Word: KOKO

The word KOKO has appeared in at least 76 clues on different crosswords.

"""Inkwell"" clown"
"""Mikado"" blowhard"
"""Mikado"" character"
"""Mikado"" character."
"""Mikado"" executioner"
"""Mikado"" role"
"""Out of the inkwell"" clown"
"""Shimmy, Shimmy, ___-Bop"" (1960 Little Anthony and the Imperials hit)"
"""Shimmy, Shimmy, ___-Bop"" (Little Anthony and the Imperials hit)"
"""The Mikado"" baritone"
"""The Mikado"" character"
"""The Mikado"" executioner"
"""The Mikado"" role"
1945 Parker and Gillespie bebop kickoff
"Baritone in ""The Mikado"""
Blues belter Taylor
Blues singer Taylor
Blueswoman Taylor
"Character in ""The Mikado"""
Clown of renown
Colleague of Pooh-Bah.
Early cartoon clown
"Executioner in ""The Mikado"""
Famous language-signing gorilla
Famous simian signer
G & S character.
G & S role.
G. & S. character.
G. & S. executioner
G. & S. immortal.
G. & S. role.
G. and S. character
G. and S. role.
Gilbert and Sullivan role.
Goldfrapp song about a gorilla?
Gorilla famously taught to use sign language
Gorilla pioneering in sign language
Gorilla skilled in sign language
Gorilla that learned sign language
Gorilla trained to use sign language
Gorilla who chatted on AOL in April
Gorilla who had a cat named All Ball
Gorilla who learned sign language
Gorilla who speaks in sign language
Gorilla who was famously taught sign language
Gorilla with a pet kitten
"Gorilla with a vocabulary of about 2,000 words"
"Gorilla with a vocabulary of more than 1,000 words"
Gorilla with over 1000 signs
"He's ""got a little list."""
Katisha's reluctant bridegroom.
"Lord High Executioner in ""The Mikado"""
Lord High Executioner.
Lord high executioner of Titipu
"Man with ""a little list."""
Name of a famous ape
Noted sign reader in a lab
Oahu's ___ Head
Operetta role.
"Penny's ""talking"" gorilla"
Peter Straub horror novel
River in Germany.
Sign language gorilla
Signing ape
Signing gorilla
Signing gorilla with a large vocabulary
The Mikado executioner
The Mikado's Lord High Executioner
Yum-Yum's guardian.
"The Mikado" executioner
Gorilla skilled in sign language
His home is the setting for ''The Mikado''
Signing simian
Gorilla fluent in sign language who died in 2018 at age 46
Gorilla who learned to sign
Lord high executioner of Titipu