Word: LEE

The word LEE has appeared in at least 1392 clues on different crosswords.

"""... Mockingbird"" novelist"
"""8. When I was in the Campaign for Real-Time, I went by All-World ___ 'Big Game' Bronson"""
"""A Guy Thing"" star Jason"
"""Aura ___"" (old song with the lyrics ""as the blackbird in the spring..."")"
"""Bamboozled"" director"
"""Bamboozled"" director Spike"
"""Brokeback Mountain"" director"
"""Brokeback Mountain"" director Ang"
"""Chi-Raq"" director"
"""Civil Elegies"" poet"
"""Clockers"" director"
"""Clockers"" director Spike"
"""College GameDay"" football analyst Corso"
"""Crooklyn"" director"
"""Crooklyn"" director Spike"
"""Crouching Tiger"" director Ang"
"""Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"" director"
"""Dexter"" actor C.S. ___"
"""Do the Right Thing"" director"
"""Do the Right Thing"" director Spike"
"""East of Eden"" character"
"""Eat Drink Man Woman"" director's last name"
"""Empire"" co-creator Daniels"
"""Enter the Dragon"" star"
"""Enter the Dragon"" star Bruce"
"""Fever"" singer"
"""Fever"" singer Peggy"
"""Flower Drum Song"" author."
"""Get what fits"" jeans company"
"""Go Set a Watchman"" author"
"""Go Set a Watchman"" author Harper"
"""Go Set a Watchman"" novelist"
"""God Bless the USA"" singer Greenwood"
"""Gypsy"" subject"
"""He Got Game"" director"
"""He Got Game"" director Spike"
"""He Got Game"" writer/director Spike"
"""House of Long Shadows"" actor Christopher"
"""House of the Long Shadows"" actor Christopher"
"""Hulk"" director"
"""I Hope You Dance"" singer ___ Ann Womack"
"""I'm Sorry"" singer"
"""I'm Sorry"" singer Brenda"
"""Inside Man"" director"
"""Inside Man"" director Spike"
"""Is That All There Is"" singer"
"""Jungle Fever"" director"
"""Life of Pi"" director"
"""Life of Pi"" director Ang"
"""Light-Horse Harry"""
"""Light-Horse Harry"" ___"
"""Light-horse Harry"""
"""Little Miss Dynamite"" Brenda"
"""Lovers & Haters"" director Spike"
"""Lust, Caution"" director Ang"
"""M"" portrayer Bernard"
"""Malcolm X"" director"
"""Malcolm X"" director Spike"
"""Men in Black"" co-star Tommy ___ Jones"
"""Men in Black"" costar Tommy ___ Jones"
"""Mo' Better Blues"" director"
"""Mo' Better Blues"" director Spike"
"""Mockingbird"" author."
"""Navy ___"" (rifle used during the Spanish-American War)"
"""Oldboy"" director"
"""Perfectly Imperfect"" author Woodruff"
"""Pushing Daisies"" star ___ Pace"
"""School Daze"" director"
"""Semi-homemade cooking"" proponent Sandra"
"""She Hate Me"" director"
"""Spoon River Anthology"" poet Edgar ___ Masters"
"""Stagger ___"""
"""Stagger ___"" (1959 Lloyd Price chart-topper)"
"""Stagger ___"" (Jerry Garcia song)"
"""Stagger ___,"" of song"
"""Summer of Sam"" director"
"""Summer of Sam"" director Spike"
"""Sweet Nothings"" singer Brenda"
"""Taking Woodstock"" director"
"""The Crow"" actor Brandon"
"""The G-String Murders"" author"
"""The Gray Fox"""
"""The Ice Storm"" director Ang"
"""The Love Bug"" actress"
"""The Magnificent Seven"" gunslinger"
"""The Omen"" actress Remick"
"""The Private Lives of Pippa ___"""
"""To Kill A Mockingbird"" author"
"""To Kill a Mockingbird"" Pulitzer winner"
"""To Kill a Mockingbird"" author"
"""To Kill a Mockingbird"" author Harper"
"""To Kill a Mockingbird"" author Harper ___"
"""To Kill a Mockingbird"" novelist"
"""To Kill a Mockingbird"" novelist Harper"
"""Uncle Robert"" of the Confederate army"
"""___ Daniels' The Butler"""
'25th Hour' director
'Annabel --'
'Fever' singer
'Go Set a Watchman' novelist
'Hulk' director Ang
'I'm Sorry' singer
'Life of Pi' director Ang
'Light-Horse Harry'
'Malcolm X' director
'Summer of Sam' director
'The Hulk' director Ang
'To Kill a Mockingbird' author
'To Kill a Mockingbird' novelist
-- Harvey Oswald
-- tide (current type)
1861 leader.
1862 Bull Run victor
1961 Pulitzer-winning author
1965 Oscar winner Marvin
1965 Oscar-winner Marvin
2005 batting champ Derrek
2008 Cy Young Award winner Cliff
A Grant
A Gypsy who rose via few clothes
A Radziwill
A general
A general or Majors
A modern Grant
"AL/NL pitcher Bill ""Spaceman"" ___"
AL/NL relief pitcher ___ Smith (1980-97)
Abstract painter ___ Krasner
Acting Majors
Acting Majors?
Acting coach Strasberg
Actor Bruce
Actor Cobb.
Actor Horsley
"Actor Jack seen in ""Broken Arrow,"" 1950"
Actor Majors
Actor Marvin
Actor Marvin.
Actor Tommy ___ Jones
Actor Tracy
Actor Van Cleef
Actor ___ J. Cobb
Actress Grant
Actress Jamie ___ Curtis
Actress Meriwether
Actress Michele
Actress Pamela ___ Anderson
Actress Remick
Actress Remick: 1935-91
All of his films are joint ventures
All-time baseball saves leader Smith
Alvin of Ten Years After
Alvin or Brenda
Amy of Evanescence
"Ang ___, director of ""Sense and Sensibility,"" a film based on Jane Austen's novel"
Ang of film
Ang of films
Ang or Spike
Ang or Spike of film
Ang with an Oscar
"Ang, Brandon or Spike"
"Ann ___, founder of the Shakers in America"
Ann of the Shakers
Ann or Ang
"Annie ___, Enoch Arden's wife"
Antietam General
Antietam battler
Antietam general
Antietam leader
Appomattox Court House general
Appomattox VIP
Appomattox also-ran
Appomattox attendee
Appomattox figure
Appomattox general
Appomattox loser
Appomattox name
Appomattox principal
Appomattox runner-up
Appomattox signatory
Appomattox signee
Appomattox surrender
Appomattox surrenderer
Area away from the wind
Arlington House dedicatee
Arlington House honoree
Arlington owner
Arlington squire
Army of Northern Virginia commander
Artist Krasner
"Artist Krasner, for whose portrayal Marcia Gay Harden won an Oscar in ""Pollock"""
Atticus Finch creator
Atticus Finch's creator
Atticus Finch's creator Harper
Attorney F. ___ Bailey
Aura of song
Aussie rocker Ben
Author Harper
Author Harper ___
"Author of ""To Kill a Mockingbird"""
Auto racer Petty
Away from the wind
"Away from the wind, in nautical terms"
Bailey or Grant
Baker Sarah
Baseball's Travis ___
Battle of Chancellorsville victor
"Battle of Chancellorsville victor, 1863"
Beauregard's boss
Ben from Down Under
Ben or Brenda
"Ben who recorded ""Something to Remember Me By"""
"Bernard who played ""M"""
Best Director between Eastwood and Scorsese
Big name in blue jeans
Big name in casual wear
Big name in jeans
Big name in kung fu
Blue jeans brand
Blues hero Stagger
"Bob Marley ""The Complete ___ 'Scratch' Perry Sessions"""
Boo Radley creator
Boo Radley creator Harper
"Brandon, Bruce, or Brenda"
"Brenda of ""Emotions"""
Brenda of country music
Brenda or Ben
Brenda or Bruce
Brenda or Peggy
Brenda or Spike
Brenda the singer
"Brenda who hit #1 with ""I Want to Be Wanted"""
"Brenda who sang ""I'm Sorry"""
"Brenda who was ""Sorry"""
Brokeback Mountain director
"Bruce ___ Day (October 3, at least in Seattle)"
"Bruce nicknamed ""The Little Dragon"""
"Bruce of ""Enter the Dragon"""
"Bruce of ""The Green Hornet"""
"Bruce of ""Way of the Dragon"""
Bruce of kung fu films
Bruce of marital arts films
Bruce of martial arts
Bruce of martial arts films
Bruce of martial arts movies
Bruce or Ben
Bruce or Brandon
Bruce or Brenda
Bruce or Christopher
Bruce or Harper
Bruce or Robert
Bruce or Spike
Bruce who died mysteriously
Bruce with chops
"Bruce, ""The Little Dragon"""
Bruins right winger Goren
Bull Run victor
Businessman Iacocca
C.S.A. V.I.P.
C.S.A. hero
C.S.A. name.
CSA general
CSA hero
CSA icon
Calm area
Calm side
"Canadian musician Geddy ___ of ""Rush"""
Canadian rock singer Geddy ___
Capote colleague
Cathy-Crosby connection
Catwoman player Meriwether
Celtic Neptune
Chalet resident
Chancellorsville victor
Chanteuse Peggy
Chinese driector Ang ___
"Christopher of ""The Lord of the Rings"""
Christopher of many horror films
Christopher or Pinky
Chrysler's Iacocca
Cinematic Spike
Civil War figure
Civil War general
Civil War name
Civil War name.
Civil War notable
Civil War notable.
"Cliff ___, 2008 Cy Young Award winner"
Cliff of Philadelphia
Cliff who won two games in the 2009 World Series
Clinton criticized his detention
Co-creator of the Hulk
Cobb or Majors
Cobb or Trevino
Cohort of Capote
Comic Pinky
Comic Pinky.
Commander at Spotsylvania
Common Korean surname
Common middle name
Common surname in England and China
Competitor Watkinson*
Confederate V.I.P.
Confederate commander
Confederate commander at Gettysburg
Confederate general
Confederate general at Gettysburg
Confederate general who was a descendant of Thomas More
Confederate great
Confederate hero
Confederate icon
Confederate immortal
Confederate leader
Country Music Hall of Famer Brenda
Country great Brenda
Country singer Brenda
Country singer Brice
Country singer Greenwood
County name in 9 of the 11 states of the Confederacy
County name in nine former Confederate states
"County of Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama"
Creator of Atticus Finch
Creator of Boo Radley
Creator of Finch and Radley
Creepy Christopher
Crue drummer Tommy
"Cushing co-star, often"
D. S. Freeman subject
D.S. Freeman subject
"Daniels who directed ""The Butler"""
David ___ Roth
David who played in the Garden from 2005 to 2010
"De Forest, the Father of Radio"
Declaration of Independence signer Richard Henry
Declaration of Independence signer Richard Henry ___
Declaration of Independence signer from Virginia
Denim brand that began in Kansas
Desert stopovers
Detective story writer Manfred
Director Ang
Director Ang or Spike
Director Daniels
"Director Daniels of ""The Butler"""
Director Spike
Director Spike ___
Director Spike or Ang
"Director of ""He Got Game"" and ""She Hate Me"""
"Director of ""When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts"""
"Director of 1995's ""Sense and Sensibility"""
"Director of 2015's ""Chi-Raq"""
Director who sued Spike TV for using his name
Dixie general
Dixie hero
Dixie immortal
"Doris ___, U. S. painter"
Dracula actor Christopher
Dracula portrayer Christopher
Dub reggae pioneer Perry
"Dub superstar ___ ""Scratch"" Perry"
"Duvall's role in ""Gods and Generals"""
Edgar -- Masters
Edgar ___ Masters
Edgar ___ Masters.
Elder of golf
Elder of the golf course
Elder or Janzen
Enter the Dragon star
Entertainer Gypsy Rose
Entertainer Pinky or Peggy
Exxon head ___ R. Raymond
ExxonMobil CEO Raymond
F. -- Bailey
F. ___ Bailey
F.F.V. name
F.F.V. name.
FFV name.
Famed Virginian
Family name of about 15% of Koreans
Famous general.
Famous stripper
Fantastic Four creator Stan
Farrah's ex
Farrah's one-time husband
Favorite son of Virginia
Film director Ang
Filmdom's Marvin
Filmdom's Spike
Filmmaker Spike
Finch creator
Finch's creator
First Families of Virginia surname
First Shaker
First baseman Stevens
First baseman Travis
Florida county whose seat is Fort Myers
Food Network host Sandra
Former Motley Crue drummer Tommy
Former Teamsters president Roy ___ Williams (3)
Former auto executive Iacocca
Fort ___ (city across the George Washington Bridge from New York)
"Fort ___, N.J."
"Fort ___, NJ"
Fort or Peggy
Founder of the American Shakers
Founding father Richard Henry ___
Fredericksburg victor
Freeh is defending the government's case against him
Fudge the facts
"Geddy ___, of Rush"
Geddy of Rush
Gen. Meade's foe at Gettysburg
Gen. Robert E. ___
General Beauregard ___ (the other Groundhog Day groundhog)
General Grant's opponent
General Grant's rival
General Robert E. ___
"General ___ (""Dukes of Hazzard"" car)"
General at Antietam
General at Appomattox
General at Gettysburg
General at the Battle of Spotsylvania
"General buried in Lexington, Va."
General for whom a USMA barracks is named
General in gray
General in the Capitol's Statuary Hall
General played by Duvall
General who finished No. 2 at West Point in 1829
General who served under Davis
General who won at Fredericksburg
General whose father was a general
Gettysburg Campaign VIP
Gettysburg Campaign name
Gettysburg general
Gettysburg loser
Golf great Trevino
Golf pro Westwood
Golf's Trevino
Golf's ___ Elder
Golfer Elder
Golfer Janzen
Golfer Trevino
Golfer Westwood who replaced Tiger Woods as World #1 in October 2010
Grant counterpart
Grant counterpart (in more ways than one)
Grant foe
"Grant in ""Shampoo"""
Grant of film
Grant of films
Grant opponent
Grant or Greenwood
Grant or Majors
Grant or Marvin
Grant or Radziwill
Grant or Remick
Grant rival
Grant wartime foe
Grant's Civil War counterpart
Grant's Civil War foe
Grant's Civil War opponent
Grant's adversary
Grant's counterpart
Grant's counterpart.
Grant's foe
Grant's opponent
Grant's opposite
Grant's rival
"Grant, or Grant opponent"
Grassy field*
"Grateful Dead ""Stagger ___"""
"Grateful Dead ""Viola ___ Blues"""
Gray general
Gray head
Gray head?
Great American general.
Great general.
"Greenwood of ""God Bless the U.S.A."""
Guess? rival
Gypsy Rose
Gypsy Rose ___
"Harper ___, author of ""To Kill a Mockingbird"""
Harper on the bookshelf
Harper or Brenda
Harper or Spike
"Harper who wrote ""To Kill a Mockingbird"""
"Harper who wrote the 1960 Pulitzer-winning novel ""To Kill a Mockingbird"""
He bestrode Traveller
He graduated second in the West Point class of 1829
He surrendered at Appomattox Court House
Historic Virginian
Historic commander.
Historic name.
Historical figure a.k.a. Marse Robert
"Horsley of ""Guns of Paradise"""
"Hulk co-creator Stan or ""Hulk"" director Ang"
Iacocca of auto fame
Iacocca of the auto industry
Iacocca or Majors
Iacocca or Marvin
Iacocca or Trevino
Iconic English guitarist Albert
Important name in Virginia history
Incredible Hulk co-creator Stan
Industrialist Iacocca
Inventor De Forest
Inventor DeForest
It's big in jeans
Jack Reacher creator Child
"Jack's ""Days of Wine and Roses"" co-star"
Jackie Onassis' sister
Jackie's sister
Jackie's sister.
Jackie's younger sister
Jacqueline ___ Bouvier (Jackie O's maiden name)
Jacqueline ___ Bouvier.
Jacqueline's sister
Jamie -- Curtis
Jamie ___ Curtis
"Jamie ___ Curtis of ""Halloween"""
Jamie ___ Curtis of cinema
Jamie or Kathie follower
Janzen of golf
Janzen of the links
Janzen or Elder
Janzen or Trevino
Jason in Kevin Smith movies
"Jason of the ""Alvin and the Chipmunks"" movie"
"Jason who starred in TV's ""My Name Is Earl"""
Jeans brand
Jeans giant
Jeans name
Jerry -- Lewis
Jerry Lewis's middle name
Jerry ___ Lewis
John's assassin
"Johnny with the 1980 #1 country hit ""Lookin' for Love"""
Katherine ___ Bates.
Kathie -- Gifford
Kathie ___
Kathie ___ Gifford
Kathie or Tommy
Kathy ___ Gifford
Kind of shore
Kind of side
Kind of tide
Kind of way
Kind of way or shore
Knicks fan Spike
Knicks superfan Spike
Krasner who painted
Kung fu star
Kung fu star Bruce
Kwanzaa Cake creator Sandra [Raina Zheng]
Last name of two Declaration signers
Last name that appears twice on the American Declaration of Independence
Lawyer Bailey's middle name
Leader in gray
Leader of the Shakers
Levi's alternative
Levi's competition
Levi's competitor
Levi's rival
"Liberace, to pals"
Liberty (Valance) portrayer
Liberty portrayer opposite James
Light-Horse Harry
Light-Horse Harry of '76
Light-Horse Harry's surname
"Light-Horse Harry, for one"
Light-Horse Harry.
Light-horse Harry
Lighthorse Harry
Lighthorse Harry.
Lila or Peggy
Linda ___ (Supergirl's alias)
"Linda ___, Supergirl's alias"
Linksman Elder
"Lloyd Price tune ""Stagger ___"""
London-born movie star Christopher
Loos heroine Lorelei ___
Loos woman
Loos's Lorelei ___
Lorelei ___
"Lorelei ___, Loos woman"
Lorelei's last name.
Loser at Antietam
Loser at Appomattox
Loser at Gettysburg
Loser to Grant
Love frontman Arthur
Lusty look
Majors in acting
Majors in acting (m)
Majors in acting?
Majors in broadcasting
Majors in drama
Majors in drama?
Majors in film
Majors in old television?
Majors in television?
"Majors of ""The Six Million Dollar Man"""
Majors on TV
Majors or Grant
Majors or Marvin
Majors or Myles
Malcolm X director
Malcolm X profiler
"Manfred B. ___, half of Ellery Queen"
Marina's spouse
Marshall who was the voice of Tony the Tiger
Martial artist Bruce
Martial arts expert Bruce
Martial arts film star Bruce
Marvel's Stan
Marvin and Remick
Marvin from N.Y.C.
"Marvin of ""Cat Ballou"""
"Marvin of ""Point Blank"""
"Marvin of ""The Dirty Dozen"""
Marvin of 'Cat Ballou'
Marvin of movies
Marvin of the movies
Marvin or Grant
Marvin or Majors
Marvin or Remick
Marvin or Trevino
Massachusetts resort town
May who played for the NL in the 1972 All-Star Game
Mazzilli of the '70s Mets
McClellan adversary
McClellan's foe at Sharpsburg
McClellan's opponent.
Meade beat him at Gettysburg
Meredith or Meriwether
Meriwether of TV
Meriwether or Grant
Method acting pioneer Strasberg
Michele or Brenda
Michele or Peggy
Michele or Spike
Miss Peggy
Mississippi county whose seat is Tupelo
Movie maker Spike
Moviemaker Spike
Mr. Iacocca
Mr. Trevino
Ms. Remick
Musician Jerry ___ Lewis
Nautical side
Nautical term
Nautical term.
Nautical word
Nautical word.
Nautically sheltered
Nebraska representative Terry
New Jersey's Fort ___
Nobody doesn't like this Sara
Noted ecdysiast
Noted general
Novelist Harper
Novelist Harper --
Novelist Harper ___
Novelist who was a lifelong friend of Capote
Oater actor Van Cleef
Old Ace of Spades
Old Dominion family
Old western actor Van Cleef
On ship area
One of Broadway's Shuberts
"One of Hannah's sisters in ""Hannah and Her Sisters"""
One of Jack's biggest rivals
"One of the ""Magnificent Seven"""
One of the F.F.V.
One of the F.F.V.'s.
One of two Virginia signers of the Declaration of Independence
One side of a ship
Orioles manager Mazzilli
"Pace of ""Pushing Daisies"""
Pamela Anderson ___
Part of R.E.L.
"Peggy ___, of <I>Fever<I> fame"
"Peggy of ""Lady and the Tramp"""
Peggy or Brenda
Peggy or Bruce
Peggy or Pinky
Peggy or R.E.
Peggy or Spike
"Peggy who sang ""Fever"""
"Peggy with the 1958 hit ""Fever"""
"Peninsula Campaign victor, 1862"
Peninsular Campaign general
Phillies pitcher Cliff
Pinky or Bruce
Pinky or Lila
Pinky or Peggy
Pinky or Spike
Poe girl
"Poe poem ""Annabel ___"""
"Poe's ""Annabel ___"""
Poe's 'Annabel --'
Poe's 'Annabel ___'
Poe's Annabel
Poe's Annabel___
Poet Edgar ___ Masters
Popular jeans brand
Popular middle name
Prefix with lateral
Princess Radziwill.
Producer Shubert
Prosecutors must tell his lawyer which nations they believe he tried to give nuke secrets
Protected side
Protecting shelter
Protection from a storm
Protective shelter
Pulitzer-winning novelist of 1961
R&R's Brenda ___
R.E. of the South
R.E. or Peggy
Radio pioneer De Forest
Reb general
Rebel leader
Rebel leader of '61
Rebellious Robert
Reigning best director Daniels
Reliever Smith
Remick of film
Remick or Grant
Remick or Marvin
Remick or Radziwill
Remick or Strasberg
Reno won't apologize to him
Resort town in Massachusetts
Revolutionary soldier known as 'Light-Horse Harry'
Richard Henry ___
"Richard Henry ___ (Second Continental Congress member who introduced the June 7, 1776 resolution proposing the Declaration of Independence)"
Rival of Levi's
Robert E.
Robert E. --
Robert E. ___
Robert E. goes to fish
Robert Frost's middle name
Robert or Annabel
Robert or Peggy
Robt. E. ___
"Rock's Tommy, ex-husband of Pamela Anderson"
Rocker David ___ Roth
Rocker Tommy
Roscoe ___ Brown
Roscoe ___ Browne
Sad man at Appomattox
Sandra of insensitive holiday cake-making fame
Sara ___
"Sara ___ is spinning off Coach, PYA/Monarch and Champion"
Sara everybody loves
Sara in the supermarket
Sara of sweets
Sara or Robert
Sara who nobody doesn't like
"Sara whom ""nobody doesn't like"""
Save master Smith
Scientist Wen Ho
Sea side
Sea side?
Sean of the Cowboys
Second Bull Run victor
Second Manassas commander
See 107D
Seven Days Battles general
Shaker Ann
Shaker founder Ann
Shaker founder in the U.S.
Shakerism's Ann
Shakers founder
Shakers founder Ann
"She wrote ""To Kill a Mockingbird"""
"Sheen played him in ""Gettysburg"""
Shelter at sea
Shelter from the storm
Shelter from the weather
"Shelter, nautically speaking"
"Shelter, on ships"
Sheltered area
Sheltered from the wind
Sheltered place
Sheltered place.
Sheltered side
Sheltered side of the ship
Sheltered spot
Shubert of Broadway
Shubert or De Forest
Shubert or Strasberg
Side away from the wind
Signer of 1776
Singapore's Kuan Yew ___
Singer Brenda
Singer Brenda or Peggy
Singer David ___ Roth
Singer Dickey
"Singer Geddy ___ of ""Rush"""
Singer Greenwood
Singer Jerry -- Lewis
Singer Jerry ___ Lewis
Singer Peggy
Singers Brenda or Peggy
"Skakers founder ""Mother Ann"" ___"
Slugger Derrek
Smith of saves
Sonic Youth guitarist Ranaldo
"South Korea's Hyung-Taik ___, who made it to the fourth round of the U.S. Open in his first major tourney"
Southern general
Southern hero
Southern hero.
Spider-Man co-creator Stan
Spider-Man creator
Spider-Man creator Stan
Spider-Man's Stan
Spider-Man's creator
"Spider-Man's creator, Stan"
Spike at Knicks games
Spike at a Knicks game
Spike behind a camera
Spike behind the camera
Spike follower
Spike from Atlanta
Spike in a director's chair
Spike in filmmaking
Spike in movie production
Spike in movie sales?
Spike in moviedom
Spike in production?
Spike of film
Spike of films
Spike of flicks
Spike on a movie set
Spike on a set
Spike on set
Spike or Ang
Spike or Brenda
Spike or Bruce
Spike or Peggy
Spike or Pinky
Spike or Robert E.
Spike or Sir Christopher
Spike that tried to sue Spike TV
Spike the director
"Spike who directed ""Crooklyn"""
Spike who's a Knicks fan
Spike with a camera
Spike with a joint?
"Spike, for one"
"Spike, notably"
"Spike, the director"
Stagger of song
Stan of Marvel Comics
Stan or Spike
Stan who co-created Spider-Man
Stan who created Spider-Man
Stone Mountain figure
Stone Mountain honoree
Stonewall Jackson superior
Stonewall Jackson's C.O.
"Strasberg of ""The Godfather Part II"""
Strasberg of theater
Stray Cats Rocker
Stuart's superior
Sultry singer Peggy
Surname of two signers of the Declaration of Independence
Surname on some jeans
Surrenderer of 1865
Taiwan's President (the only one of four world leaders George W. named)
Tar's term.
"The General ___, ""The Dukes of Hazzard"" auto"
The Gentle General
The quiet side
The quiet side.
The safe side
To Kill A Mockingbird author
To Kill a Mockingbird author
Tommy -- Jones
Tommy --- Jones
Tommy Jones interrupter
Tommy Jones's middle name
Tommy ___ Jones
Tommy of Motley Crue
Tommy of M
"Tommy, Arthur or ""Scratch"" Perry"
Top name in jeans
Town in western Massachusetts
Traveler's rider
Traveller's rider
Trevino of golf
Trevino of the links
Trevino on the links
Trevino or Remick
Triode inventor De Forest
Two-time U.S. Open winner Trevino
Type of tide
U.S. Shaker sect founder
Under the ___ (nautical term)
Valiant Virginian
"Van Cleef of ""High Noon"""
Victor at Chancellorsville
Victor at Cold Harbor
Victor at Fredericksburg
Victor at Fussell's Mill
Victor at Gaines's Mill and Cold Harbor
Victor at Manassas
Victor at Second Manassas
Victor at the Battle of Fredericksburg
Virginia VIP.
Virginia family
Virginia general
Virginia's Washington and ___ University
Virginia's ___ Highway
Virginia's historic ___ Highway
Ward or way leader
Warren Report first name
Washington & ___.
Washington College president Robert E.
Washington and ___ University
Washington and ___.
Washington funeral orator
Weather's opposite.
Whiskey Rebellion figure Henry
Whom Robert Frost was named for
Wilderness Campaign general
Wind haven
Windless quarter
Winner at Bull Run
Winner at Chancellorsville
Winner at the Battle of Cold Harbor
Winner at the Second Battle of Bull Run
Winner at the second battle of Bull Run
Woman in a Poe poem
Word on jeans
Word with side or tide
Word with ward or way
Wrangler alternative
Wrangler competition
Wrangler competitor
Wrangler rival
Wranglers alternative
Wranglers' rival
Writer Harper
Writer Harper --
X-Men co-creator Stan
Yours truly
"___ ""Scratch"" Perry"
"___ Adama (""Battlestar Galactica"" captain)"
___ Ann Womack
___ Highway
"___ Highway, classic New York-to-San Francisco route"
"___ Highway, old auto route from New York City to San Francisco"
"___ Jordan, the Quidditch announcer"
"___ Radziwill, sister of Jackie O"
___ Teng-hui is stepping down as Nationalist party chairman
___ jeans
Casual wear biggie
Director Spike
Director Spike
Director Spike
Woodard’s director in ‘Crooklyn’
Spike cheering on the Knicks
Stan of Marvel Comics
Author Harper
"I'm Sorry" singer Brenda
Nautical side
Actor ___ J. Cobb of “12 Angry Men”
Director Ang __
Writer Harper
Sara of baking
Dixie general
Director Spike
The sheltered side
Director Spike
Sheltered side (naut.)
Nautical shelter
See 98-Across
Army of Northern Virginia commander
Nautical shelter
Author Harper
Man’s name
Shelter from sleet
Director Spike
Dixie general
Kathy Gifford's middle name
Victor at Manassas
Actor Marvin of "Cat Ballou"
"I'm Sorry" singer Brenda
Christopher of horror movies
Stan the superhero creator
Confederate general
Director Ang
"Life of Pi" director Ang
"Chi-Raq" director Spike
Whom Robert Frost was named for
"The Butler" director Daniels
Superhero creator Stan
Sheltered side
Spike of film
Sheltered side
Confederate general
Sheltered side
Sheltered side
He surrendered to Grant in
Sheltered part or side
Sheltered side
Sheltered side
Stan of superheroes
Rebel general
Mr Mack, eg
Shelter from sleet
General in gray
Director often seen at Knicks games
Rebel general
Spike in direction
Grant's rival
Prefix meaning ''one''
"Brokeback Mountain" director
Director Spike ____
Director Spike ____
Director Spike ____
Director Spike ____
Opposite of weather, on a ship
Diesel alternative
Diesel alternative
General Robert E. __
General at Antietam
General at Antietam
West Point superintendent, 1852-1855
Majors in broadcasting?
Arlington House honoree
Arlington House honoree
David ___ Roth of rock
David ___ Roth of rock
Protection from a terrible enemy
Protection from a terrible enemy
Jeans name
Jeans name
Nautical shelter
Loser to Meade at Gettysburg
Loser to Meade at Gettysburg
"Chi-Raq" director Spike
Spike or Brenda
Cork river
Nautical shelter
Sheltered side
Finch creator
Calm side
See 39-Down
Battle of Cold Harbor victor
Creator of Radley and Finch
Commander during John Brown's capture in 1859
Dixie general
Dixie general
Wrangler alternative
Sheltered side
Sheltered side
"Life of Pi" director
Grant's foe
Grant's foe
Grant's opponent
Grant's opponent
"Malcolm X" director
Grant's foe
Sheltered side
Director often spotted at Knicks games
Nautical shelter
Author Harper
"Do the Right Thing" director Spike
Stan of Marvel Comics
"Chi-Raq" director Spike
Sheltered side
Southern general
Director Spike
Southern general
Grant's opponent
Grant's opponent
Director Spike
Grant's enemy
Grant's enemy
Director Spike ____
Director Spike ____
Grant's enemy
Grant's enemy
Big name in jeans
Sheltered side
Stan of Marvel Comics
Writer Harper
Loser at Antietam
Confederate general
Sheltered side
Confederate general
Calm side
Sheltered side
Rebel general
Bruce or Brenda
Elder, the first African-American to play the Masters
Grant's rival
Creator of Finch and Radley
Writer Harper
Sheltered side
Nautical shelter
Man's name
Shelter from sleet
Swimmer doing backstroke in local river
Director Spike
Director Spike
Actress, Jamie ... Curtis
Superhero creator Stan
Spider-Man creator
Grant foe
General who's 34-Down spelled backward
Washington & ___ University
Jack Reacher creator __ Child
Director Spike ____
Grant's foe
Director Ang
Ang who directed "Brokeback Mountain"
"To Kill a Mockingbird" author
Novelist Harper
Man's name
Shelter from sleet
Common Korean surname
Shelter from sleet
Atticus Finch creator
Harper who wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird"
Nautical shelter
Director Spike
Sheltered part or side
Confederate general
"To Kill a Mockingbird" author
Nautical shelter
Nautical shelter
Golfer Trevino
Sheltered side
Swimmer doing backstroke in local river
Director Ang
Sheltered side
Spike who directed "Chi-Raq"
Majors old TV
Controversial statue figure, these days
Mr Mack?
Shelter from sleet
Spike with a camera
Grant's foe
Mr Mack?
Shelter from sleet
Sheltered side
"Life of Pi" director Ang
Dixie general
Man's name
Shelter from sleet
Sheltered side
Jeans brand
"Go Set a Watchman" novelist Harper
Singer, Jerry ... Lewis
Director Spike or Ang
Stan with cameos in Marvel movies
Director Spike or Ang
Majors in acting
Confederate general
Director appearing in ''Mandela in America''
Spike with a camera
Writer Harper
"Fever" singer Peggy
Writer Harper
Sheltered side
"To Kill a Mockingbird" writer
Iacocca or Remick
Actor, ... Marvin
Singer Peggy or comic-book writer Stan
Gray head?
Loser at Gettysburg
Poe's "Annabel ___"
"Hulk" director Ang
Movie director Spike
Director Ang
Director Spike
General in controversial monuments
Shelter from a terrible earthquake
Director Spike
Director Spike
Rebel general
Mr Mack?
Shelter from sleet
Grant's rival
Director Spike or Ang
Director Spike
Bruce of "Enter the Dragon"
Director Spike ____
Director Spike
Writer Harper
Harper who wrote 'Go Set a Watchman'
Jeans label
Sheltered side
Atticus Finch creator
Creator of the Finch family
"Malcolm X" director
X-Men co-creator Stan
Superhero creator Stan
Spike of film
Name on many waists
Superhero creator Stan
Singer David — Roth
Shelter for naval ships getting shelled
"Die Another Day" director Tamahori
Director Spike
Wrangler rival
Jeans brand
Director Daniels
Man's name
Shelter from sleet
Director Spike
Sheltered side
Director with three Oscars
Director Spike
Big name in jeansend
Man's name
Shelter from sleet
Spike with films
Name over a cheek?
'When the Levees Broke' director
Dixie general
Sheltered side
Stan of Marvel Comics
Grant's foe
Grant's opponent
Sheltered side
Golf's Trevino
Spike of film
"The Butler" director Daniels
Southern general
Christopher —, actor who played the title role in films Dracula Has Risen from the Grave and The Blood of Fu Manchu
Grant's opponent
Grant's enemy
Director Spike ____
Grant's enemy
Sheltered side
Wrangler rival
General under Davis
Big name in jeans
Nautical shelter
It's on the sheltered side
Jamie ___ Curtis
Nautical shelter
"To Kill a Mockingbird" author Harper
Ang of film
Saruman and Count Dooku portrayer Christopher ___
Grant's war foe
Majors in acting
Bruce or son Brandon
"Go Set a Watchman" novelist Harper
Civil War VIP
"Jungle Fever" director
Confederate general
See 31-Down
Director Ang or Spike
"Halt and Catch Fire" actor Pace
Harper ___ ("To Kill a Mockingbird" writer)
Bruce or Peggy
Catwoman portrayer Meriwether
Rebel general
Foe of Grant
Sheltered side
Tommy of Mötley Crue
Civil War figure
Attorney F. ___ Bailey
Grant's rival
"To Kill a Mockingbird" author
Kung-fu movie great Bruce
Sheltered side
Writer Harper
Golfer Trevino
Spike or Bruce
Grant's opponent
Actor J. Cobb
Second-most common Korean surname, after Kim
Ship side
Director Ang
Nautical shelter
Tommy Jones' middle
Golfer Trevino who won the Vardon trophy five times
Majors or Remick
Sara ___ (brand of frozen desserts)
Sheltered side
Ship side
Filmmaker Spike
Director Spike
Loser at Antietam
Sheltered side
Bruce or Brenda
Director Spike ____
Oscar winner ___ Marvin of "Cat Ballou"
Civil War leader
Director Spike
Actress, Jamie ... Curtis
Tommy Jones' middle
Kathie ___ Gifford
Boo Radley creator
Robert E. or Bruce
General in gray
Actor Marvin
Author Child who created Jack Reacher
Author Harper
Novelist Harper with a Pulitzer
Sheltered shore
Stan who created Spider-Man
Cowboys linebacker Sean
Iacocca or Remick
Author Harper
Sheltered side
Actor, ... Marvin
"To Kill a Mockingbird" novelist Harper
Director Daniels who co-created the TV shows "Empire" and "Star"
Martial artist Bruce
Director Spike
Big name in jeans
Grant's foe
Appomattox name
Mr Mack?
Shelter from sleet
''Brokeback Mountain'' director
Actor Majors
Spike who directed 'BlacKkKlansman'
Automobile mogul Iacocca
Sister brand of Wrangler
Actress, Jamie ... Curtis
Sheltered side
Spike ____
NFL legend ___ Roy Selmon
Attorney F. ___ Bailey
"BlacKkKlansman" director Spike
Mr. Trevino
Majors in film
Farrah's ex
Traveller's rider