The word HOYLE has appeared in at least 82 clues on different crosswords.

"""A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist"" author"
"""According to"" rules guy"
According to -- (by the rules)
According to ----*
According to ___
According to ___ (by the rules)
According to ___ (correctly)
According to ___.
"Argument settler, often"
Authority in card games
Authority whose fame was in the cards
Big name in cards
Big name in games
Big player in games
Bridge authority?
Card game authority
Card game authority Edmond
Card game expert
Card game expert Edmond
Card game rules expert
Card game rules expert Edmond
Card games expert
Card-game authority
Card-game authority Edmond
Card-games authority
Cards expert
Edmond of rules
Final authority.
Game authority
Game expert
Game expert Edmond
Game guru
Game law expert
Game rules authority Edmond
Game rules expert Edmond
Game wizard
Games authority
Games expert
Games guru
Games immortal
Games man
Games maven
Gaming name
Guru of games
He can help you play your cards right
He knew the rules
He rules often
He's no gin dummy
Name in games.
Name on a rule book
Noted rule maker
Noted rules maven
Poker Hall of Fame charter inductee
Poker expert
"Posthumous inductee into the Poker Hall of Fame, 1979"
Proverbial settler of card-table disputes
Rule book of card games.
Rules book man
Rules expert
Rules guru
Rules immortal
Rules man
Rules maven
Rules setter
Settler of many an argument
The father of whist
Whist authority
Whist expert Edmond
Whist expert: 1672-1769
Writer of game laws?
Game-rules anthority
According to ___ (by the rules)
Authority in card games
Card-game expert Edmond
Surname on rule books
Big name in game rules
Card game expert Edmond
Card game expert Edmond
Big name in games
Card game expert Edmond
Game expert
Card game expert