Word: INGA

The word INGA has appeared in at least 120 clues on different crosswords.

"""Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil"" writer ___ Muscio"
"""Benson"" actress Swenson"
"""Benson"" costar Swenson"
"""Listen to Your Heart"" singer in ""Young Frankenstein"""
"""Listen to Your Heart"" singer in the musical ""Young Frankenstein"""
"""North and South"" actress Swenson"
"""Roll in ze hay"" enthusiast in ""Young Frankenstein"""
"""Young Frankenstein"" Fr
"""Young Frankenstein"" assistant"
"""Young Frankenstein"" character"
"""Young Frankenstein"" girl"
"""Young Frankenstein"" heroine"
"""Young Frankenstein"" lab assistant"
"""Young Frankenstein"" role"
"""Young Frankenstein"" seductress"
"""Young Frankenstein"" woman"
'Benson' actress Swenson
'Young Frankenstein' fraulein
'Young Frankenstein' lass
"Actress Cadranel of TV's ""Lost Girl"""
Actress Swenson
"Actress Swenson of ""Benson"""
"Actress Swenson on ""Benson"""
"Actress Swenson who played Helen Keller's mom in ""The Miracle Worker"""
"Actress Swenson, or Teri Garr's ""Young Frankenstein"" role"
Actress Swensson
Benson actress Swenson
Children's book author and illustrator Moore
"Co-worker of Igor and Frau Bl
Common Scandinavian name
Congo River's ___ Falls
"Elsa's ""Amen"" role"
Female associate of Frau Bl
"Female lab assistant who went for a ""roll in the hay"" in ""Young Frankenstein"""
Foxy Brown ne
Fraulein's name.
Friend for Greta
Genus of tropical shrub
Girl's name
"Girl's name meaning ""daughter."""
Girl's name meaning daughter
"Girl's name, for short."
Girl's name.
"Gretchen on ""Benson"""
Hammond or Swenson
"Historian Clendinnen who wrote ""Reading the Holocaust"""
L. Frank Baum prince
Lab assistant for Dr. Frederick Frankenstein
"Lab assistant of ""Young Frankenstein"""
Lab-gown wearer in a Mel Brooks film
Miss Swenson
"Name meaning ""daughter"""
Name meaning daughter.
Norse girl's name.
Oslo girl's name
"Personal assistant in ""Young Frankenstein"""
"Prince in Baum's ""Rinkitink in Oz"""
"Prince in an L. Frank Baum ""Oz"" book"
Rapper Foxy Brown's real first name
"She played Gretchen on ""Benson"""
Sitcom actress Swenson
Sports journalist Hammond of the Golf Channel
Sports reporter Hammond
"Sutton Foster's role in Broadway's ""Young Frankenstein"""
Swedish girl's name.
"Swenson of ""Benson"""
"Swenson of ""The Miracle Worker"""
Swenson of 'Advise & Consent'
Swenson of 'Benson'
Swenson of Benson
Swenson of sitcoms
Swenson of the screen
TV actress Swenson
TV's Swenson
"Teri Garr in ""Young Frankenstein"""
"Teri Garr role in ""Young Frankenstein"""
"Teri Garr's ""Young Frankenstein"" role"
Teri Garr's 'Young Frankenstein' role
"Teri Garr's role in ""Young Frankenstein"""
"Teri in ""Young Frankenstein"""
Teri in Young Frankenstein
"Teri's ""Young Frankenstein"" role"
"Teri's role in ""Young Frankenstein"""
"Teri, in ""Young Frankenstein"""
"Teri, in 'Young Frankenstein'"
Teutonic girl's name.
The Congo River's ___ Falls
Tropical plant
Tropical timber tree
U.S. cycling champ Thompson
Young Frankenstein married her
Young Frankenstein's love
Young Frankenstein's wife
___ Marchand (Foxy Brown's real name)
___ Marchand (rapper Foxy Brown's real name)
"Young Frankenstein" role
TV's Swenson
TV's Swenson
Teri's "Young Frankenstein" role
Woman who took a "roll in ze hay" in "Young Frankenstein"
"Young Frankenstein" role
"Young Frankenstein" seductress
"Young Frankenstein" assistant
"Young Frankenstein" role
Actress Swenson
Teri's "Young Frankenstein" role
Swenson of 'Benson'
"Young Frankenstein" role
"Young Frankenstein" Fräulein
Teri Garr's role in 'Young Frankenstein'
"Young Frankenstein" role
Role in "Young Frankenstein"
Teri's "Young Frankenstein" role
Actress Swenson of "Benson"
Swenson of 'Benson'
"Young Frankenstein" lab assistant
Actress Swenson
"Young Frankenstein" role
"Young Frankenstein" role
"Young Frankenstein" role