Word: LOAF

The word LOAF has appeared in at least 182 clues on different crosswords.

"""Half a ___ is better than none"""
"""Web in Front"" Archers of ___"
Act like a couch potato
Act the bum
Act the goldbrick
An object of Wonder?
Archers of ___
Avoid work
Baguette or challah
"Baguette, e.g."
Baker's unit
Bakery buy
Bakery item
Bakery offering
Bakery product
Bakery purchase
Bakery sale
Bakery unit
Be a chair-warmer
Be a goldbrick
Be a slacker
Be idle
Be lazy
Be unproductive
Bread buy
Bread in the oven
Bread knife target
Bread machine output
Bread or meat unit
Bread package
Bread purchase
Bread shape.
Bread unit
Bread's form
Bum (around)
Bum around
Cake shape.
Do little
Do no work
Do nothing
Do nothing.
Do zilch
Dog it
Don't do anything
Don't do much of anything
Don't lift a finger
Don't work much
Emulate a couch potato
Eschew exertion
Fail to work
Future slices
Get nothing done
Go on a staycation
Goof off
Half a ___
Half of it is better than none
Hang about
Hang around
Hang around idly
Hang out
Hunk of bread
Idle away time
It has two heels
Just sit around
Just watch TV
"Just watch TV, say"
Kick back
Kill time
Kind of cake.
Laze about
Lie about
Loll around
Lounge about
Lounge about.
Lounge around
Lounge idly
Measure of bread
Meat ___
Meat ___.
Molded mass of food.
More than relax
"Noggin, to Brits"
One of Omar's three wishes
Package of bread
Pass time idly
Piece of sugar.
Play the goldbricker
Plenty of bread
Plenty of bread?
Prolong the coffee break
Rye bread unit
Rye buy
Rye unit
Scrapple unit
Shape of some baking pans
Shape of some sugar.
Shaped meat dish
Shirk work
Shun work
Singer Meat
Sit around
Sit idly
Slack off
Sugar ___ Mountain
Sugar or bread follower
Sugar or meat
Take it easy
Take it easy.
Take life easy
Take one's ease
Type of cake
Unit of bread
Unsliced bread unit
Veg out
Waste time
What goldbricks do
What slugabeds do
Where to find a couple of heels
Wonder buy
Wonder quantity
Wonder unit
Word with meat or sugar
Work in a bakery and goof off?
Do some chilling
Bread unit
Goof off
Hang around lazily
Have no industry
Pumpernickel purchase
Rye buy
Mass of bread
Bread amount
Bread buy
Bread slicer input
Goof off
Leads life of a fantasist in local lounge
Don't work too hard
Rye buy
Shaped mass of bread
Shaped mass of bread
Be unproductive
Wonder unit
Slack off
Mass of bread
Bread buy
Mass of baked bread
Oblong edible
Bread shape
Goof off
Block of bread
Bakery buy
Mass of bread
Bakery buy
Goof off
Bread unit
Left fool a bloomer, say
Bread unit
Mass of bread
Package of bread
Sit around
Rye buy
Lounge about
Act the couch potato
Waste time
Bread unit