Word: JABS

The word JABS has appeared in at least 122 clues on different crosswords.

"""One-two"" blows"
A quick left and a quick right
Barbed comments
Blows from Holyfield
Blows in the ring
Body blows
Bops in the ring
Bout staples
Bowe blows
Boxer's blows
Boxer's forte.
Boxer's pokes
Boxer's tactics
Boxer's thrusts
Boxers' blows
Boxers' pokes
Boxing blasts
Boxing maneuvers.
Boxing moves
Boxing punches
Certain pugilistic punches
Certain punches
CompuBox count
Critics' barbs
Elbows rudely
Evander's counters
Fight tactics
Fighter's maneuvers
Gets one's point across?
Haymaker preceders
"Haymaker preceders, perhaps"
Hook alternatives
Hooks' counterparts
Hypo injections
"Injures with a pencil, say"
L. Holmes specialties
Lefts from Louis
Match sights
Nudges rudely
Parts of a boxer's repertoire
Pierces with a needle
Plays poker?
Pointed comments
Pointed criticisms
Pokes with an elbow
Poking blows
Pugilist's punches
Pugilistic punches
Punches for Holyfield
Quick blows.
Quick hits
Quick pokes
Quick punches
Quick shots
Quick thrusts
Relatives of hooks.
Retaliations in the ring
Rights and lefts.
"Rights, e.g."
Ring exchange
Ring exchange?
Ring hits
Ring pokes
Ring punches
Ring sequence
Ring shots
Ring tactics
Setup punches
Sharp criticisms
Sharp lefts from Ali
"Sharp lefts, e.g."
Sharp punches
Sharp thrusts
Short blows
Short punches
Snarky comments
Some blows
Some boxing punches
Some pugilistic thrusts
Some punches
Some punches in the ring
Some quick punches
Some thrown punches
Sparring pokes
Sticks with a needle
"Sticks, as with a needle"
Teasing pokes
They may set up haymakers
They may sting
They're no slow pokes
Unkind comments
Uppercut alternatives
Verbal barbs
Verbal zingers
What a bad album takes
Criticism, so to speak
Quick punches
Quick punches
Cutting comments
Sharp criticisms
Pokes roughly
Pokes abruptly
Quick punches
Pokes abruptly
Pokes roughly
Quick hits
Barbed comments
Pokes abruptly
Snarky comments
Sharp pokes
Elbows rudely