The word IDEST has appeared in at least 204 clues on different crosswords.

"""That is"""
"""That is,"" Latinized"
"""That is,"" in Latin"
"""That is,"" to Caesar"
"""To clarify..."""
"""Which is to say..."""
"'That is,' in Latin"
'To paraphrase... '
All of i.e.
"Caesar's ""that is"""
Caesarean clarification
"Cato's ""that is"""
Cato's clarification
Clarification introducer
Clarification lead-in
Clarification preceder
Clarifier usually abbreviated
Clarifying Latin phrase
Clarifying phrase
Clarifying phrase from Cato
Clarifying phrase usually abbreviated
Clarifying words
Common Latin phrase
Commonly abbreviated phrase
"Counterpart of ""exempli gratia"""
"Cousin of ""exempli gratia"""
Defining phrase
Elucidation lead-in
Etc. kin
Explanation introduction
Explanation preceder
Explanatory Latin expression.
Explanatory bit of Latin
Explanatory intro
Explanatory phrase
Explanatory words
Explicatory words
Familiar Latin phrase
"For example, in Latin"
Full version of i.e.
Helpful Latin phrase
I.e. words
"I.e., for long"
"I.e., i.e."
"I.e., in full"
"I.e., in full."
"I.e., spelled out"
In other words
"In other words, for Caesar"
"In other words, in Caesar's words"
"In other words, in Ovid's words"
"In other words, in another language"
"In other words, in old Rome"
"In other words, in other words"
"In other words, to Brutus"
"In other words, to Nero"
"Latin ""that is"""
"Latin ""that is."""
Latin amplification
Latin clarification
Latin clarification phrase
Latin clarifier
Latin explanation opener
"Latin for ""that is"""
Latin for 'that is'
Latin phrase
Latin phrase that's often abbreviated
"Latin phrase, usually abbreviated."
Latin phrase.
Latin words of clarification
Lead-in to further explanation
"Literally, that is"
"Namely, to Nero"
Namely: Lat.
Oft-abbreviated Latin phrase
Oft-abbreviated Latin words of clarification
Oft-abbreviated phrase
Phrase akin to viz.
Phrase of clarification
Phrase of explanation
"Phrase often confused with ""exempli gratia"""
"Phrase often misused for ""exempli gratia"""
Phrase usually abbreviated
Phrase whose abbreviation is the key to four long puzzle answers
Rarely written-out Latin phrase
Relative of exempli gratia
Relative of exempli gratia.
Spelled out i.e.
Spelled-out explanation
Start of a court conclusion
That is
That is (Lat.)
That is (Latin phrase)
That is (Latin)
That is (to say)
That is (to say): L.
That is (to say): Lat.
That is (to say): Latin
That is Latinized
That is for Caesar?
That is for Romans
That is to Cato
That is to Livy
That is to say
"That is to say, spelled out"
That is to say: L.
"That is, Latin"
"That is, Latin style"
"That is, Latinized"
"That is, classically"
"That is, for Octavian"
"That is, for Ovid"
"That is, for Romans"
"That is, for long"
"That is, in Latin"
"That is, to Brutus"
"That is, to Caesar"
"That is, to Cato"
"That is, to Cicero"
"That is, to Livy"
"That is, to Nero"
"That is, to Ovid"
"That is, to Pliny"
"That is, to Tacitus"
"That is, to Terence"
"That is, to Tiberius"
"That is, to Titus"
"That is, written in Latin"
That is.
That is: Abbr.
That is: L.
That is: Lat.
That is: Latin
"Thesis writer's ""that is"""
To be specific
"To be specific, to Brutus"
To wit
"To wit, in Latin"
"To wit, to Caesar"
To wit: Lat.
"Useful Latin phrase, usually abbreviated."
Useful Latin phrase.
Useful bit of Latin.
Usually abbreviated Latin phrase
Usually abbreviated phrase of clarification
Viz. relative
"What ""i.e."" stands for"
What 'i.e.' stands for
What i.e. means
What i.e. means.
What i.e. represents
What i.e. stands for
Words before a clarification
Words of clarification
Words of explanation
Words often confused with exempli gratia
Words that help remove confusion
Words usually abbreviated
"i.e., for long"
"i.e., spelled out."
Latin words of clarification
That is in Latin
Clarification lead-in
Clarifying phrase
”In other words” in full
Namely, to Nero
i.e., spelled out
Namely, in Latin
Latin words of clarification
Namely, in Latin
That is to say, formally
"That is" to Caesar
In other words, to Caesar
Explanatory Latin phrase
Phrase usually abbreviated
Explanation introducer
Latin clarifier
Latin clarifier
Elucidation lead-in
That is to say
In other words, in another language
Namely, in Latin
Usually-abbreviated Latin phrase
Clarifying phrase
Namely, in Latin
Latin clarifier
In other words, in other words
That is, in Latin
That is: Latin
Latin clarifier
"In other words"
That is, in Latin
'That is,' to Caesar
Day in Rome, time that is in local parlance
Much-abbreviated Latin phrase
''In other words,'' in full
That is: Latin
Relative of 'exempli gratia'
"i.e." spelled out
Latin clarifier