The word IRISES has appeared in at least 153 clues on different crosswords.

$54 million Van Gogh work
1889 oil on canvas by van Gogh
1889 work painted in an asylum
A Getty van Gogh
Bearded beauties
Bearded bloomers
Bearded blossoms
Bearded perennials
Bearded spring blooms
Blooms from bulbs
Blue flags
Body parts that may be heterochromatic
Camera components
Camera parts
Camera parts or flowers
Colored eye parts
Colorful perennials
Contacts go over them
Corn lily and crocus
Crocus's cousins
Early bloomers
Elizabeth Taylor's are violet
Expensive van Gogh
Eye parts
Eye pieces?
Famous Van Gogh still life
Fleur-de-lis et al.
Floral Van Gogh subject
Floral Van Gogh subjects
Flowers in a famous van Gogh painting
Flowers in a record-setting Van Gogh painting
Flowers with sagging sepals
Flowers with sword-shaped leaves
Frequent Van Gogh subjects
Garden bloomers
Garden blooms
Garden bouquet
Garden flowers
Large garden flowers
Lenses are behind them
Light regulators
Living Van Gogh subjects
Monet subject
Official blooms of Tennessee
Often-purple flowers
Ogata Korin painting
Parts of eyes
Pigmented eye parts
Places for pupils
Plants with showy flowers
Popular van Gogh painting
Pupil controllers
Pupil regulators
Pupil surrounders
Pupils' locales
Pupils' places
Pupils' spots
Pupils' surroundings
Purple Van Gogh subjects
Purple flowers
Purple spring bloomers
Purple spring blooms
Record price-setting van Gogh work
Record-setting Van Gogh painting
Record-setting van Gogh canvas
Showy blooms
Showy flowers
Showy spring bloomers
Showy spring flowers
"Showy, often bearded flowers"
Six-petaled flowers
Sources of orrisroot
Spring beauties
Spring bloomers
Spring bloomers (6)
Spring blooms
Spring blooms.
The eyes have them
They give shade to eyes
They have pupils
They may be found in beds with beards
They provide shade to eyes
They surround pupils
Those in front of lenses
Title of a flowery van Gogh painting
Ultra-expensive van Gogh painting
Van Gogh at the Getty
Van Gogh bloomers
Van Gogh blooms
Van Gogh bunch
Van Gogh classic
Van Gogh flowers
Van Gogh masterpiece
Van Gogh opus
Van Gogh painting
Van Gogh painting dominated by green and blue
Van Gogh painting of flowers
Van Gogh painting that fetched $53.9 million in 1987
Van Gogh painting that once sold for a record $53.9 million
Van Gogh painting that set an auction record in 1987
Van Gogh painting that sold for $53.9 million in 1987
Van Gogh painting that sold for $54 million in 1987
Van Gogh painting that sold for a record $53.9 million in 1987
Van Gogh painting that sold for over $50 million in 1987
Van Gogh subject
Van Gogh subjects
Van Gogh title
Van Gogh work
Where pupils sit?
Whites surround them
Yellow flags
You can see right through them
Colored parts of eyes
Van Gogh painting
Blooms from bulbs
Purple flowers
Is sire out of these flowers?
Blooms from bulbs
Pupil controllers
Showy flowers
Showy flowers
Van Gogh subject
Van Gogh painting
Purple things in several van Gogh paintings
Is sire out of these flowers?
Eye parts
Spring blooms
Van Gogh work
Most of the Irish and English going to school with some of the pupils
Flowers from the lady at the rest centre
Flowers in the eyes
Van Gogh subjects
Purple flowers
Some biometric screening targets
Often-purple flowers
Van Gogh painting
Van Gogh work
Showy flowers
Van Gogh painting
Flowers or peeper parts
Showy flowers
Spring blooms
Showy flowers
Tall flowers
Eyes' colorful parts
Purple flowers