The word IMAGO has appeared in at least 78 clues on different crosswords.

"""American ___"" (journal co-founded in 1939 by Freud)"
Adult insect
Adult insect stage
Adult insect.
Adult stage
Adult stage in insects
Adult stage in insects.
"Adult walking stick, e.g."
Big bug
Butterfly or moth
"Butterfly, but not a caterpillar"
Cricket stage
Entomological stage
Erstwhile larva
Former pupa
Grasshopper stage
Grown grub
Grown-up bug
Grownup bug
Grownup grasshopper
"Idealized view of a parent, say, in psychology"
Immature insect.
Insect after metamorphosis
Insect at the age of consent
Insect form
Insect form.
Insect in its adult stage
Insect in its final stage
Insect in its winged state
Insect phase
Insect stage
Insect stage after pupa
Insect stage.
Insect that's finally gotten its wings
Insect's adult stage
Insect's final stage
Insect's final stage of life
Insect's post-pupal stage
Last stage of insect development
Last stage of metamorphosis
"Late stage, of sorts"
Mature insect
Mature insect stage
Mature insect.
One-time pupa
Onetime pupa
Post-cocoon stage
Post-pupa insect
Pupa graduate
Pupa's future form
"Pupa, in time"
Relative of larva and pupa.
"Retained childhood ideal, in analysis"
Stage after pupa
Stage after pupation
Stage of a bug's life
adult insect
Mature insect stage
Insect stage
New aim – leave as mature creature
Adult insect
I am adult having to be in working order (a 15Dn say)
Insect's adult stage
Adult insect
Adult insect
I'm past being a perfect creature!
Insect stage
Adult stage of insects
Insect stage
Adult insect
Insect stage
Mature insect
Stage after pupa
Stage after pupa
Cricket's stage
Adult insect
Post-pupa insect