The word LOANS has appeared in at least 123 clues on different crosswords.

"Activities by which money is created, in a central banking system"
Acts as banker
Advances made by bankers
Advances of money
Aid for shy people?
Amounts borrowed
Assistance for short people?
Bad things from sharks?
Bank bueiness
Bank business
Bank business.
Bank deals
Bank department
Bank offerings
Bank products
Bank sign
Bank transactions
Bank transactions.
Bank-sign word
Banker's offerings
Bankers' deals
Bankers' transactions
Banking business
Banking deals
Banking service
Banking transactions
Banks may float them
Bearers of interest
Borrowed funds
CIBC transactions
Cash advances
Certain transactions.
Credit union offerings
Financier's business
Foreign aid.
Funds forwarded
Gives out money
Gives temporary use of.
Graduate's financial burden
Grants temporarily.
Hands out for a bit
"Home buyers' needs, usually"
Items of interest
Items of interest.
Items taken from some sharks
Lends cash
Library transactions
"Mortgages, essentially"
Offerings from credit unions or mortgage brokers
Pawnbroker's deals
Pawnshop sign
"Pawnshop sign, perhaps"
People may take them out to buy boats
Poor students sometimes get them
Postcollegiate stresses
Postgraduate burden
Quicken offerings
Sallie Mae offerings
Shark's business
Shark's concerns
Sharks' deals
Sharks' offerings
Shylock's deals
Shylock's offerings
Some are secured
"Some are secured, others aren't"
Some bank assets
Some shark products
Some student needs
Student ___
Student aids
"Student's obligations, often"
Students may take them out
Students often take them out
Subprime offerings
They bear interest
They can be a source of constant interest
They can result in shark attacks
They have principals
They have principals?
They may be a credit to you
They may be floated
They may get some interest
They may involve balloons
They might be preapproved
They're granted
They're often floated
They're taken by students
They're taken out
Things of interest?
Usurer's offerings
Usurers' deals
What many college students carry
What railbirds seek*
Bank offerings
Gives temporarily
Things borrowed
Bank business
Cash advances
Quicken product
Bank offerings
Cash advances
Cash advances
Certain bank transactions
Students often take them out
Credit union offerings
Borrowed funds from Central banks in Laos exchange
They're often on the house
Money to be returned
Money "understandings"
They're taken out by students
Postgraduation stressors, for some
Banks' money grants
There's interest in them
Bank offerings
Bank offerings
Bank transactions
Prerequisites for some college students
Cash advances