Word: LETS

The word LETS has appeared in at least 306 clues on different crosswords.

LETS definition(s):

plural of let

third-person singular simple present indicative form of let

• Plural form of let.

• Third-person singular simple present indicative form of let.

"""--- Do It"""
"""-Fall in Love"""
"""Aw, what the hell"""
"""C'mon, ___ be friends"""
"""Don't see why we shouldn't"""
"""Hey, why not?!"""
"""I think we should!"""
"""I think we should"""
"""I'm game if you're game!"""
"""I'm game!"""
"""I'm game"""
"""I'm in!"""
"""I'm up for it"""
"""Nothing's stopping us"""
"""O.K, why not?"""
"""O.K., why not?"""
"""OK, I'm game"""
"""Oh, why not?!"""
"""Oh, why not?"""
"""Shall we dance?"" reply"
"""Shall we?"""
"""Shall we?"" answer"
"""Shall we?"" reply"
"""Shall we?"" response"
"""Sounds like a plan!"""
"""Sounds like fun!"""
"""Sure we should"""
"""Sure, I'll go along"""
"""Sure, I'm game!"""
"""Sure, I'm game"""
"""Sure, I'm game."""
"""Sure, I'm up for it"""
"""Sure, why don't we?!"""
"""Sure, why don't we?"""
"""Sure, why not!"""
"""Sure, why not?!"""
"""Sure, why not?"""
"""That's a splendid idea!"""
"""We can do it together!"""
"""We should do it!"""
"""We should totally do it!"""
"""We should!"""
"""We totally should"""
"""We'll do it!"""
"""We're in!"""
"""What's stopping us?"""
"""Why don't we!"""
"""Why don't we..."""
"""Why don't we?!"""
"""Why don't we?"""
"""Why not!"""
"""Why not?!"""
"""Why not?"""
"""Yes ___!"""
"""Yes"" to an invitation"
"""You ready?"" response"
"""___ Call It a Day,"" 1932 song"
"""___ Call the Whole Thing Off"""
"""___ Dance"" (David Bowie album)"
"""___ Do It"" (Cole Porter tune)"
"""___ Do It"" (Porter tune)"
"""___ Do It,"" 1928 song"
"""___ Do lt"": 1928"
"""___ Face It."""
"""___ Fall in Love"""
"""___ Fall in Love"": old song"
"""___ Fall in Love,"" 1933 song"
"""___ Fall in Love."""
"""___ Get It On"" (#1 hit for Marvin Gaye)"
"""___ Get It On"" (1973 Marvin Gaye chart-topper)"
"""___ Get It On"" (Marvin Gaye album)"
"""___ Get Small"" (Steve Martin comedy album)"
"""___ Go Crazy"" (#1 Prince hit)"
"""___ Go Mets!"""
"""___ Go"" (travel guidebook series)"
"""___ Hear It for the Boy"" (1984 hit)"
"""___ Make A Deal"""
"""___ Make Love,"" Monroe film"
"""___ Make a Deal"""
"""___ dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues"""
"""___ do it!"""
"""___ get this party started!"""
"""___ get this party started"""
"""___ go trick-or-treating!"""
"""___ go!"""
"""___ go, Mets!"""
"""___ not and say we did"""
"""___ not fight"""
"""___ play Millionaire!"""
"""___ play two!"""
"""___ play two!"" (Ernie Banks catchphrase)"
"""___ pretend"""
"""___ rock and roll!"""
"""why don't we?"""
'I'm game!'
'I'm up for it!'
"'Oh, why not?'"
'Shall we?' reply
'Why don't we
'Why don't we'
'Why don't we?'
"'Yes, we should!'"
'You're on!'
'___ Dance' (Benny Goodman theme)
'___ go Mets!' (Shea Stadium cheer)
'___ go to the videotape!'
"Admits, with 'in'"
Affirmative response
Agreeable word
"Al Green's ""___ Stay Together"""
Allows to
"Answer to ""Shall we?"""
"Answer to ""Wanna?"""
Beginning of a suggestion
"Bowie's ""___ Dance"""
"Bowie: ""___ Dance"""
Calls at Wimbledon
Calls at the net
Causes for third serves
Certain reply to an invitation
"Cole Porter's ""___ Do It"""
Cole Porter's '___ Do It'
Court calls
Court cries
Court do-overs
Court interferences
Court near misses
Court replays
Cry of concurrence
"David Bowie's ""___ Dance"""
"Do-overs, in tennis"
Doesn't block
Doesn't disallow
Doesn't forbid
Doesn't keep from
Enthusiastic response
Erects no barrier to
Fills a flat
Fills a flat?
Gives consent
Gives opportunity to
Gives opportunity to.
Gives permission
Gives permission to
Gives the go-ahead
Gives the green light
Gives the green light to
Gives the nod.
Hires out
Hires out.
I'm game!
Indie band ___ Go Sailing
Instances when service isn't perfect?
Inviting word
Inviting word.
Is permissive
Issues a lease
Leaves (alone).
Mistakes on the court
Net calls
Net decisions
Net grazers
Net tickers
Nullified tennis serves
"Oh, why not!"
"Oh, why not?"
"Okay, why not?"
"One answer to ""Should we?"""
"One answer to ""Wanna?"""
"One reply to ""Should we?"""
"One response to ""Want to?"""
Permits to
Polite response to an invitation
"Porter's ""___ Do It"""
Positive reply to an invitation
"Positive response to ""Shall we?"""
"Possible response to ""Shall we?"""
"Pretends, with ""on"""
"Prince ""___ Go Crazy"""
"Prince's ""___ Go Crazy"""
Reasons for do-overs
Rents (out)
Rents out
Rents out.
Repeated services
Replayed points
Replayed tennis points
"Reply to ""Shall we?"""
"Reply to ""Should we?"""
Reply to 'Shall we?'
Reserve rulings?
Reserved serves
Response of assent
"Response to ""Shall we?"""
"Response to ""Want to?"""
"Response to ""shall we?"""
Response to 'Shall we?'
Scoreless serves
Serves that don't count
Serves that hit the net cord
Serves to be reserved
Serves to reserve
Service boo-boos
Service do-overs
Services that need to be redone
Services to redo
Shall we?
Ska band ___ Go Bowling
"Slackens, with ""up"""
Some tennis plays
Start of a suggestion for action
Suggestion start
Suggestive contraction
"TV's ""___ Make a Deal"""
Takes a flat
Takes in tenants
Tennis calls
Tennis do-overs
Tennis mulligans
Tennis net grazers
Tennis replays
Tennis terms
They're re-served
They're reserved?
Umpire's calls
Verbal invitation
Voided serves
Voided tennis shots.
Why don't we?
Why not!
Why not?
Wimbledon calls
Wimbledon do-overs
"Word before ""Stay Together"" and ""Get Married"" in Al Green song titles"
"Word before go or ""go!"""
Word with up or down.
Word yelled before 'go' at Shea Stadium
___ Make a Deal
___ go (releases)
___ go!
___ go.
___ in a goal (plays a shot poorly)
___ play through (allows to pass)
___ through (allows a faster group by)
___ we forget rents
“Shall we?” reply
"Okay __ do it!"
"Okay __ do it!"
"__ do it!"
Grants leave to
Reply to "Shall we?"
'I'm game if you are'
Tennis do-overs
Rents permits
"I'm game!"
Serves to be done over
Reply to "Shall we?"
With 85-Across, "Dig in!"
Permits student to set off
Reply to "Shall we?"
"I'm game"
Rents out
Rents out
Rents out
Rents out
Rents out
Rents out
Rents out
Rents out
Rents out
Formal response to "Shall we?"
Formal response to "Shall we?"