Word: LENO

The word LENO has appeared in at least 674 clues on different crosswords.

"""Dancing Itos"" creator"
"""Headlines"" comic"
"""Headlines"" guy"
"""Headlines"" host"
"""Headlines"" reader on Monday nights"
"""I would give my right arm to be ambidextrous"" speaker"
"""If Roast Beef Could Fly"" author"
"""If Roast Beef Could Fly"" writer"
"""Iron Jay"" portrayer"
"""Jay Walking"" guy"
"""Jay-walking"" comic"
"""Jaywalker"" of late-night TV"
"""Jaywalker"" of late-night television"
"""Jaywalking"" comedian"
"""Jaywalking"" comic"
"""Jaywalking"" guy"
"""Jaywalking"" interviewer"
"""Jaywalking"" personality"
"""Leading With My Chin"" author"
"""Leading With My Chin"" author Jay"
"""Leading With My Chin"" autobiographer"
"""Leading With My Chin"" memoirist"
"""Leading With My Chin"" writer"
"""Leading with My Chin"" author"
"""Mr. Brain"" portrayer"
"""Nightline"" competitor, informally"
"""Stuff We Found on eBay"" humorist"
"""The Late Shift"" figure"
"""The Tonight Show"" host"
"""The reason there are two senators for each state is so that one can be the designated driver"" comic"
"""The reason there are two senators for each state is so that one can be the designated driver"" quipper"
"""Tonight Show"" host"
"""Tonight Show"" host Jay"
"""Tonight Show"" host before Fallon"
"""Tonight Show"" host who left and returned"
"""Tonight"" show host today"
"""You're not famous until my mother has heard of you"" quipper"
'Leading With My Chin' author
'Leading With My Chin' autobiographer
'Leading With My Chin' humorist
*2014 TV retiree
"1990s-2000s host of ""The Tonight Show"""
2014 TV Hall of Fame inductee
2014 TV retiree
2014 Television Academy Hall of Fame inductee
"Author of ""How to Be the Funniest Kid in the Whole Wide World"""
"Author of ""Leading With My Chin"""
"Author of the children's book ""If Roast Beef Could Fly"""
Big Dog Productions owner
Big name in comedy
Big name in late night comedy
Big name in late-night
Big name in talk shows
Big star at night
Big time host
Big-chinned chinner
Big-jawed TV host
Billy Crystal was his first guest
Blue Jay? Rarely!
"Book that begins ""It is Monday morning, and when I walk into the central building, I can feel my stomach clench"""
Car columnist for Popular Mechanics
Car-collecting TV host
Car-collecting star
Car-collecting talk show host
Carson follower
Carson s successor
Carson stand-in
Carson successor
Carson's Successor
Carson's guest host
Carson's heir
Carson's late-night successor
Carson's replacement
Carson's substitute
Carson's successor
Carson-O'Brien link
"Celeb with an automotive column in ""Popular Mechanics"""
Celebrated Jay
Celebrity who testified at the 2005 Michael Jackson trial
Chinny chatter?
Choice for night owls
Comedian Jay
Comedian Jay ___
Comedian from New Rochelle
Comedian who will succeed Carson
"Comedian who wrote the book ""Leading With My Chin"""
"Comedian whose repertoire includes ""Jaywalking"""
Comic / host Jay
Comic Jay
Comic Jay ___
"Comic from Andover, MA"
Comic monologist Jay
"Comic who ""jaws"" at night"
"Comic who occasionally contributes to the ""Motormouth"" column of The London Sunday Times"
Comic who often works in a garage
"Comic with a ""Popular Mechanics"" column"
Comical Jay
Conan O'Brien follows him
Cotton fabric
Cotton fabric.
Cotton gauze
Cotton gauze.
Creator of the character Mr. Brain
Curtain cloth.
Curtain fabric
Curtain fabric.
Curtain material
Curtain material.
Deliverer of much political humor
Deliverer of thousands of monologues
Diaphanous material.
Dyslexic TV host with a college degree in speech therapy
Emcee Jay
Emcee for NBC
Emmy-winning comedian
Employer of Ross the Intern
Entertainer who owns Big Dog Productions
Entertaining Jay
Eubanks is his musical director
Eubanks plays on his show
Fabric of a fine weave.
Fabric used for curtains.
Fabric weave
Fabric weave.
Fabric with an open weave
Fallon followed him
Fallon predecessor
Fallon's 'The Tonight Show' predecessor
Fallon's late-night predecessor
Fallon's predecessor
Fallon's predecessor on 'The Tonight Show'
Fallon's predecessor-to-be
Fallon's replacing him
Fallon's slated to replace him
"Figure in ""The Late Shift"""
Fine lawn
Five-night-a-week NBC star
Follower of Johnny
Follower of the news
Follower of the news?
"Former ""Tonight Show"" host"
Former TV host with a car collection
Former late-night host Jay
Former late-night luminary
Frequent Carson stand-in
Frequent Popular Mechanics columnist Jay
Funny Jay
Funny car collector
Funny man Jay
Funnyman Jay
Funnyman whose favorite music is jazz
Future predecessor of O'Brien
Gauze weave
Gauzy fabric
Gauzy fabric.
Gauzy weave
Gore was mistaken for Prince Charles on his show
Guitarist Eubanks' boss
Guy closely following the news
"Guy with a ""Jaywalking"" segment"
"He ""jaws"" at night"
"He came back to ""The Tonight Show"" in March"
He clashed with O'Brien
He closely follows the news
He follows the news
He follows the news in many cities
He follows the news in more ways than one
He follows the news in most cities
He frequently filled in for Johnny Carson
"He goes ""JayWalking"""
"He goes ""Jaywalking"""
He had McCain on his show
He interviewed Obama
He introduces Eubanks
He made late-night deliveries
He often follows the news
He preceded and followed O'Brien
He replaced Carson
"He returned to ""The Tonight Show"" on March 1, 2010"
He served as one of Carson's guest hosts
He steps down on February 6th
He succeeded Carson
He was involved in a hosting controversy with O'Brien
He'll be on at 10:00 next fall
"He's ""Iron Jay"""
He's after the news
He's first in the late-night TV ratings
"He's on the cover of ""The Late Shift"""
He's scheduled to be replaced by Fallon
He's seen after the news
He's seen late
He's visible a few minutes after the news
Head of Big Dog Productions
Heir to the Carsonian throne?
"His ""Garage"" has a page on nbc.com"
His first guest on 5/25/92 was Billy Crystal
His last day is 2/6/14
His last day is 5/29/09
"His new show premieres on September 14, 2009"
"His show had a ""Jaywalking"" segment"
"His show has a ""Jaywalking"" segment"
"His tenure was set to end in 2009, to the delight of many, though he's reported to be reconsidering"
Host Jay
Host after Carson
Host before and after O'Brien
Host of 'The Tonight Show'
Host of a nightly TV show taped in Burbank
Host on the tube
Host replaced by Fallon
Host succeeded by Fallon
"Host with ""Headlines"""
Host with a famous car collection
Host with rumors of retiring in 2014
Host you can chin with?
James Douglas Muir ___ (TV host's birth name)
"Jay ___, Carson's substitute host"
Jay at night
"Jay formerly of ""The Tonight Show"""
Jay formerly of late-night
Jay from New Rochelle
"Jay of ""The Tonight Show"""
Jay of NBC
Jay of TV
Jay of TV talk
Jay of comedy
Jay of jest
Jay of late night
Jay of late-night
Jay of late-night TV
Jay of late-night television
Jay of note
Jay of talk show fame
Jay of the night
Jay often seen at night
Jay on TV
Jay on teevee
Jay on the air
Jay on the tube
Jay related to a peacock?
Jay replaced by Jimmy Fallon
Jay seen after dark
Jay seen at night
Jay seen by night owls
Jay sighted at end of the day
Jay that chatters
Jay the jester
Jay walking over O'Brien
Jay watched by night owls
Jay watched by owls
Jay who chins with guests
"Jay who does ""Jaywalking"""
Jay who followed Johnny
Jay who follows the news
"Jay who has Monday night ""Headlines"""
"Jay who hosted ""The Tonight Show"""
Jay who hosted The Tonight Show
Jay who jests
"Jay who jokingly smothered Jimmy Fallon with a pillow on ""The Tonight Show"""
"Jay who said ""You're not famous until my mother has heard of you"""
"Jay who voices The Crimson Chin on ""The Fairly OddParents"""
Jay who works for a peacock?
"Jay who wrote ""How to Be the Funniest Kid in the Whole Wide World"""
Jay who's on late
Jay with a column in Popular Mechanics
Jay with a jaw
Jay with a prominent chin
"Jay with a role in ""Ice Age: The Meltdown"""
Jay with a show about cars
Jay with jokes
"Jay, at night"
"Jay, author of the children's book ""If Roast Beef Could Fly"""
"Jay, the comic"
"Jay, the host"
Jester Jay
Jesting Jay
Jocular Jay
Johnny Carson's replacement
Johnny Carson's successor
Joke-teller Jay
Joke-telling Jay
Joker Jay
Jokester Jay
Jokey Jay
Joking Jay
Kevin Eubanks is the bandleader on his show
Kevin Eubanks leads his band
Kimmel competitor
Koppel competition
Koppel's competition
Lantern-jawed Jay
Lantern-jawed celeb
Lantern-jawed comic
Lantern-jawed former TV host
Lantern-jawed monologist
Last name in TV talk
Last name in late night TV
Late great
Late great?
Late night Jay
Late night TV host
Late night TV host Jay
Late night TV name
Late night host
Late night name
Late night star
Late night talker
Late-appearing star
Late-evening Jay
"Late-night ""Jaywalking"" host"
Late-night Jay
"Late-night TV ""jaywalker"""
Late-night TV host
Late-night TV host Jay
Late-night TV name
Late-night comedian
Late-night comic
Late-night delivery man?
Late-night emcee
Late-night funnyman
Late-night headliner
Late-night host
Late-night host Jay
Late-night host moving to prime time
Late-night host since 1992
Late-night host who testified in the Michael Jackson trial
Late-night joker
Late-night jokester
Late-night laugh maker
Late-night monologist
Late-night name
Late-night regular
Late-night schmoozer Jay
Late-night show host
Late-night star
Late-night star...
Late-night wars participant
Late-night wit
Late-night worker
Lead-in to Fallon
Leading With My Chin author
Lesson #5: O'Brien's predecessor
Letterman competition
Letterman competitor
Letterman foe
Letterman rival
Letterman rival Jay
Letterman's competition
Letterman's friendly rival
Letterman's rival
Light cotton fabric.
Light cotton.
Light fabric
Light fabric.
"Light, gauzy fabric"
"Longtime ""Headlines"" reader"
"Longtime ""Tonight Show"" host Jay"
Longtime NBC host
Longtime NBC host Jay
Longtime NBC star
Loose-woven fabric
MC Jay
Major NBC star
Man who follows the news?
Marquisette's weave
Master of late laughter
Member of a long-running TV duel
Mesh fabric
Mesh weave
Meshy fabric or TV host
Michael Jackson trial witness
Monologist after the news
Monologist of note
Monologist on weeknights
Monologue master
"Morita's ""Collision Course"" costar"
NBC comedian
NBC host
NBC host Jay
NBC prime time comedian
NBC retiree of 2014
NBC stalwart
NBC star
NBC's Jay
News follower
News follower?
Night line deliverer
Night owl's viewing option
Night show host
Night star
Night watch man?
Night-show host
Nightbird Jay
Nightly TV presence beginning 5/25/92
Nightly TV star beginning 5/25/92
Nightly comic
Nightly monologue deliverer
Nighttime host
Nighttime show host
Nocturnal Jay
Noel turns into a comedian
Noted classic-car collector
Noted guest host of the 1980s
Noted monologist
Noted monologuist
Noted reader of headlines
O'Brien displacer
O'Brien is his heir
O'Brien is on after him
O'Brien is replacing him
O'Brien is scheduled to succeed him
O'Brien is slated to succeed him in 2009
O'Brien ouster
O'Brien predecessor and successor
O'Brien succeeded him
O'Brien's late-night predecessor and successor
O'Brien's lead-in
O'Brien's predecessor
O'Brien's predecessor and successor
O'Brien's predecessor... and successor
O'Brien's replacing him
O'Brien's successor
One side of a famous NBC feud
One who follows the news
One who follows the news?
Onetime SNL host
Open-mesh fabric
Open-weave fabric
Open-weave fabric.
Openwork fabric
Owner of Big Dog Productions
Paar's successor's successor
"Portrayer of ""Iron Jay"" and ""Evil Jay"""
Predecessor and successor of O'Brien
Primary source of this puzzle's punchlines
Primetime host starting in Fall 2009
Recent TV retiree
Recently retired Jay
Retired TV talk host
Retired late-night host
Retiree of 2009
Soft fabric.
Soft light fabric.
"Soft, light fabric."
"Soft, meshed fabric"
Someone to see before retiring?
Source of much political humor
Source of political news for many Americans
Stand-up guy who works nights
Star following the news
Star seen around midnight
Star seen at night
Star viewed at night
"Subject of the 1994 best seller ""The Late Shift"""
Subject of the book 'The Late Shift'
Successor to Allen
"TV comic who has a regular ""Popular Mechanics"" column"
"TV comic who wrote ""If Roast Beef Could Fly"""
"TV guy and ""Popular Mechanics"" columnist"
TV host
TV host Jay
TV host known for his mandibular prognathism
TV host since 1992
TV host since 5/25/92
"TV host who does ""Headlines"""
TV host who has a YouTube channel dedicated to cars
TV host who retired in 2014
TV host who was a defense witness at Michael Jackson's 2005 trial
TV host who writes a car column
"TV host who wrote ""Leading With My Chin"""
TV host who's a car enthusiast
TV host with a big car collection
TV host with a college degree in speech therapy
TV host with a large car collection
TV host with a substantial car collection
TV host with bandleader Eubanks
TV monologist
TV personality
TV retiree of 2009
TV show host who's a big car buff
TV star who's a noted jazz fan
TV talker who owns nearly 200 vehicles
TV's Jay
Talk show host
Talk show host who collects cars
Talk show host who's a big jazz fan
Talk show host who's a noted jazz fan
Talk show retiree of 2009
Talk-show host since 1992
Talkshow host
The Late Shift character
This Jay's not blue
Tonight's host
Two over Paar?
Type of weave
Type of weave.
Weeknight monologist
Weeknightly monologist
Weeknightly monologuist
Where Schwarzenegger broke the news
"Who once remarked ""You can't stay mad at somebody who makes you laugh"""
Woven fabric
“Jaywalking” guy
Fallon’s predecessor
'Leading with My Chin'' author
Host with a TV "Garage"
Longtime TV figure known for his garage
Fallon predecessor
Jay once of ”The Tonight Show”
Host of a CNBC show about motor vehicles
Fallon predecessor
Fallon predecessor
TV host Jay ____
Jay once of ''The Tonight Show''
Fallon's ''Tonight'' predecessor
Fallon replaced him
''Leading with My Chin'' autobiographer
Longtime Letterman rival
Letterman's rival
Fallon predecessor
Dan —, music hall comedian born George Galvin in 1860
Comedian Jay ____
Carson's successor
Comic Jay
Comic Jay
Comic Jay
Fallon's predecessor
Fallon predecessor
Fallon's predecessor
Carson's successor
TV host Jay ____
Letterman's rival
Longtime host who wrote "Leading With My Chin"
Comedian Jay ____
Fallon's predecessor
Carson's successor
Fallon's "Tonight Show" predecessor
Fallon's predecessor
Carson's successor
Fallon predecessor
TV host who went "Jaywalking"
TV host Jay ____
Letterman's rival
Letterman's rival
Letterman's rival
Letterman's rival
Jay with jokes
Jay with jokes
Jay once of ''The Tonight Show''
Comedian Jay ____
Comedian Jay ____
Comedian Jay ____
Comedian Jay ____
Dan —, music hall comedian born George Galvin in 1860
Dan —, music hall comedian born George Galvin in 1860
He came before and after O'Brien
He came before and after O'Brien
Hall announced for him
Carson's successor
Carson's successor
Carson's successor
Carson's successor
TV host Jay ____
TV host Jay ____
TV host Jay ____
TV host Jay ____
Letterman's rival
Letterman's rival
Comedian Jay ____
Comedian Jay ____
Joking Jay
Comic Jay
Lantern-jawed former TV host
Wry Jay
Carson's successor
Carson's successor
Fallon's predecessor
TV host Jay ____
TV host Jay ____
Comedian Jay ____
Comedian Jay ____
Jay who preceded Jimmy
Jay once of ''The Tonight Show''
Letterman's rival
Fallon's predecessor
Letterman's rival
Fallon's predecessor
Jay once seen nightly
Jay of late night fame
Comedian Jay ____
Carson's successor
"Leading With My Chin" autobiographer
Carson's successor
Host before Fallon
Jay with jokes
Funnyman Jay
Billy Crystal was his first guest
TV host Jay ____
Fallon predecessor
Fallon predecessor
Letterman's rival
''Tonight Show'' host before Fallon
Jay with a famous car collection
Comedian Jay ____
Carson's successor
Carson's successor
Jay who preceded Jimmy Fallon
Carson's successor
TV host Jay ____
Letterman's rival
Comedian Jay ____
Fallon's predecessor
Carson's successor
TV host Jay ____
Letterman's rival
Fallon's predecessor
Whom Fallon succeeded
Comedian Jay ____
Fallon followed him
Carson's successor
Monologist before Fallon
TV host Jay ____
Jay in the Television Hall of Fame
Letterman's rival
Comic Jay
Comedian Jay ____
Host before Fallon
Carson's successor
Former late-night host
''Tonight Show'' host before Fallon
TV host Jay ____
Jay with a prominent chin
Jay once of ''The Tonight Show''
Comedian Jay ____
Fallon's predecessor
Letterman's rival
Former ''Tonight Show'' host
Comedian Jay
Jay who retired from "The Tonight Show"
Jay of TV fame
2014 TV retiree
Late-night host Jay
Car-collecting comedian
Comedian Jay ____
Jay once of ''The Tonight Show''
Carson's successor
Carson successor Jay
Former late-night monologist
Predecessor and successor of 44-Across
TV host who won a Mark Twain Prize for American Humor
Longtime "The Tonight Show" host Jay
Funnyman Jay
Former late-night host who has a voice cameo in "Cars" as Jay Limo
TV host Jay
Successor of Carson
Jay of TV fame
Jay who was formerly seen on late-night TV
Joker Jay
Longtime NBC host Jay
Former ''Tonight Show'' host
Comic Jay
Letterman's rival
Jay of "The Tonight Show"
Fallon's predecessor
"The Tonight Show With Jay ___" (former late-night show)
Carson's successor
Comic Jay
Comedian Jay whose CNBC show about cars is in its fourth season
Comedian Jay ____