The word LOPES has appeared in at least 89 clues on different crosswords.

1984 Olympic marathon winner Carlos
An artful Dodger
Baseballer Davey
Bounds along
Bounds along easily
Canters leisurely
Casual strides
Certain gaits
Davey of baseball
Davey of baseball fame
Davey of the 1970s Dodgers
Easy gaits
Easy gaits.
Easy gallops
Easy paces
Easy runs
Easy strides
"Easy, swinging gaits"
Former Brewers manager Davey
Gentle gallops
Gently gallops
Goes at an easy gait.
Horse gaits
Horses' gaits
L.A. all-star infielder
"Late TLC member Lisa ""Left Eye"" ___"
Leisure gaits
Leisurely gaits
"Long, easy strides"
Makes big strides
Moves easily
Moves leisurely
Moves with an easy gait.
Moves with bounding steps
Natural gaits
Paces between walks and runs
Proceeds smoothly
Runs across the field
Runs at a steady gait
Runs easily
Runs easily.
Runs gently
Runs gracefully
Runs in a certain way.
Runs leisurely
Runs like a deer
Runs sans rushing
"Runs with a steady, easy gait"
Runs with an easy gait
Runs with long strides
Runs with wolves?
Significant strides
Smooth paces
Some gaits
Strides along
Strides easily
Swings along.
"TLC member nicknamed ""Left Eye"""
Takes easy strides
Takes large strides
Takes long strides
Trots along
Trots along easily
Walks like Groucho
Runs easily
Horses' runs
Easy gaits
Lightly gallops or runs
Bounds along
Runs with an easy gait
Long strides
Walks poles around
Bounds along
Long bounding strides
Strides easily
Easy gaits
Easy strides
Leslie, out of work, goes running
Long, easy strides
Long bounding strides
Proceeds smoothly
Runs easily