Word: LSD

The word LSD has appeared in at least 601 clues on different crosswords.

"""Acid"" drug"
"""Acid"" used for trips"
"""Acid"" used in some trips"
"""Acid,"" briefly"
"""Blue tabs"""
"""Blue tabs,"" briefly"
"""Dropped"" '60s drug"
"""Dropped"" drug"
"""Dropped"" substance"
"""Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"" drug"
"""Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"" subject, supposedly"
"""Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"" topic, some thought"
"""Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,"" briefly?"
"""Purple haze"""
"""The Joyous Cosmology"" subj."
"""Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out"" subject"
"""Turn on"" drug"
"""Turn on, tune in, drop out"" drug"
"""Turn on, tune in, drop out"" substance"
"'60s ""acid"""
"'60s ""trip"" drug"
"'60s ""trip"" inducer"
'60s counterculture hallucinogen
'60s counterculture hallucinogenic
'60s counterculture substance
'60s drug
'60s drug briefly
'60s hallucinogen
'60s hallucinogenic
"'60s inspiration, for some"
'60s letters
'60s psychedelic
'60s psychedelic drug
'60s trip cause
'60s trip inducer
"'60s trip starter, initially"
'60s tripper's substance
"'The Trip' subject, 1967"
1960s drug
1960s hallucinogen
1960s hits?
60's trip cause
60's turn-on
60s drug
60s psychedelic
"A drug, for short"
A hallucinogen
"A hallucinogen, for short"
A psychotomimetic
A raver might drop it
A turn-on
Abbr. for an acid
Acid dropper's need
Acid for trips
Acid in the '60s
Acid letters
Acid ltrs.
Acid one can ingest
Acid that many dropped
Acid used in some trips
"Acid, abbr."
"Acid, in the '60s"
"Acid, in the 60's"
"Acid, so to speak"
Acidhead's drug
Acidhead's purchase
Agent for a trip taker?
Agent for a trip?
Agent of psychedelic therapy
Alternative to mushrooms
Alternative to shrooms
Banned substance
Bit of psychedelia
Blotter paper substance
Blotter substance
Blotter-paper application
Blotting paper application
Br. money
"Brit. currency, once"
Brit. monetary system
"Brit. money, formerly"
"British currency, for short."
British currency.
British currency: Abbr.
British money.
British money: Abbr.
British wherewithal.
C20 H25 N3 O
"C20H25N3O, commonly"
Cannabis strain named after an entirely different drug
"Cause of a bad trip, perhaps"
Cause of a bad trip?
"Cause of a flashback, perhaps"
Cause of a hippie high
Cause of a trip
"Cause of a trip in ""Easy Rider"""
"Cause of many trips, once"
Cause of some '60s trips
Cause of some bad trips
Cause of some flashbacks
Cause of some trips
Cause of tripping?
"Certain illegal drug, for short"
Certain illegal turn-on
Certain psychedelic
Certain turn-on
Cheap trip source
Chemical find of 1943
Common tripping cause
Concert contraband
Controversial drug
Crystalline compound derived from ergot
"Danger signal, current style."
Dangerous drug
Deadhead's supply
"Don't drop it, or you might trip"
Don't trip on this!
Dr. Leary used it on some trips
"Dr. Leary's ""Prescription"""
"Dr. Leary's ""prescription"""
Dr. Leary's drug
Dr. Leary's trip starter
Dr. Leary's turn-on
Dr. Tim's drug
Drop it
Dropped drug
Dropped hallucinogen
Dropped stuff
Dropped stuff?
"Drug ""dropped"" in the '60s"
Drug advocated by Leary
Drug advocated by Timothy Leary
"Drug also called ""acid"""
Drug also called acid
Drug also known as sugar
Drug banned in the U.S. in 1967
"Drug called ""acid"""
Drug derived from ergot
Drug dropped in the '60s
Drug for Hunter S. Thompson
"Drug in ""Apocalypse Now"""
"Drug in some fabulously misguided episodes of ""Dragnet"""
"Drug ingested in ""Easy Rider"""
Drug initials
Drug on blotter paper
Drug on blotting paper
Drug once available under the commercial name Delysid
Drug once tested extensively by CIA employees
"Drug said to be referenced in a Beatles song title, initially"
Drug sold in microdots
Drug sold on blotting paper
Drug taken by Timothy Leary
Drug tested on U.S. citizens by the CIA in the 1950s
Drug that can cause an acid trip
Drug that can cause flashbacks
Drug that causes tripping
Drug that comes in tabs
Drug that might cause flashbacks
Drug that was dropped in the '60s
Drug that's dropped
Drug to be Leary of
Drug used in old CIA mind-control experiments
Drug with blotter art
"Drug, for short"
"Eng. monetary units, formerly"
"England's money, for short."
English money initials
"English money, Latin style."
English money: Abbr.
Flashback cause
"Flashback cause, maybe"
Flashback causer
Flashback drug
Flashback trigger
Former U.K. currency sys.
Fuel for some trips?
Grain-fungus drug
Hallucination cause
Hallucination drug
Hallucination producer
Hallucinatory drug
Hallucinatory drug.
Hallucinatory stuff
Hallucinogen letters
Hallucinogen popular in the '60s
"Hallucinogen, for short"
"Hallucinogenic ""acid"""
Hallucinogenic chem.
Hallucinogenic drug
Hallucinogenic initials
Hallucinogenic letters
Hallucinogenic monogram
Hallucinogenic stuff
Hallucinogenic tab
Hardcore punkers Rich Kids on ___
Hippie drug
Hippie's buy
Hit from the '60s?
Hits from the 1960s?
"Hot Hot Heat ""JFK's ___"""
"Hot Hot Heat song ""JFK's ___"""
"If you drop it, you may see things"
"If you drop it, you may trip"
"If you take it more than seven times, you're supposedly legally insane"
"Illegal ""acid"""
Illegal drug
Illegal manufacture
Illegal thing to drop
Infamous acid
Initials in the headlines.
Initials in the news.
"Initials of a ""Sgt. Pepper's Song,"" famously"
Inspiration for psychedelic rock
It can be dropped
It can cause one to trip
It can cause strange visions
It can have you seeing things
It causes hallucinations
It causes tripping
It greatly improves Animal Collective records
It helped Dr. Leary take some trips
It made Leary bleary
It made Leary bleary?
It makes psych records sound better
It may be dropped when one trips
It may cause a bad trip
It may cause you to trip
It may make you see things
It might be on a blotter
It might be taken before a trip
It might cause you to trip
It might come with a sugarcube
It might make you see things
It sends people on trips
It sent Timothy Leary on a trip
It was dropped at Woodstock
It was dropped before trips
It was dropped in the '60s
It was dropped in the 1960s
It was dropped in the 60's
It was formerly used to treat alcoholism
It was heavily dropped about four decades ago
It was quite a turn-on in the '60s
It'll change your mind
It'll make you see things
It'll send you on a trip
It's dropped
It's dropped at music festivals
It's dropped before tripping
It's dropped for a trip
It's dropped on trips
It's easy to trip on
It's illegal to drop
It's illegal to drop it
It's only effective if dropped
It's psychedelic
It's sold in sheets
It's sometimes added to a sugar cube
It's taken for a trip
It's taken for some trips
It's taken for trips
It's taken on a trip?
It's used for some trips
It's usually tripped on deliberately
Item dropped at Woodstock?: abbr.
Its purpose is to turn on
John Lennon took many trips on it
"Junkie's ""acid"""
Kind of trip
Launch and landing vessel: abbr.
Leary letters
Leary tripped on it
Leary's Special Dose?
Leary's acid
Leary's drug
Leary's drug of choice
Leary's hallucinogen
Leary's psychedelic
Leary's special drug
Leary's transport
Leary's turn-on
Letters associated with Timothy Leary
Letters for Leary
Letters from Leary?
"Lifesaver, often"
Long trips are taken on it
"Lysergic acid diethylamide, familiarly"
Means of changing one's mind
Means to the high life?
Mind-altering drug
Mind-blowing drug
"Mind-blowing material, briefly"
Mind-expander of a sort
Mind-influencing drug
"Money, London style."
Much-discussed initials of a 1967 Beatles song
Narc's find
"Narc's find, perhaps"
Narc's haul
One may trip on it
Onetime aid in psychotherapy
People tripped on it at Woodstock
"Petty ""Girl on ___"""
"Pounds, shillings, pence."
Powerful psychedelic
Project MKULTRA drug
Provider of a hippie's high
Psychedelic Cali rockers ___ and the Search for God
Psychedelic derived from ergot
Psychedelic drug
Psychedelic drug of the '60s
"Psychedelic drug, for short"
Psychedelic drug.
Psychedelic drug: Abbr.
Psychedelic initials
Psychedelic monogram
Psychedelic music drug
Psychedelic of the '60s
Psychedelic of the 60's
Psychedelic stuff
Psychedelic substance
"Psychotherapy aid, once"
Public Enemy song about psychedelic?
Rented: Abbr.
"Requirement to enjoy prog rock, they say"
"Roger Sterling took it in ""Mad Men"""
Sandoz Laboratories drug
Semi-synthetic psychedelic
Show trip producer?
Sixties drug
Some '60s hits?
Some albums sound better on it
Some baby boomers dropped it
Some dropped tabs
Something dropped before tripping?
Something dropped by one who trips?
Something that's illegal to drop
Something to drop for a trip
Something to trip on
Something you might trip on
Source of a Woodstock high
Source of a hippie's high
"Source of a hippie's high, perhaps"
Source of some '60s trips
Source of some flashbacks
Source of some hallucinations
Source of some strange visions
"Source of some strange visions, for short"
Start of a bad trip?
Start of a trip?
Start of some trips
"Subj. in ""The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test"""
"Subject of ""Hofmann's Potion"""
"Subject of a ""Sgt. Pepper's"" song, supposedly"
"Subject of a ""Sgt. Pepper's"" tune, allegedly"
Subject of secret Cold War military experiments
Subject of some '50s-'60s experiments
Subject of some overreaching 1960s anti-drug propaganda movies
Substance of the '60s
Substance that made Leary bleary
"Supposed subject of ""Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"""
T. Leary's acid
Tab for a great trip
Tab for a trip
Tab for a trip?
Take it for a trip
Target of some DEA seizures
The Merry Pranksters' drug
The Trip subject
"The Trip subject, 1967"
The U.S. banned it in 1967
The U.S. banned it in 1968
Thing dropped for trips
Thing taken on a vision quest
This will get you high if dropped
Ticket for a certain trip
Tim Leary's hallucinogen
Time Warner offering
Timothy Leary drug
Timothy Leary stash
Timothy Leary turn-on
"Timothy Leary's ""acid"""
"Timothy Leary's ""turn-on"""
Timothy Leary's drug
Timothy Leary's drug choice
Timothy Leary's hallucinogen
Timothy Leary's pick-me-up?
Timothy Leary's turn-on
Timothy Leary's turnon
Timothy Leary's vice
Timothy's drug
"Tom Petty ""Girl on ___"""
Trip agent?
Trip cause
"Trip facilitator, for short"
Trip inducer
Trip inits.
Trip instigator
Trip letters
Trip medium of the '60s
"Trip need, perhaps"
Trip need?
Trip pane
Trip preparation
Trip preparation?
Trip producer
Trip producer?
Trip promoter?
Trip provider?
Trip starter
Trip starter?
Trip tab
Trip taker's hallucinogen
"Trip tripper, for short"
Trip vehicle?
Trip-inducing chemical
Trip-inducing drug
Trip-taker's agent?
"Trip-taker's aid, perhaps"
Trip-taking cause
Trip-taking letters
Trip-taking need?
Tripper's buy
Tripper's drug
Tripper's turn-on
Trippers call it acid
Tripping cause
Trippy letters
Trippy stuff
Trippy tab
UK cash once
"What ""Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"" may or may not be about"
What Leary tripped on
What Timothy Leary dropped
What a hippie may have dropped
What made Leary bleary
"What some thought ""Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"" was about"
"What the ""turn on"" part refers to in ""Tune in, turn on, drop out"""
"Will's uncle in ""The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"""
Wonder drug of the 60s?
Woodstock supply
You can trip on it
You may trip if you drop it
You might trip on it
"You might trip on it, for short"
You'll trip if you drop it
Your parents might have dropped it
Hallucinogenic initials
Source of some flashbacks
Psychedelic drug
Hallucinogenic drug
Agent for trips?
Leary's drug
Drug for tripping
Acid that will make you see things
Mind-altering drug
Acid drug (1,1,1)
Leary's drug
Tripper's drug
Drug for Timothy Leary
Acid drug (1,1,1)
Leary's drug
Something taken in preparation for a trip
It produces visions
Timothy Leary's hallucinogen
Timothy Leary's turn-on
It's used for some trips
Leary's drug
Leary's drug
Sixties trip starter initially
Leary's drug
Hallucinogenic tabs
Tabs that cause hallucinations
Leary's drug
Leary's drug
You might trip on it
'60s tripping drug
'60s tripping drug
Sixties halucinogen
Sixties halucinogen
Tab for a trip
Hallucinogenic drug (1,1,1)
Hallucinatory tab
Hallucinatory tab
Hallucinogenic drug
It was often dropped in the '60s
Ergotamine derivative popular in the '60s
So-called 'battery acid'
Trip provider
It can take you on a trip
Drug in tabs
"Dropped" '60s drug
What Leary tripped on
60s drug (1,1,1)
'60s hallucinogen
Leary's drug
Stuff "tested" in the 1960s' Acid Tests
Deadhead's hits?
Leary's drug
Hallucinogenic drug
Hallucinogenic drug
The drug acid, by another name
Leary's drug
Mind-altering stuff
Psychedelic drug
Leary's drug
Leary's drug
Trippy '60s drug
Acid drug (1,1,1)
Old salt drops a lot of drugs
Perception-changing drug
Drug referenced in "The Joyous Cosmology"
'60s hallucinogen
Psychedelic drug, briefly
Leary's drug
Drug some were Leary of?
Hallucinogenic drug
Leary's drug
Leary's drug
Trip inducer, in brief
Drug taken in tabs
Trippy drug
Leary's drug
Tripper's tab
It makes people hallucinate
Subtext of Jefferson Airplane's 'White Rabbit'
Hallucinogenic drug
Acid, briefly
Hallucinogenic drug
Leary's drug
Subject of a repeated warning at Woodstock
'60s turn-on
Tabs of acid
Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Hallucinogenic tab
Trippy stuff
Hallucinogenic letters
Hallucinogenic drug
Hallucinogenic drug
Hallucinogenic drug
Acid rock's "acid"
Trippy drug
Hallucinogenic drug
Tripper's turn-on
Subj. of 'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test'
60s drug (1,1,1)
It might be dropped for a trip
Hallucinogenic drug that's "dropped": Abbr.
Agent of psychedelic therapy
Acid drug (1,1,1)
Cause of some flashbacks, for short
Psychedelic drug: Abbr.
Brit.money, for short
Tripping substance
1960s hallucinogen, for short
The "acid" in an acid trip: Abbr.
Drug featured in "The Good Shepherd"
Trippy drug
Leary's drug
Street drug
What Leary tripped on
Timothy Leary's drug
60s drug (1,1,1)
Drug used by Timothy Leary in the 1960s
Kind of trip
Woodstock drug
Kind of trip
It was dropped in the 60's
Trippy drug
Leary's drug
Hallucinatory drug
Leary dropped it
Hallucinogenic drug (1,1,1)
Tabbed drug
UK pre-decimal money
Dropped drug
'60s hallucinogen
Timothy Leary's drug
Trip letters
It was dropped in the 60's
Subject of many '60s hits?