Word: ION

The word ION has appeared in at least 546 clues on different crosswords.

"""+"" thing"
"""Am ___ ?"" (dressing room question)"
"""Am ___ a roll!"""
"""Am ___ the green?"""
"""Am ___ the list?"""
"""Am ___ the right track?"""
"""Am ___ time?"""
"""Am ___?"""
"""Am ___?"" (performer's query)"
"""And ___ the opposite shore will be"""
"""Attract"" end"
"""Boy, am ___ a roll!"""
"""Damn, was ___ crack?"" (Kanye West lyric)"
"""Positively Entertaining"" TV channel"
"""Positively Entertaining"" channel"
"""Positively Entertaining"" network"
"""Tract"" ending"
"""___ didn't!"""
'+' or '-' atom
'+' or '-' particle
'04 Saturn model
"+ molecule, e.g."
+ or - item
+ or - particle
+ or - thing
2003-07 Saturn model
A Plato dialogue
A dialogue of Plato
A free electron
A play by Euripides
A positively charged atom
A son of Apollo
Abstract ending?
Accelerator bit
Accelerator particle
Accord attachment
Accord ender?
Accord trailer?
Acid component
Act closer?
Act ending?
Action: Suffix
Addict's add-on
Altered atom
"Ammonium, for example"
"An anion, for one."
Anode-directed particle
Apollo s son
Apollo's son
Atom of a sort.
Atom with a charge
Atom with a nonzero valence
Atom with an electric charge
"Atom with extra electrons, perhaps"
Atom with the wrong number of electrons
Atomic alternative
Atomic emission
Atomic part.
Atomic particle
Atomic particle.
Attractive little thing
Aurora component
Aurora tidbit
"Bicarbonate, e.g."
Bit for an accelerator
Bit of a charge
Bit of a reaction?
Bit of a shock?
Bit of negativity
Bit of physics
Bit of plasma
Bit produced by a smoke alarm
Bit with a charge
Bond bit
Bond participant
Bonding candidate
Boy am ___ a roll!
"Bromide, e.g."
Budget Saturn model
"CI+, for one"
Ca++ is one
"Ca++ or Cl-, e.g."
"Ca++, e.g."
"Cable TV channel with the slogan ""Positively Entertaining"""
"Carbonium, e.g."
"Carbonium, for one"
Certain particle
Charge carrier
Charge carrier that forms a bond within each of this puzzle's four longest answers
Charged atom
Charged atom & '03 Saturn model
Charged atom.
Charged bit
Charged cyclotron bit
Charged electron
Charged element
Charged item
Charged molecule
Charged particle
Charged particle taken from this puzzle's four longest entries
Charged particle.
Charged subatomic particle
Charged subject in science class?
Charged up atom
Charged-up atom
Charged-up particle
Chem class particle
Chemical bonding attractor
Chemistry book chapter
"Chloride, for one"
Cl- or Na+
Cloud chamber bit
Cloud chamber particle
Cloud-chamber particle
Common suffix.
Component of a bond
"Component of a bond, perhaps"
Condition: Suffix
Confess at the end
Confess at the end?
Convent add-on?
Cyclotron bit
"Cyclotron bit, perhaps"
Cyclotron item
Cyclotron particle
Debt chit
Decongest add-on
Discontinued Saturn
Discontinued Saturn model
Discontinued Saturn sedan
Drama by Euripides
Drama by Euripides.
Elec. particle
Electric atom
Electrical particle
Electrically charged atom
Electrically charged atom.
Electrically charged particle
Electrified atom
Electrified atom.
Electrified bit
Electrified particle
Electrified particle.
Electrojet bit
Electrolysis migrator
Electrolysis mover
Electrolysis particle
Electrolyte particle
"Electrolyte, e.g."
Electrolytic cell particle
Electron loser or gainer
"Electron-deficient atom, e.g."
"Electron-deficient atom, perhaps"
"Electron-deficient particle, e.g."
Electronic phenomenon.
Element of solar winds
Elementary particle
End of a quest?
End of an accord?
End of discuss
Ending for invent
Euripedes drama
Euripides drama
Euripides play
Euripides title
Euripides title character
Exempt attachment?
Fact or tract ending
Faraday coinage
"Fe+++, for one"
Field-___ microscope
"Fluoride, e.g."
"Fluoride, for one"
Former Romanian president Iliescu
Former Saturn
Former Saturn model
Free electron
"Free electron, e.g."
Free electron.
Free of an electron
GM model
Grandson of Helen of Troy.
H+ or Ca++: e.g.
"H+, e.g."
"H+, for one"
Hell's finale
High school physics subject
Hydrolysis atom
"Hydronium, e.g."
"Hydroxide, e.g."
Iliescu or Tiriac
"Iliescu, who has won Romania's presidential election"
It can have pluses or minuses
It can't be neutral
It carries a charge
It carries a small charge
It comes with a charge
It comes with a small charge
It has a charge
"It has a plus or minus, in chemistry class"
It has a small charge
It may be + or -
It may be negative or positive
It may be positive
It may be positive or negative
It may be positively charged
It may be radical
It may come as a bit of a shock
It may have an extra electron
It may include a minus sign
It may lose or gain electrons
It might be bivalent
It might react negatively
It packs a charge
It's all charged up
It's always charged
It's attractive
It's attractive and has a charge
"It's attractive, to chemists"
It's charged
It's charged and ready to go
It's charged in physics
It's either positive or negative
It's got a small charge
It's indicated by a plus or minus sign
It's never neutral
It's not free of charge
It's positive when not negative
It's tiny and attractive
It's tiny and charged
It's tiny and sometimes attractive
Item always charged
Item in a charged state
Item in an electric discharge
Item that's always charged
Its formula includes a plus or minus
JFK's PT boat
Just a little bit of negativity
K+ or Na+
"K+, e.g."
Kind of atom
Kind of chamber
Kind of engine
Kind of exchange
Kind of generator
Kind of molecule
Kind of propulsion
"Kind of storm, in sci-fi"
Leg extender?
Lightning-bolt bit
Lightning-bolt particle
Linear accelerator particle
Lithium ___ battery
Lithium-___ battery
Lively atom.
Low-priced Saturn
Molecule in some ostensibly healthier water
"Molecule with a + charge, e.g."
Na+ or Cl-
Na+ or H-
Na+ or Mg++
"Na+, e.g."
"Na+, for one"
Negative particle
"Negative particle, e.g."
Negatively charged particle
Network formerly known as PAX TV
Network n
Network previously known as Pax TV
"Network that cutely brands itself as ""Positively Entertaining"""
Non-neutral particle
Nonneutral particle
Noun ending
Noun ending.
Noun suffix
Noun suffix.
Noun-forming suffix
"OH-, e.g."
"OH-, for one"
Old Saturn compact
Old Saturn model
One created by hydrolysis
One in an accelerated program?
One may get bonded
One might get bonded
"One of Plato's ""Dialogues"""
One of Plato's 35 dialogues
One that's not neutral
Part of a salt
Part of a salt crystal
"Part of a solution, maybe"
Particle accelerator particle
Particle for Bohr
Particle in a cathode ray tube
Particle in a chamber
Particle in a charged state
Particle in a cloud chamber
Particle in a salt solution
"Particle in a solution, perhaps"
Particle in seawater
Particle in solar wind
Particle or Ro-manian name
Particle physicist's particle
Particle that may bond
Particle that's emitted
Particle that's got a charge
Particle with a charge
Particle with a positive or negative charge
Particular particle
"Pax TV, now"
"Pax, formerly"
Physicist's concern
Physicist's monad
Physicist's particle
Physicist's study
Physicists get a charge out of it
Physics class particle
Physics class topic
Physics particle
Physics subject
Plasma bit
Plasma component
Plasma particle
Plasma tidbit
Plato dialogue
Platonic dialogue
Play by Euripides
Positive or negative ___.
Positive or negative item
Positive or negative particle
Positive particle
"Positive particle, e.g."
Positive ray particle
Positively charged atom
Process: Suffix
Product of a solution
Radiation result
Radiation tidbit
Reactionary charge?
Romanian Tennis player Moldovan
Romanian dictator Antonescu
"Romanian form of the name ""John"""
Romanian president Iliescu
Romanian tennis figure Tiriac
Saturn auto model
Saturn brand
Saturn compact
Saturn model
Saturn model discontinued in '07
Saturn model of 2003-07
Saturn model that ended production in March 2007
Saturn model until 2007
"Saturn model, once"
Saturn offering
Saturn sedan
Saturn sportscar
Small charge
Small charge carrier
Sodium chloride atom
Solar wind particle
Solar-wind particle
Something not free of charge
Something that's charged
Son of Apollo
Son of Apollo.
Suffix for elect
"Suffix with ""invent"""
"Suffix with ""restrict"""
Suffix with congest
Suffix with direct and correct.
Suffix with invent
Suffix with restrict
TV channel with a small charge?
TV channel with procedural reruns
TV network once called Pax
Television network with a 'Positively Entertaining' slogan
Television network with a plus sign in its logo
Tennis coach Tiriac
The genuine particle?
Thing that is always charged
Tidbit in plasma
Tiny charged bit
Tiny charged particle
Tiny charged thing
Tiny particle
Tiriac of tennis
Tract end
Tract end?
Tract ending
Tragedy by Euripides
Type of atom.
Type of jet engine
Type of jet engine.
Type of particle
Vehicle from Saturn
"What ""+"" may indicate"
"What ""-"" may signify"
What a plus sign may indicate
What's a bit of a shock to a chemist?
Word coined by Michael Faraday
You'll get a charge out of this
___ Television
___ cannon (sci-fi weapon)
___ cloud
"___ drive (engine in ""Star Wars"")"
___ engine
___ exchange
___ thruster
___ thruster (NASA system)
___ trap (mass-spectrometry apparatus)
"___ trap, TV tube brightener"
pH particle
Charged thing
Lithium-battery link
2003-’07 Saturn model
Lithium-__ battery
Lithium-___ battery
Charged particle
Charged particle
Charged bit
Physics particle
It's charged
Charged particle
Charged bit
Electrically-charged particle
Charged bit
Negative or positive thing
It's charged
It's not free of charge
"Stat" add-on
Charged particle
Bit of some comet tails
Charged particle
Charged bit
Positive or negative particle
It carries a small charge
Charged bit
Atom with a charge
Physics particle
Lithium-battery link
Na+ or Cl-
Lithium-__ battery
Charged particle
Charged particle
Electrified atom
Charged bit
Particle in a charged state
Electrified particle
"+" or "-" particle
Lithium-___ battery
Charged particle
Network with a lot of reruns
Particle accelerator bit
Subatomic particle
Particle in a salt solution
Positive or negative particle
Charged bit
Charged atom
It's atomic, as in nuclear fission
Charged bit
Charged bit
Charged bit
Charged bit
Solar wind bit
Solar wind bit
Charged atom
"Stat" attachment
"Stat" attachment
Charged bit
Charged bit
Charged particle
Charged particle
It's very little for one to get ahead with
It's very little for one to get ahead with
Charged particle
Charged particle
Charged thing
Charged thing
"Rat" suffix
"Rat" suffix
Electrically charged particle
Charged bit
Particle accelerator particle
Particle accelerator particle
Physics particle
Particle with a or -
Charged particle
Part of a solution, perhaps
Lithium-___ battery
Atom in any salt
Na or Cl-
Charged bit
Charged bit
Charged atom
"Am ___ time?"
Charged bit
Na or Cl-
It's charged
Lithium-___ battery
End of a quest?
Physics particle
Charged particle
" " or "-" particle
H or OH-
One may be polyatomic
Charged bit
Lithium-___ battery
Charged bit
Non-neutral atom
Former Saturn model
Charged bit
Charged atom
'' '' or ''-'' particle
Cyclotron bit
Subject of chemical attraction
Charged particle
Particle with a " " or "-"
Charged atom
Charged particle
Charged bit
Charged atom
It's all charged up
Charged particle
Atom short an electron, say
Solar wind particle
Bit with a charge
Subatomic particle
Electrified particle
Stat finale, sometimes
Lithium-__ battery
Charged particle
Charged bit
Charged bit
Charged particle
Charged atom
Little charged bit
A little matter
Electrified particle
Cloud chamber bit