Word: INS

The word INS has appeared in at least 598 clues on different crosswords.

"""Green Card"" org."
"""I know people"" people"
"""I know some people"" people"
"""Outs"" partners"
"""Shoo"" add-ons"
"""The ___ and Outs of Prepositions"" (grammar book by Jean Yates)"
"""Things are bound to go my way soon"""
"""Walk-___ welcome"""
'Walk- -- welcome'
-- and outs
-- and outs (intricacies)
22-Acr. business
A good manager will know them
Access points
Adequate tennis serves
Advantages provided by nepotists
Aetna's bus.
Aetna's business: Abbr.
Alien hunters (abbr.)
Alien-tracking org.
"Attachment to ""shoo"""
Avenues of access
"Big bus, in Hartford, CT"
Big bus. in Hartford
Biz connections
Border Patrol agcy.
Border agcy.
Border org.
Border patrol agcy.
Bus. with benefits
Business connections
Business of Lloyd's: Abbr.
Business ties?
CBP forerunner
Car owner's pmt.
Car-buyer's need: Abbr.
Carter's supporters in '76
Certain politicians
Chicago Band The Walk-___
Chosen ones
Chosen ones.
Chosen ones?
"City fathers, for example"
Clique members
Clout carriers
Clout providers
Companion of outs
Connected crowd
Connections in the biz
Connections that help you get ahead
Connections with clout
"Connections, of a sort"
Contacts good to have
Convenient connections
Current administration
Current officeholders
Current powers-that-be
Current regime
"DEL neighbor, on a PC"
Dems.: 1932
"Dept. of deportations, for short"
Doorman connections
Doris Meissner's agcy.
Elected folks
Elected group
Elected officials
Elected officials.
Elected ones
Elected ones.
Elected politicians
Elected politicos
Elected pols
Election Day victors
Election Day winners
Election night celebrants
Election victors
Election winners
Election winners.
Employed pols
"Ending for ""sit"""
"Ending for ""sit"" or ""shut"""
"Ending for run, sit, or stand"
Ending with walk or trade
"Endings for ""shoo"""
Entrance signs
Entry points
FDR moved it from the Department of Labor to the Department of Justice in 1940
Favored bunch
Fed. agency renamed in 2003
"Feet in the door, so to speak"
"Floor it, archaically"
Follower of drop or shut
Follower of walk or drive
Former Justice Dept. branch
Former U.S. Border Patrol gp.
Former alien-tracking org.
Former border patrol agcy.
Former green card agcy.
Former green-card-issuing agcy.
Former runners?
Ft parts
Geico's business: Abbr.
Good connections
Good folks to know
Good people to know
"Good serves, but not necessarily aces"
Good tennis returns
Good tennis serves
Govt. agcy. that issued green cards
Govt. agency involved in the Elian case
Green Card org.
"Green Card org., once"
Green card agcy.
Green card issuer: Abbr.
Green card org.
Green-card agcy.
Green-card org.
Green-card-issuing gp.
Group with power
Grp. once interested in green cards
Grp. protecting U.S. borders
Guitar store connections
HMO concern
Half of the ropes?
Half the particulars?
Half the portals
Happy campaigners
Happy folks on Election Day
Happy folks on election night
Hartford bus.
Hartford's bus.
Hartford's specialty: Abbr.
Helpful connections
Helpful contacts
Holders of power
Homeland Security div
House protection: Abbr.
Immigration org.
Influential contacts
Instrument store connections
It'll cover you: Abbr.
It's got you covered: abbr.
Job seeker's connections
Job seekers' advantages
Job seekers' aids
Job-hunter's edges
Justice Dept. agcy. disbanded in 2003
"Key near DEL, on PCs"
Kind of policy: Abbr.
Kind of urgent
Lead- -- (prefaces)
Lead-___ (intros)
Life or theft item: Abbr.
Lost ___
Love-___ (1960s protests)
Love-___ (old hippie gatherings)
Manager hopefully knows them
Manager might have them
Manager should know the ___ & outs
Manager will have them
Manager will know them
Maze accesses
Measures of length: Abbr.
Measures: Abbr.
Members of a clique.
Members of the elite
Misdeed by politicians
Movers and shakers
Much-criticized government agcy.
Music industry advantages
Music industry giants
Music industry powers that be
Music store connections
Naturalization org.
Networker's pursuits
Networkers' hopes
Networking connections
Newly elected officials
Nov. winners
November victors
November winners
November winners.
Occupants of office
Office aspirants' targets
Office holders
Office holders (on Parliament Hill)
Office holders.
Office mail labels
Officeholders' sin
Officeholding group
Officials with pull
Officials with pull right now
Old Border Patrol org.
"On a mission, perhaps"
Ones who are elected
Ones with seats
Ones with the power
Onetime Justice Department div.
Opp. of outside
Org. concerned with illegal activity
Org. dealing with aliens
Org. once stationed at Ellis Island
Org. that Bush wants to split in two
Outs companion
Outs companions
Outs opposite
Outs other half
Outs partner
Outs partners
Outs preceder
Outs' antitheses
Outs' counterparts
Outs' opposites
Outs' partner
Outs' partners
PC key
Part of FDIC
Parties in power
Partner of ft.
Partner of outs
Parts of feet: abbr.
Parts of ft.
Parts of yds.
Party in office.
Party in power
Party in power.
People taking office
People with pull
Personal connections
Persons in power.
Playable serves
Plug-___ (computer downloads)
Plug-___ (computer progs)
Plug-___ (program updates)
Plug-___ (software patches)
Police officer: Abbr.
Political haves
Political officeholders
Political victors
Political winners
Politically powerful people
Politicos with jobs
Poll winners
Pols with jobs
Power brokers
Power holders
Powerful bunch
Powerful connections
Powerful group
Powerful people
Powerful pols
Powers that be
Powers that be.
Prevailing party
Professional connections
Progressive business: Abbr.
Prudential's product: Abbr.
Pullable strings
Re-election runners
Re-election seekers
Reagan et al.
Reagan's group
Reelection seekers
Roadside stops
Ruler divs.
Ruling group
Ruling party
Run- -- (quarrels)
Run- -- (tiffs)
Run-___ (chance meetings)
Run-___ (tiffs)
Safeguard: Abbr.
Salesmen's advantages
Seat holders
Seat winners
Series projection?
Shoo-___ (certain winners)
Shoo-___ (easy victors)
Shoo-___ (easy winners)
Shoo-___ (likely victors)
Shoo-___ (sure things)
Shoo-___ (sure winners)
Shoo-___: easy winners
Shoo-___: sure winners
Showbiz connections
Sit-___ (1960s protests)
Sit-___: protests
Social connections
Some connections
Some desk trays
Some doors
Some doorways
Something that goes with the Flo? (abbr.)
Special connections
Special favor providers
Special ties
Stand-___ (replacements)
State Farm business: Abbr.
State Farm's business (abbr.)
State Farm's business: Abbr.
State Farm's thing: abbr.
Statehouse winners
Status quo group
Step-___ (shoes)
Strings to pull
Style-setting coterie
Successful campaigners
Successful candidates
Successful candidates.
Successful party
Successful politicians
Successful politicians.
Tap-___ (short putts)
Tap-___ (very short putts)
"The ""people"" in ""I know some people"""
The Hartford's bus.
The ___ and outs
The ___ and outs (details)
The chosen
The elect
The elected
The elected.
The electees
The newly elected
The newly-elected
The ones with the power
The policy bus.
The powers that be
The powers-that-are
The winners
They can help you get a job
They got the votes
They have clout
They have seats
They have the power
They hold the power
They may be able to pull some strings
They won
They're elected
They've got the vote
Those elected
Those elected.
Those having power
Those holding office
Those holding power
Those in office
Those in power
Those voted to power.
Those with clout
Those with connections
Those with power
Those with pull
Tie-___ (commercial promotions)
Trade-___ (some used cars)
U.S. border protector
U.S. border protectors
U.S. green card distributor
Underwriter's abbreviation.
Units of length: Abbr.
Valuable connections
Victors at the polls
Voters' choices
Walk-___ (clients sans appointments)
Walk-___ (clients without appointments)
Walk-___ (some clinics)
Walk-___ (surprise appointments)
Weigh-___ (bout rituals)
Weigh-___ (boxing rituals)
Well-connected people
What CLUs sell
What this puzzle's long answers each have three of
What unsuccessful rockers don't have
Wheel-greasing contacts
Winners at the polls
Winning candidates
Winning politicians
"Word after ""break"" or ""shut"""
Word after break or shut
Word after walk or run
"Word under ""0"""
"Word with ""break"" or ""walk"""
"Word with ""weigh"""
Word with fade or trade
Word with shut or stand
Word with sit or stand
Word with sit- or stand-
Write-___ (some nominees)
Write-___ (some vote-getters)
Write-___ (some votes)
___ and outs
___ and outs (intricacies)
___ and outs (particulars)
___ and outs.
___ and outs: particulars
___ and outs: peculiarities
___ lunch
___and outs
___and outs: opposites
Election winners
Mean of access
___ and outs
___ and outs
Current officeholders
Ones who were elected
Newly elected politicians
___ and outs
"Walk-___ welcome"
___ and outs
Follower of walk- or write-
Car owner's premium pmt.
Those holding power
People with power
... %26 outs
They hold power
Elected pols
Travelers' bus.
Helpful connections
They hold power
Shoo-___ (certain winners)
Powerful people
Outs' opposite
Shoo-___ (sure winners)
Important contacts
Ending for sit
Attachment with "walk" or "trade"
Shoo-___ (heavy favorites)
They hold power
Shoo-___ (overwhelming favorites)
Powerful bunch
Auto options
They hold office
Optimistic emotion
MetLife's business: Abbr.
Elite group
Powerful people
Ending with "walk" or "shoo"
Buy or trade follower
Powerful people
Powerful people
Helpful connections
HMO business
Politically powerful group
Attachment to "walk" or "trade"
Those with clout
Endings for "walk" or "trade"
Successful pols
Opposite of outs
Endings with "walk" or "trade"
— and outs
Powerful people
Shoo-__ (sure winners)
Endings with "shoo" or "trade"
GEICO product: Abbr.
Helpful contacts
... & outs
Tip-___ (easy baskets)
Networking assets
State Farm's bus.
Reelection seekers
They hold power
Cave-___ (mining hazards)
Drop-___ (surprise visitors)
Aetna's bus.
Election winners
They hold power
— and outs
Helpful connections
They can help you get jobs
They hold power
— and outs
Walk-___ (some clinics)
Shoo-___ (favorites)
Helpful connections
... & outs
Onetime green card org.
Seat holders
Ending for walk or run
... & outs
Hippie happenings
— and outs
"Outs" partners
Powerful people
All good serves
Advantages for job seekers
Some doorways
Powerful people
Shoo-___ (certain winners)
Powerful bunch
Election winners
Those holding office
Powerful people
High-placed connections
Powerful bunch
"Walk-___ welcome"
Networking connections
The ___ and outs (all the details)
"Walk-___ welcome"
Shoo-__ (sure winners)
... & outs
Farmers' business: Abbr.
Powerful people
Advantages, politically
... & outs
Sit-___ (some protests)
Outs' opposites
"Shoo" attachments
People whom it's helpful to know
"Walk-___ welcome"
Endings for "shoo" or "run"
Advantages provided by nepotists
Elected people
Party with power
They hold power
Powerful group
Helpful contacts
State Farm's business (Abbr.)
Walk-__ (some barbershop patrons)
Those elected
Tap-___ (very short putts)
Social connections
Seat winners
____ and outs
___ and outs
Those elected
Drop-___ (uninvited guests)
Shoo-__ (sure winners)
Shoo-___ (certain winners)
Networkers' goals
U-turn from outs
... & outs
Powerful people
November winners
Election winners
Shoo-__: easy winners
___ and outs
Business of 41-Down: Abbr.
Tie-___ (promos)