Word: ICAN

The word ICAN has appeared in at least 219 clues on different crosswords.

""" ___ name that tune..."""
"""'Cuz ___"" (Pink song)"
"""--- Dream About You"""
"""--- Get It for You Wholesale"""
"""--- See Clearly Now"""
"""--- See for Miles"""
"""... you can do ___ do better"""
"""...___ do better!"""
"""Adam Raised a ___"" (punnily-titled Springsteen song)"
"""Allow me!"""
"""Allow me"""
"""But ___ tell you anyhow... """
"""If ___ make it there..."""
"""If ___ make it there..."": ""New York, New York"" lyric"
"""Leave it to me"""
"""Let me know if ___ help"""
"""Long As ___ See the Light"""
"""No prob!"""
"""Not if --- help it!"""
"""Not if ___ help it!"""
"""Not if ___ help it"""
"""Pick me!"""
"""Possom"" to Pompey"
"""The youth replies, '___'"": Emerson"
"""The youth replies, '___'."""
"""Yes ___"" (Sammy Davis Jr. bio)"
"""Yes ___"" (Sammy Davis Jr. book)"
"""Yes ___"": S. Davis Jr."
"""Yes ___"": S. Davis Jr. book"
"""Yes ___"": Sammy Davis Jr. autobiography"
"""Yes ___"": Sammy's story"
"""Yes ___,"" Davis book"
"""Yes ___,"" S. Davis Jr. book"
"""Yes ___,"" Sammy Davis's autobiography"
"""Yes ___,"" motto of Sammy Davis, Jr."
"""Yes, --"": Davis"
"""Yes, ___!"" (Davis, Jr. autobiography)"
"""Yes, ___"" (Davis song)"
"""Yes, ___"" (Sammy Davis, Jr. autobiography)"
"""Yes, ___"" (Sammy Davis, Jr. bio)"
"""Yes, ___"" - Sammy Davis, Jr."
"""Yes, ___"" Davis autobiography"
"""Yes, ___,"" Davis Jr. autobiography"
"""Yes, ___,"" Davis autobiography"
"""Yes, ___,"" book by Sammy Davis Jr."
"""Yes, ___,"" by Sammy Davis Jr."
"""Yes, ___,"" by Sammy Davis."
"""Yes, ___."""
"""___ Do That"" (""A Chorus Line"" song)"
"""___ Dream, Can't I?"""
"""___ Dream, Can't I?"": 1937 song"
"""___ Dream, Can't I?"": 1938 song"
"""___ Dream... """
"""___ Get It For You Wholesale"""
"""___ Get It for You Wholesale"""
"""___ Has Cheezburger?"""
"""___ Hear Music"" (Beach Boys hit)"
"""___ See Clearly Now"""
"""___ See Clearly Now"" (1972 tune)"
"""___ See for Miles"""
"""___ See for Miles"" (The Who hit)"
"""___ See for Miles"" (song by the Who)"
"""___ See for Miles"": The Who hit"
"""___ See for Miles,"" The Who hit"
"""___ almost taste it!"""
"""___ do anything better... """
"""___ do better than that!"""
"""___ dream... """
"""___ drink you under the table..."""
"""___ get it for you wholesale."""
"""___ get it for you... """
"""___ hardly believe it!"""
"""___ hardly wait!"""
"""___ hardly wait!"": 2 wds."
"""___ has cheezburger?"" (""lolcats"" line)"
"""___ help"""
"""___ live with it"""
"""___ live with that"""
"""___ name that tune..."""
"""___ see clearly now..."""
"""___ see for miles and miles..."""
"""___ see your point"""
"""___ take it"""
"""___Help"" (1974 song)"
"""___take a hint"""
'-- hardly believe it!'
'-- hardly wait!'
'Not if -- help it!'
"'Yes, ___' by Sammy Davis"
'___ see clearly now...'
Able assertion
Able one's assertion
Ancient highlander
Assertion of self-confidence
Assertive words
Bullish declaration
Claim of ability
Cocksure comment
Confident assertion
Confident claim
Confident comment
Confident cry
Confident declaration
Confident reply
Confident statement
Confident words
"Dan Hartman ""___ Dream About You"""
"David Crosby ""Oh Yes ___"""
"Davis' ""Yes ___!"""
"Davis's ""Yes ___"""
Declaration of determination
Determined cry
Eager beaver's assertion
"Elvis ""Doin' the Best ___"""
Empowering motto
Helloween's words of confidence?
"Herman's Hermits hit ""___ Take or Leave Your Loving"""
"Johnny Nash ""___ See Clearly Now"""
"Leonard Bernstein's ""___ Cook Too"""
"MercyMe ""___ Only Imagine"""
Optimist's assertion
Optimist's comment
Optimist's credo
Optimist's mantra
Optimist's phrase
Optimist's pronouncement
Optimist's words
Optimistic assertion
Optimistic credo
Optimistic declaration
Optimistic phrase
Optimistic statement
Optimistic words
Part of a Sammy Davis title.
Positive assertion
Positive attitude
Positive thinker's mantra
Positive thinker's motto
Positive words
"Sammy Davis Jr. book ""Yes ___"""
"Sammy Davis Jr. book, Yes ___"
"Sammy Davis Jr.'s ""Yes ___"""
"Sammy Davis Jr.'s ""Yes, ___ """
"Sammy Davis's 'Yes, ___'"
Sammy Davis's motto.
"Sammy Davis, Jr.'s 'Yes ___'"
"Sammy Davis, Jr.'s autobio ""Yes, ___"""
"Sammy Davis, Jr.'s autobiography ""Yes ___"""
Sammy's 'Yes ___'
Self-assured statement
Self-assured words
Self-confident assertion
Self-confident declaration
Self-confident one's words
Self-confident words
Self-motivational mantra
Solution-oriented start
"Start of a ""Name That Tune"" bid"
Statement of confidence
Statement of self-assurance
"The Who ""___ See for Miles"""
"The Who's ""___ See for Miles"""
"The youth replies, ""___."""
Volunteer's assertion
Volunteer's offer
Volunteer's phrase
Volunteer's response
Volunteer's statement
Volunteer's words
Winner's mantra
Words from a positive thinker
Words from an optimist
Words in a Sammy Davis title
Words of assurance
Words of confidence
Words of confidence.
Words of self-affirmation
Words of self-assurance
Words of self-confidence
Yes ___ : Davis biography
Yes ___ : Sammy Davis Jr.
Yes ___! : S. Davis
Yes ___: Sammy Davis bio
___ Get It for You Wholesale
___ See Clearly Now : '72 tune
"""___ hardly wait!"""
'Leave that to me''
”__ hardly wait!”
”__ hardly wait!”
Words of confidence
Optimist's credo
Volunteer's words
Words of self-empowerment
Offer of help
Volunteer's words
Volunteer's offer
Optimist's declaration
Optimistic assertion
"__ See for Miles": The Who
Confident phrase
Confident words
Volunteer's phrase
Offer of help
Confident affirmation
Volunteer's offer
Optimist's words
Volunteer's offer
Optimist's credo
Confident words
Words of confidence
Offer to help
Volunteer's offer
Optimist's credo
"___ hardly wait!" (2 wds.)
Volunteer's words
Confident self-assessment
Optimistic declaration
"Leave it to me"
''Not if __ help it!''