The word INSET has appeared in at least 311 clues on different crosswords.

A dickey is one
A flowing in.
"Alaska on a map, sometimes"
"Alaska or Hawaii, often, on maps"
"Alaska, on many a map"
Approach-road closeup
Atlas addition
Atlas aid
Atlas blow-up
Atlas blowup
Atlas closeup
Atlas closeup map
Atlas detail
"Atlas detail, perhaps"
Atlas enlargement
"Atlas enlargement, often"
Atlas extra
Atlas feature
Atlas picture
Atlas section
Blown-up area
Blown-up area on a map
Blown-up detail
Blown-up map part
"Blowup, of a sort"
Boxed-off map section
Cartographer's blowup
Cartographer's close-up
Cartographer's term.
Cartographic blowup
Cartographic close-up
Cartographic closeup
Cartographic detail
Cartographic extra
Cartography closeup
Certain blowup
Certain detail
"City center on an atlas, perhaps"
"City map on a state map, e.g."
City plan on state map.
Close-up area on a map
Close-up map
"Close-up view, often"
Closeup area on a map
Closeup map
Closeup map in an atlas
Corner close-up
Corner map
"Decorative element, perhaps"
Detail map
Detail map e.g.
"Detail map, often"
Detail on a map
Detailed map
Detailed map I sent off (5)
Double boiler part
Double-boiler part
Dress panel
Embed bug with no trace of compunction (5)
Enlarged area on a map
Enlarged detail
Enlarged part of a map
"Enlargement, maybe"
Extra section on a map.
Feature of an atlas
Feature of many a ring
Fitting piece
Fitting piece.
Frequent map feature
Garment addition
Garment part
Garment trim
Gore in a garment
"Gore, for one."
Graphic blowup
"Gusset, e.g."
"Gusset, for one."
"Hawaii or Alaska, on many a map"
"Hawaii's atlas locale, usually"
"Hawaii's location, in atlases"
"Hawaii's spot in an atlas, often"
"Hawaii, often, on a map of the U.S."
"Hawaii, on a map, sometimes"
"Hawaii, on many U.S. maps"
"Hawaii, on many a map"
"Hawaii, on many maps"
Highlighted atlas item
Highlighted map area
Illustrator's enlargement
It shows close-up map details
It uses a larger scale
It usually has a larger scale
It usually uses a larger scale
It's blown up for viewing
Itty-bitty map
Jeweled decoration
Kind of atlas map
"Legend, e.g."
Like a drop initial
Little sketch of a sort
"Local map, maybe"
Magazine enclosure
Magazine part
Magnified map
Magnified map detail
Many a map of Hawaii
Map addendum
Map addendum.
Map addition
Map adjunct
Map aid
Map blowup
"Map blowup, often"
Map box
Map close-up
Map closeup
"Map corner item, maybe"
Map detail
"Map detail, often"
Map enlargement
Map extra
Map extra.
Map feature
Map feature.
Map in a map
Map in the corner
Map inside a map
"Map legend, usually"
Map maker's expedient.
Map maker's term.
"Map of Alaska, often"
"Map of Hawaii, often"
"Map of the Aleutians, usually"
Map on a map
Map part
Map part.
Map piece
Map section
Map showing more detail
Map surrounded by another
Map with greater detail
Map within a map
Map's little map
Map's map
Miniature map
"Miniature map, maybe"
"Miniature photo, maybe"
"Minipicture, maybe"
More detailed map
"Mosaic piece, e.g."
Mosaic piece.
"Mosaic tile, e.g."
Not on the border
Not on the edge
Not the big picture
Opposite of protruding
Ornamental dress panel
Ornamental garment panel
Part of a double boiler.
Part of a map
Part of some nautical maps
Photo addition
Photo closeup
Photo within a photo
Picture in a picture
Picture in picture
Picture of greater detail
"Picture with a different scale, say"
Picture within a picture
Picture within another
Place within.
Put in
Put in.
Put into.
Rand McNally blowup
Rand McNally feature
Rand McNally picture within a picture
Relative of a gore
Road atlas detail
Road map feature
Road-map feature
Secondary map
"Section for Hawaii or Alaska, maybe"
Section of a map
Section of a map.
Separate book leaf
Separate leaf in a book
"Sidebar, perhaps"
Skirt panel
Skirt part
Small map
Small map in an atlas
Small map of a kind.
Small map portion
Small map within a larger map
Small map within a larger one.
Small news photo
Smaller map
"Smaller map, often"
Smaller picture
Something placed inside.
Something set in.
"Spot for Hawaii and Alaska, often"
State map feature
State-map feature
Subordinate map
Tailoring detail
"The Florida Keys, on many state maps"
"Top of a double boiler, for one."
Top of a double boiler.
Top part of a double boiler.
Type of map
Type of picture.
Type of small map.
Where a city may be featured on a state map
Where many an island is found
"Where to find Alaska, often"
Where to see Alaska
"Where to see Hawaii, perhaps"
___ initial: large-type first character of a book chapter
Large-scale detail
Atlas enlargement
Map of Hawaii frequently
Smaller picture
Photo within a photo
Picture within another
Detailed blowup on a map
Illustrator's close-up
Map within map
Map detail
Map detail
Detail map, often
Many a map of Hawaii
Map feature
Map detail
Detail map
Hawaii, on many maps
Atlas extra
Atlas closeup map
Detail map
Map detail
Map within a map
Map feature
Map feature
A metro area may be shown in one
A metro area may be shown in one
Hawaii's spot in an atlas, often
Map within map
Map detail
Map detail
Map feature
Map feature
Closeup in 41-Across
Map within map
Map within map
Detail on a map
Little map on a big map
Inserted piece
Closeup in an atlas
Map feature
Magnified map section
Map detail
Map within map
Atlas enlargement, often
Map in a map
Map feature
Fabric insert
Map within a map
Map detail
Map in a map
Detail map
Picture within another
Picture within another
Inlaid piece
Map detail
Fabric insert
Cartographer's close-up
Small map for Stein showing off
Map feature
Map detail
Map detail
Map's blowup
Hawaii, on many maps
Map of Alaska or Hawaii, often
Detail map
Map detail
Map within map
Map within a map
Map feature
Atlas close-up
Picture within another
Jeweler's creation
Picture within another
Map within map
Map detail
Map feature
Atlas closeup
Picture within another