Word: IPA

The word IPA has appeared in at least 150 clues on different crosswords.

Argentine Indian.
Argentine native
Artisanal beer letters
"Bar brew, briefly"
"Bar order, initally"
"Bar order, initially"
Bar pint with extra hops
"Beer choice, briefly"
Beer for British expats in the colonial era
Beer initials
Beer made by Grant's and others: Abbr.
Beer menu option
Beer variety
"Beer variety, familiarly"
"Beer variety, for short"
"Bitter beer variety, briefly"
"Bitter beer variety, for short"
Brew that may list its IBUs
"Brewery offering, for short"
"Brewery order, briefly"
"Brewpub offering, for short"
"Brewpub order, briefly"
Brewpub selection
"Certain bar brew, for short"
Certain mugful
"Content of a linguist's chart, for short"
Copper drink
Copper-colored beer
Dict. pronunciation letters: abbr.
Dogfish Head brew
Double ___ (strong brew)
Draft choice
Draft pick?
"Drink I needed to solve this puzzle, for short"
Explanatory symbols and letters in dict.
"Heady brew, initially"
Highly hopped brew
"Hop-heavy brew, for short"
Hoppy beer
Hoppy beer invented in the British colonial period
Hoppy beer letters
Hoppy beer selection
"Hoppy beer, for short"
Hoppy beverage
Hoppy brew
Hoppy brew (abbr.)
"Hoppy brew, briefly"
"Hoppy brew, for short"
"Hoppy glassful, for short"
Hoppy pub order
Hoppy pub quaff
"Hoppy quaff, for short"
It tends to be bitterer than other beers: Abbr.
Kind of beer
"Kind of beer, for short"
Lagunitas brew
Letters on a hoppy beer
"Light brew, for short"
Member of an Argentine people
Microbrew choice
"Microbrew choice, for short"
"Microbrew product, for short"
NW Argentine group
Native of N Argentina
One may be hoppy
"One of its letters stands for ""India"""
Phon. alphabet
Pronunciation guide std.
"Pubgoer's choice, for short"
Rich beer that originally came from England
S. A. people
"Sierra Nevada offering, e.g."
"Strong brew, briefly"
"Super-bitter beer, briefly"
Syst. of sound syllables
"The tan in a black and tan, at times"
Type of beer orig. brewed in England
"Universal letters, in short"
Vilela people
Brewpub designation
Bitter brew briefly
Brewpub designation
Beer choice, briefly
Pub order, briefly
A. Keith label
Sam Adams Rebel ___
Hoppy quaff, for short
Brewpub offering, for short
Hoppy brew, for short
Hoppy bar order familiarly
Hoppy brew for short
Thin bread
Hoppy brew, for short
Hoppy brew, initially
Craft-beer designation
Hoppy pint, for short
Brewpub letters
Draft letters
Hoppy brew, briefly
Beer drinker's option, briefly
Hoppy quaff, briefly
Tap choice, for short
Hoppy pub quaff
Hoppy quaff, for short
Brewpub designation
Hoppy beer, for short
Pub letters
Hoppy beer, for short
Many a craft beer, for short
Hoppy brew
See 9-Across
Brewpub designation
Hoppy beer, for short
Choice from a tap, for short
Brewpub designation
Hoppy beer, for short
''American'' bar staple
Hoppy beer, initially
Sierra Nevada's Hop Hunter, e.g.
Brewpub designation
Draft pick
Hoppy initials
Pub initials
Hoppy brew: Abbr.
Strong, hoppy beer (Abbr.)
Hoppy brew made by Dogfish Head or Lagunitas: Abbr.
Hoppy brew, briefly
Beverage made with 40-Down
Brewery output, for short
Hoppy brew, for short
Brewpub brew, for short
Its first letter stands for 'India'
Many a craft beer, for short
Beer like Sam Adams Rebel: Abbr.
Draft choice
Hoppy brew, for short
Many a craft brew
Brewpub designation
Lagunitas beer initials
Letters on bitter 6-Down
Bar quaff, briefly
Kind of beer with lots of hops: Abbr.
Bottled brew, briefly
Bitter beer, briefly
Hoppy brewpub beer (Abbr.)
Hoppy brew initials
Short brew?
Light-colored brew
Strong, hoppy beer (Abbr.)
Hoppy brew, for short