Word: KANE

The word KANE has appeared in at least 221 clues on different crosswords.

"""Batman"" cartoonist"
"""Batman"" cartoonist Bob"
"""Batman"" co-creator"
"""Batman"" creator"
"""Batman"" creator Bob"
"""Boop-Boop-A-Doop Girl"" Helen"
"""Citizen ___"""
"""Citizen ___"" (1941 Orson Welles film)"
"""Citizen ___"" (1941 movie)"
"""Citizen ___"" (1941)"
"""Citizen ___"" (Welles film)"
"""Citizen ___"" (film)"
"""Citizen ___."""
"""Citizen"" of classic filmdom"
"""Citizen"" of film"
"""Citizen"" of filmdom"
"""Citizen"" with a sled"
"""Damaged"" girl group Danity ___"
"""High Noon"" lawman"
"""High Noon"" marshal"
"""High Noon"" sheriff Will ___"
"""I don't think there's one word that can describe a man's life"" speaker Charles Foster ___"
"""Louisiana Hayride"" author"
"""Rosebud"" sayer"
"""Rosebud"" utterer"
"""Sugar ___"" (Sonic Youth song)"
"""Taxi"" double-Emmy winner Carol"
"""Taxi's"" Simka"
'Citizen --'
'Citizen ___'
'Citizen' Welles
'Citizen' of film
"*""Citizen ___"""
1941 Welles role
Actress Carol
"Actress Carol of ""Taxi"""
Americana band with a limp?
Batman cartoonist
Batman co-creator
Batman co-creator Bob
Batman creator
Batman creator Bob
Batman's creator
Blackhawks star Patrick
Bob who created Batman
Builder of Xanadu
Canadian golfer Lorie
"Carol ___ of ""Taxi"""
"Carol ___ who played Annie Caraldo in ""Pearl"""
"Carol in ""Annie Hall"""
"Carol of ""Taxi"""
Carol of Taxi
"Carol, of ""Taxi"""
Charles Foster ___
Charles Foster of film
"Cinematic ""Citizen"""
Cinematic creation based on Hearst
Cinematic newspaper tycoon
Citizen ___
Citizen of Hollywood
Citizen of Hollywood?
"Citizen of Little Salem, Colorado"
Citizen of film
"Citizen of film, or Patrick of hockey"
Citizen of note
Citizen of renown
Citizen of the cinema
Classic Welles character
Classic Welles role
Classic film character
"Classic film character whose last word was ""Rosebud"""
"Cooper's ""High Noon"" role"
"Cooper's role in ""High Noon"""
Dutch rock band
Emmy-winning role for Lucci
Famous Citizen
Famous citizen.
Fictional newspaper magnate
"Film ""Citizen ___"""
"Film ""Citizen"""
"Film ""citizen"""
Film Citizen
Film character based on Hearst
"Film character whose last word was ""Rosebud"""
Film citizen
"Film's ""Citizen"""
Filmdom's Xanadu occupant
First overall pick of the 2007 NHL draft
First person to identify Batman
First person to unmask Batman
Girl group Danity ___
Hawaiian slack-key guitarist Ray
He died at Xanadu
He lived in Xanadu
"Hearst characterization, allegedly"
Hearst figure in film
Hearstlike character
"Helen, the Betty Boop girl"
High Noon marshal
"His last word was ""Rosebud"""
"Hollywood ""Citizen"""
"Hollywood's ""Citizen"""
"Jeffrey Archer's ""___ and Abel"""
"Kate ___, a.k.a. Batwoman"
Kaufman's TV flame
Longtime Lucci role
Lucci role
Memorable Welles role
"Movie ""Citizen"""
Movie character based on Hearst
"Name of Orson Welles's ""Citizen"""
News mogul of film
Newspaper mogul of film
Newspaper mogul of filmdom
Newspaper tycoon of film
Noted citizen
Old school rapper Big Daddy ___
Old-school rapper Big Daddy ___
"Orson Welles ""Citizen"""
Orson Welles figure
Orson Welles role
Orson Welles title word
Orson Welles' Citizen
"Orson Welles's ""Citizen ___"""
Orwell's Hearstian character
Oscar-nominated role for Welles
Owner of Rosebud
Owner of Xanadu
"Owner of the ""Rosebud"" sled"
Owner of the fictional New York Inquirer
Patrick who scored the 2010 Stanley Cup-winning goal
"Prosecutor Michael, who has accused Ramsey lawyer Lin Wood of staging a publicity stunt during an interview"
Publisher of the fictional New York Inquirer
Rapper Big Daddy ___
Resident of Xanadu
Role for Welles
Role for which Welles got an Oscar nomination
Rosebud owner
Rosebud's owner
"Rosebud's owner, in film"
Rosebud's rider
"Sugar ___ of ""Some Like It Hot"""
"Sugar ___, Marilyn Monroe's role in ""Some Like It Hot"""
Title film character thought to be based on Hearst
Title role in a renowned film
WWE wrestler born Glen Jacobs
Welles character
Welles citizen
Welles film role
"Welles film, ""Citizen ___"""
Welles portrayal
Welles role
Welles role in 1941
Welles role.
Welles role: 1941
Welles' 'Citizen ___'
Welles' 1941 role
Welles' citizen
Welles' publisher
Welles' role
Welles' tycoon publisher
"Welles's ""Citizen"""
Wellesian 'Citizen'
Wells role
"Will ___ of ""High Noon"""
Xanadu builder
Xanadu inhabitant of cinema
Xanadu owner
Xanadu resident
Xanadu's landlord
Xanadu's owner
Xanadu’s owner
Rosebud's rider
Batman co-creator Bob
1941 film 'citizen'
Welles role
"Citizen" of a classic film
Classic Orson Welles role
Welles role
Orson Welles' "Citizen"
Welles role based on Hearst
Movie "Citizen"
Movie "Citizen"
Vancouver's Evander ____ ( of the Thrashers )
Film character whose last word was "Rosebud"
Title character inspired by Hearst
Movie character based on Hearst
Carol —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Hester Street
Welles role
Welles role
Welles role
Movie "Citizen"
Rosebud's owner
Welles portrayal
Film "Citizen"
Welles' "Citizen"
Welles role
Welles iconic role
Iconic publisher of filmdom
England man left out having tweaked ankle
1941 Welles role
"Batman" co-creator Bob
Welles role
Classic film "Citizen" whose last word is "Rosebud"
"Citizen ____," 1941 movie
1941 role for Welles
"Citizen ____," 1941 film
Jeffrey Archer's "___ and Abel"
Title film character based on William Randolph Hearst
"Citizen" played by Welles
"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" actress Carol
"Citizen" of film
Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick
Film title "Citizen"
Jeffrey Archer's "___ and Abel"
"Citizen —"
Erica ___ (longtime Susan Lucci role)
Welles' "Citizen ___"
Publisher portrayed by Welles
"Citizen ___" (classic Orson Welles movie)