Part of un d�a
Hand-holding celebratory dance
Dance done to "Hava Nagila"
Circle dance
Israeli dance
Circle dance
Dance for wedding attendees
Joyous activity done in a 22 Down
Group activity at a Jewish wedding
Circle dance
Dance to "Hava Nagila"
Part of un día
"Hava Nagila" dance
Circle dance
Round dance
Round dance
Circle dance
Wedding ring?
Dance involving a chair, perhaps
Israeli dance
Dance done to "Hava Nagila"
Wedding ring?
Dance that may involve a chair
Round dance
Israeli circle dance
Kibbutz dance
Sixty minutes, in Spain
Bar mitzvah highlight
Jewish wedding dance
Circle dance
''Fiddler on the Roof'' performance
Dance done with hands held
Kibbutz dance
Israeli dance