Word: IAGO

The word IAGO has appeared in at least 440 clues on different crosswords.

"""'Sblood, but you will not hear me: If ever I did dream of such a matter, Abhor me"" is his first line"
"""Aladdin character"
"""Aladdin"" character played by Gilbert Godfried"
"""Aladdin"" parrot"
"""Aladdin"" parrot voiced by Gilbert Gottfried"
"""Aladdin"" villain named for a Shakespeare character"
"""And what's he then that says I play the villain?"" speaker"
"""And what's he then, that says I play the villain?"" speaker"
"""Beware, my lord, of jealousy"" speaker"
"""But men are men; the best sometimes forget"" speaker"
"""Demand me nothing: what you know, you know: From this time forth I never will speak word"" is his last line"
"""Green-eyed monster"" speaker"
"""Heart upon my sleeve"" speaker"
"""His Moorship's ensign"""
"""I am not what I am"" speaker"
"""I hate the Moor"" sayer"
"""I hate the Moor"" speaker"
"""I lack iniquity"" speaker"
"""I will wear my heart upon my sleeve"" speaker, in Shakespeare"
"""Inhuman dog"" of Shakespeare"
"""It is the green-eyed monster..."" speaker"
"""O! beware, my lord, of jealousy"" speaker"
"""O, beware, my lord, of Jealousy!"" speaker"
"""O, beware, my lord, of jealousy"" speaker"
"""O, beware, my lord, of jealousy"" spkr."
"""Otello"" bad guy"
"""Otello"" baritone"
"""Othello"" antagonist"
"""Othello"" bad guy"
"""Othello"" baddie"
"""Othello"" baritone"
"""Othello"" character"
"""Othello"" character who says ""Who steals my purse steals trash"""
"""Othello"" character."
"""Othello"" conniver"
"""Othello"" conspirator"
"""Othello"" evildoer"
"""Othello"" fellow"
"""Othello"" heavy"
"""Othello"" home wrecker"
"""Othello"" malcontent"
"""Othello"" man"
"""Othello"" plotter"
"""Othello"" provocateur"
"""Othello"" role"
"""Othello"" schemer"
"""Othello"" traitor"
"""Othello"" villain"
"""Othello"" villian"
"""Othello's"" villain"
"""So will I... make the net / That shall enmesh them all"" speaker"
"""Some busy and insinuating rogue,"" in Shakespeare"
"""Spartan dog"" of ""Othello"""
"""The Merchant of Venice"" villain"
"""Thus do I ever make my fool my purse"" speaker"
"""We cannot all be masters, nor all masters / Cannot be truly 'd"" speaker"
"""Were I the Moor, I would not be ___"""
"""Who steals my purse steals trash"" speaker"
"""Who steals my purse steals trash"" theatrical villain"
'Aladdin' parrot
'An old black ram is tupping your white ewe' speaker
"'Honest ___,/My Desdemona must I leave to thee'"
'I hate the Moor' speaker
'Otello' baritone
'Othello' antagonist
'Othello' baddie
"'Othello' character who declares, 'I hate the Moor'"
'Othello' ensign
'Othello' evildoer
'Othello' fellow
'Othello' foe
'Othello' heavy
'Othello' role
'Othello' villain
1943 Jose Ferrer portrayal
1995 Branagh role
1995 Kenneth Branagh role
1995 role for Branagh
1995 role for Kenneth Branagh
"A ""Spartan dog,"" according to Lodovico"
A role for J. Ferrer
Ally of Roderigo
"Ancient of ""Othello"""
Animated parrot of film whose voice is the same as that of the Aflac duck
"Bad fellow in ""Othello"""
"Bad fellow of ""Othello"""
Baddie from the Bard
Baddie in Othello
Baddie of The Bard
Bard bad guy
Bard baddie
Bard villain
Bard's backstabber
Bard's conniver
Bard's schemer
Bardic baddie
Betrayer of the Moor
"Bitter ""ancient"" of Shakespeare"
"Branagh, in 1995's ""Othello"""
Broadway role for Christopher Plummer
Cassio's adversary
Cassio's enemy.
Cassio's framer
Cassio's nemesis.
Cassio's rival
Cassio's slanderer.
"Character in ""Othello"""
"Character in ""Othello."""
Character in 'Othello'
Character in Verdi opera.
"Character in all but two ""Othello"" scenes"
"Character who said ""But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve"""
Classic villain
Classic villain.
Classical villain.
"Conniving ""Othello"" fellow"
Conniving Shakespearean soldier
Desdemona's accuser
Desdemona's detractor
Desdemona's enemy
Desdemona's tormentor
Did one of the agitators start out?
Disney parrot
Drama villain
Dramatic villain
Emilia's conniving husband
Emilia's husband
"Emilia's husband, in ""Othello"""
Emilia's husband.
Emilia's scheming husband
"Emilia's slayer in ""Othello"""
Emilia's spouse.
Enemy of the Moor
Ensign of iniquity
"Envious ""Othello"" character"
Envious Shakespeare character
Envious ensign
"Evil ""Aladdin"" bird"
Evil ensign
False friend
False friend of drama
False friend of theater
False friend.
Fictional ensign
Fictional villain
Foe of Othello
"Gilbert Gottfried's ""Aladdin"" role"
"Gilbert Gottfried's parrot in ""Aladdin"""
Globe Theatre baddie
Globe Theatre villain
Globe plotter
Globe villain
Green-eyed villain
"He ""planted"" a handkerchief"
He brought down Othello
"He called jealously ""the green-eyed monster."""
"He calls jealousy ""the green-eyed monster"""
"He calls jealousy a ""green-eyed monster"""
He caused Desdemona's demise
"He did Moor good, then harm"
"He did a Moor good, then harm"
He duped Othello
He framed Cassio and Desdemona
He has more lines than Othello
He has more lines than the title character
He helped get Cassio demoted
He impugned Desdemona
He kills Cassio
He lied to Othello
He made the poor Moor sure his wife wasn't pure
He made trouble for Cassio
"He said: ""Who steals my purse steals trash"""
"He says ""O, beware, my lord, of jealousy"""
"He told Othello, ""O, beware, my lord, of jealousy"""
"He warned ""O, beware, my lord, of jealousy"""
His lies caused uxoricide
Husband of Emilia
Husband of Emilia.
Husband of Shakespeare's Emilia
Jafar's animated sidekick
"Jafar's macaw in ""Aladdin"""
"Ken Branagh's ""Othello"" role"
Kenneth Branagh role of 1995
"Kenneth Branagh's role in ""Othello"""
"Literary character who says ""O, beware, my lord, of jealousy"""
"Literary character whose first word is ""'Sblood"""
Literary plotter
"Lodovico calls him a ""Spartan dog"""
Make a new chart
Malicious ensign
Milnes role in 'Otello'
Moor betrayer
Moor's betrayer
Moor's deceiver
Murderer of Emilia.
Notorious villain
"Obnoxious parrot in Disney's ""Aladdin"""
One into hanky panky onstage?
One of Will's villains
Opera role.
Operatic and dramatic villain
Operatic role.
Operatic villain.
Othello adversary
Othello bad guy
Othello baddie
Othello baiter
Othello baritone
Othello fellow
Othello foe
Othello heavy
Othello traitor
Othello villain
"Othello's ""consigliere"""
"Othello's ""friend."""
Othello's adversary
Othello's aide
Othello's ancient
Othello's ancient.
Othello's antagonist
Othello's bane
Othello's betrayer
Othello's confidant
Othello's deceiver
Othello's enemy
Othello's ensign
Othello's ensign.
Othello's evil advisor
Othello's false friend
Othello's foe
Othello's friend
Othello's inducer
Othello's lieutenant
Othello's nemesis
Othello's persecutor
Othello's thorn in the side
Othello's tormentor
Othello's treasonous aide
Othello's undoer
Othello's untrustworthy advisor
Othello's villainous aide
Othello's villainous ensign
Othello's villanous friend
"Parrot in ""Aladdin"""
Parrot in Aladdin
"Parrot in Disney's ""Aladdin"""
Play plotter
"Plotter against Cassio in ""Othello"""
"Plotter in ""Othello"""
Plotter in 'Othello'
Plotter in a play
Plotter with Roderigo
Plum role for Plummer
Plummer portrayal
Plummer role
Praised Plummer role
Rival of Cassio
Roderigo's assassin
"Roderigo's killer in ""Othello"""
Role for Jose Ferrer
Role for Jos
Role for Plummer
"Role in ""Othello."""
Role in Verdi opera.
Role in an 1887 opera
Role in classic drama.
Role played by Jose Ferrer: 1943
Schemer from Shakespeare
Schemer who engineers Cassio's demotion
Scheming ensign of drama
Scoundrel of drama
Shakespeare baddie
Shakespeare character
"Shakespeare character who admits 'I am nothing, if not critical'"
Shakespeare character who declares 'Honesty's a fool'
"Shakespeare character who said ""I will wear my heart upon my sleeve"""
"Shakespeare character who says ""I hate the Moor"""
Shakespeare character.
Shakespeare heavy
Shakespeare schemer
Shakespeare villain
"Shakespeare villain who says ""I will wear my heart upon my sleeve"""
"Shakespeare's ""Spartan dog"""
"Shakespeare's ""ancient"""
Shakespeare's Venetian villain
Shakespeare's consummate villain
Shakespeare's duplicitous schemer
"Shakespearean ""baddie"""
Shakespearean bad guy
Shakespearean baddie
Shakespearean betrayer
Shakespearean character
"Shakespearean character whence ""heart on my sleeve"""
"Shakespearean character who called jealousy a ""green-ey'd monster"""
"Shakespearean character who says ""But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve"""
"Shakespearean character who says ""I am not what I am"""
"Shakespearean character who says ""foregone conclusion"""
Shakespearean character.
Shakespearean conspirator
Shakespearean ensign
Shakespearean false friend
Shakespearean heavy.
Shakespearean manipulator
Shakespearean plotter
Shakespearean role
Shakespearean role.
Shakespearean schemer
Shakespearean scoundrel
Shakespearean scumbag
Shakespearean soldier
Shakespearean traitor
Shakespearean troublemaker
Shakespearean villain
"Shakespearean villain who says ""For I am nothing, if not critical"""
Shakespearean villain.
Sly one in Venice
Stage villain
Stage villain who plants a handkerchief
Stage villain with a handkerchief
Stage villain.
Storied traitor
Symbol of false friendship
Symbol of false friendship.
Symbol of treachery
Symbol of treachery.
The Moor's envier
The Moor's manipulator
Theater archvillain
"To whom Brabantio says ""Thou art a villain"""
Traitor at the Globe?
Treacherous ensign
Treacherous ensign of drama
Treachorous lieutenant on stage
Tricker of Othello
"Troublemaker for ""the Moor."""
Uxoricide causer
Venetian of fiction
Venetian troublemaker
Venetian villain
Venice villain
Verdi baritone
Verdi role.
Verdi villain
"Verdi villain who sings ""Era la notte, Cassio dormia"""
Verdi villain.
Verdi's Venetian villain
Victimizer of Cassio
"Villain in ""Othello"""
Villain in 'Othello'
"Villain in Shakespeare's ""Othello"""
"Villain of ""Othello"""
Villain of classic drama.
Villain of drama
Villain of drama.
Villain of note
Villain once played by Kenneth Branagh
Villain ordered to be executed
"Villain who said ""I am not what I am"""
"Villain who says ""For I am nothing, if not critical"""
"Villain who says ""I am not what I am"""
"Villain who says ""O, beware, my lord, of jealousy"""
Villainous Venetian
Villainous advisor of Venice
Villainous ensign
Villainous one
"Whom Othello declares ""is most honest"""
‘Aladdin’ parrot
Othello's betrayer
"Othello" villain
'Beware, my lord, of jealousy' speaker
"Othello" villain
''Otello'' baritone
"Othello" villain
"Aladdin" parrot
Shakespearean villain
"Othello" villain
"Othello" schemer
Shakespearean villain
Villainous ensign in William Shakespeare play Othello
"Othello" baddie
Othello's foe
Bard's false friend
Shakespearean villain
Shakespearean villain
"Othello" villain
"Othello" villain
'I hate the Moor' speaker
Shakespearean villain
Villainous ensign in William Shakespeare play Othello
Shakespearean schemer
Manipulator of the Moor
I have a shot at a villain
'Othello' traitor
Husband to Emilia in 'Othello'
"Othello" villain
Tragic manipulator
Villainous ensign in William Shakespeare play Othello
Oddly, I sang for villain
"Othello" villain
"Beware, my lord, of jealousy" speaker
Bard's evil advisor
''Othello'' villain
Villainous ensign in William Shakespeare play Othello
"Othello" villain
"Othello" antagonist
DiMaggio periodically visited a villain
''Aladdin'' parrot
"Othello" baddie
Shakespeare's "Spartan dog"
Shakespearean villain
He stabs Roderigo
"Othello" bad guy
"Othello" villain
Shakespearean plotter
Villainous ensign in William Shakespeare play Othello
''Othello'' antagonist
"I am not what I am" speaker
Shakespearean ensign
Shakespearean schemer
Shakespearean villain
Nemesis of Othello
Shakespearean villain produces fragment from Machiavelli - a godsend
"Othello" villain
"Othello" baddie
Emilia's husband, in "Othello"
Father Christmas almost thrown out of capital as a villain
Lodovico labels him a "hellish villain"
Othello's betrayer
Shakespearean villain
Scheming Shakespearean soldier
Plotter in "Othello"
Lodovico labels him a "hellish villain"
To whom Brabantio says 'Thou art a villain'
Villainous ensign in William Shakespeare play Othello
"Otello" baritone
"Othello" villain
One back for sinister villain
Exemplar of tragic treachery
Shakespearean villain