The word IMOUT has appeared in at least 92 clues on different crosswords.

"""Catch ya later"""
"""Don't count me in"""
"""Done,"" at the poker table"
"""Get someone else"""
"""Peace, y'all..."""
"""See ya!"""
"""See you later"""
"""That's it for me"""
"""This isn't for me"""
"""Time for me to quit..."""
"""Too rich for me!"""
"""Too rich for me"""
"""Too rich for my blood"""
"""Too rich for my blood'"
'This pot's too rich for me!'
"Bad news from a ""Shark Tank"" shark"
Comment upon folding
Declaration from a folder?
Declaration from an unhappy poker player
Folder declaration
Folder's announcement
"Folder's announcement, in poker"
"Folder's call, in poker"
Folder's comment
Folder's declaration
Folder's phrase
Folder's statement
Folder's words
Folding declaration
Folding line
Folding phrase
Folding poker player's comment
Folding statement
Folding words
Folding words in poker
Hold'em words
Music to a bluffer's ears
Poker concession
Poker declaration
Poker game comment
Poker phrase
Poker player's declaration
Poker player's last words
Poker player's last words?
Poker player's quitting comment
Poker player's uncle?
Poker quitter's comment
Quitter's words
Quitting phrase in poker
"Response to ""Raise,"" maybe"
Response to a raiser
Sentence from a folder
Statement when a hand stinks
Tossing-in-one's-cards comment
Words at the card table
Words before a mic drop
Words from a folder
Words from a folder?
Words from one who doesn't see
Words from one who doesn't see?
Words from one who won't see
Words from one who'd rather not call?
Words from one with a bad hand
Words said by a folding poker player
Words said when mucking one's cards
Words said when one's hand is shaky?
Words said while folding
Words spoken while tossing in cards
'Too rich for me'
''Too rich for me''
'Too rich for my blood'
"Too rich for my blood"
Passing remark?
Folder's phrase
Folder's phrase
Folder's phrase
Declaration at a poker game
Poker player's declaration
Folder's words
Words from a folder
"That's it for me," in poker
Texas Hold 'em declaration
Poker player's quitting phrase
Folding declaration
Quitting phrase in poker
Poker player's quitting words
Losing poker player's declaration
"Not gonna invest," on "Shark Tank"