The word LETSGO has appeared in at least 90 clues on different crosswords.

"""Are you ready yet?!"""
"""C'mon already!"""
"""C'mon, I think I hear the cops"""
"""C'mon, move it!"""
"""C'mon, offense!"""
"""Come on!"""
"""Come on, guys!"""
"""Come on, pack your stuff...!"""
"""Come on, we're late"""
"""Get a move on!"""
"""Hurry up!"""
"""Hurry up, will you?"""
"""I'm ready to leave"""
"""I've seen enough"""
"""Move it!"""
"""Move it"""
"""Move it, already!"""
"""Move out!"""
"""On your feet!"""
"""On your feet"""
"""Shake a leg!"""
"""Start moving"""
"""This place sucks"""
"""Time to leave"""
"""Time to roll!"""
"""Time to split!"""
"""Time's a-wastin'!"""
"""Van's leaving"""
"""We can do it, team!"""
"""We should get crackin'!"""
"""We're gonna miss the bus!"""
"""We're off!"""
"""We're outta here!"""
"""We're outta here"""
"""What are we waiting for?"""
"""___ surfing now"""
'Hurry up!'
'We're ready!'
'What are we waiting for?'
1979 hit for The Cars
Cars hit of 1979
"Cars song that states ""I like the nightlife baby"""
Encouraging words
Exclamation of enthusiasm.
Exhortation to the team
Greeting for the Mets
It's time to mosey
It.s time to leave!
Lonely Planet competitor
Met fan's entreaty
Phrase calling for action.
Popular song by The Cars
Shall we be off?
Stadium call
The Student Travel Guide
Travel guidebook company
Words of encouragement
Words that get legs to move
"Get a move on!"
"Come on!"
"Come on!"
Releases grip (4,2)
Turns loose
Hurry up with releases
"Get a move on!"
'Come on!'
"Get a move on!"
'Come on already!'
Releases grip (4,2)
"Get a move on!"
"Get a move on!"
"Get a move on!"
Releases grip (4,2)
"C'mon, move on!"