The word LINEN has appeared in at least 270 clues on different crosswords.

"""And the priest shall put on his ___ garment"" (Le 6""10)"
Air one's dirty ___
Alb material
Anniversary gift after leather
Anniversary gift before wood
Bed Bath & Beyond purchase
Bed cover
Bed sheet material
"Bed sheets, etc."
Bedding and such
Bedding material
"Bedding, tablecloths, etc."
Bedsheet fabric
Bedsheet material
"Bedsheet, perhaps"
Bedsheets and such
"Bedsheets, e.g."
"Bedsheets, towels and such"
Big industry in Belfast
Bridal gift
Cambric or damask
Certain closet contents
Certain cloth
Chambermaid's charge
Chambermaid's concern
Chambermaid's purview
Chambermaid's supply
Closet cloth
Closet collection
Closet contents
"Closet contents, maybe"
Closet filler
Closet items
Closet material
"Closet material, sometimes"
Closet near the bath
Closet stuff
Closet type
Closet with bedding
Cloth from flax
Cloth in the closet
Cloth made from flax
Comfy bedsheet material
Common shower gift
Contents of certain closets
Contents of some closets
Cool fabric
"Cool, lustrous fabric"
Dirty ___ (family secrets)
Dirty ___ (potential embarrassment)
Dish towel material
Dish-towel fabric
Dress goods.
Dundee product
Easily wrinkled fabric
Eton collar material
Fabric for an amice
Fabric for bedsheets
Fabric from flax
Fabric made from flax
Fabric woven from flax
Fancy napkin fabric
Fine paper
Fine shirting
Fine stationary.
Fine stationery
Fine stationery.
Fine writing paper
Flax cloth
Flax fabric
Flax fiber fabric
Flax product
Flax thread
Flaxen fabric
Flaxen material
Fourth anniversary gift
Fourth-anniversary gift
Glacial ridges
Hankie material
Hanky material
"Hanky material, sometimes"
High-grade stationery.
Hope chest contents
Hope chest contents.
Hope chest filler
Hope-chest fabric
Hotel housekeeping supply
Hotel supply
Household articles
Household furnishings.
Household need.
Housekeeping concern
Housekeeping supply
Important Irish export
Irish export
Irish specialty.
It may be in the closet
It may come out of the closet
It may suit you
It might be in the closet
It often needs ironing
It suits some
It's closeted
It's kept in a closet
It's kept in the closet
It's sometimes dirty
Item not to be washed
Items in the wash
Kind of cabinet
Kind of closet
Kind of shower
Laundry material
Lightweight shirt material
Like some shirts
Made from flax
Made of flax
Maid's supply
Makeup of some napkins
Material from flax
Material of some napkins
Material on tables and beds
Motel supply
Napkin cloth
Napkin fabric
Napkin material
Napkins and such
Napkins or sheets
Neutral shade
One might sleep on it
Popular wedding gift
Product from flax
Reggae's Terry
Ruff stuff
Rule: eventually clean sheets (5)
Scrim material
Shade of white
Sheet material
Sheets and napkins
Sheets and pillow cases
Sheets and pillowcases
Sheets and stuff
Sheets and such
Sheets and tablecloths
"Sheets and tablecloths, for instance"
Sheets on a shelf
"Sheets on a shelf, collectively"
"Sheets, etc."
"Sheets, pillowcases, etc."
"Sheets, tablecloths, etc."
Shroud material
Shroud of Turin material
Some bedding
Some closet contents
Sometimes it s dirty
Stuff in a closet
Sturdy cloth
Summer fabric
Summer skirt material
Summer suit material
Table covers
Table dressing
Tablecloth cloth
Tablecloth fabric
Tablecloth material
"Tablecloths, e.g."
"Tablecloths, etc."
Technique for picking up new material? (5)
Thread from flax
"Tiny Dancer lyric ""Lay me down in sheets of ___"""
Toile or cambric.
Traditional fourth-anniversary gift
Turin shroud material
Twelfth anniversary gift
Type of closet
Type of closet with bedsheets
"Wale ""White ___ (Coolin')"""
"What Thao might ""Like"" on her bed"
What runners might be made of
White goods
White goods.
White sale goods
White sale item
White sale purchase
White sale stuff
White-sale buy
White-sale feature
Word after bed or table
Word before closet
Word with closet or shower
Woven from flax
Wrinkle-prone fabric
___ closet
___ closet (where sheets are stored)
Cloth woven from flax
Kitchen towel fabric
See 52 Across
Type of cloth or closet
Tablecloths and napkins
Flax product
See 53 Down
White sale purchase
Fabric from flax
White sale purchase
Cloth woven from flax
Traditional fourth-anniversary gift
Fabric made from flax
Sheets and such
Fine fabric
Fine fabric
Flax product
Flax product
Fancy napkin fabric
Material from row 14?
Bar is not open for men of the cloth perhaps
You might sleep on it
White sale buy
Bed sheets
Fabric from flax
Flax product
Easily-creased fabric
Tablecloth material
Fine fabric
Sheets and stuff
Sheet material
Sheets and such
Flax product
Cloth made of flax
Flax product
Sheet material
Cloth made from flax
Flax product
Sheet material
Maid's armful
Cloth made of flax
Sheets and such
Bed sheets
Bed Bath & Beyond buy
Fabric from flax
Closet contents, perhaps
Bed sheets
Material made from the fibres of the flax plant
Contents of some closets
Napkins and such
Fine fabric
Flax product
Cloth woven from flax
Shams, say
Cloth made of flax
Bed sheets
Cloth made of flax
Sheets, e.g.