The word LYSOL has appeared in at least 70 clues on different crosswords.

"""Disinfect to Protect"" brand"
"""Disinfect to protect"" sloganeer"
"""Kills 99.9% of bacteria"" product"
Antibacterial brand
Antiseptic brand
Best-selling disinfectant brand
Big name in disinfectants
Big name in home cleaning
Big name in household cleaning
Canned germ killer
Cleaner/disinfectant brand
Cleaning aid since 1889
Cleaning product since 1889
Cleanser brand
Clorox competitor
Custodian's supply
Disinfectant brand
Disinfectant name
Disinfectant spray
Disinfectant spray brand
Disinfectant whose active ingredient is benzalkonium chloride
Disinfecting Wipes brand
Everyday disinfectant
Germ-killing brand
Germicidal brand
Glade competitor
Household antiseptic
Household antiseptic brand
Household cleaner
Household cleanser once marketed as a douche
Household spray
It helps you clean up
Janitor's supply
"Maker of ""neutra air"" products"
Maker of Neutra Air sprays
Maker of Touch of Foam hand wash
Mr. Clean alternative
Mr. Clean rival
Neutra Air Fabric Mist seller
Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray maker
Oust competitor
Popular disinfectant
Popular disinfectant brand
Popular disinfectant brand that fights what's hidden in the answers to starred clues
Spic and Span rival
Spray brand
Spray under the sink
Mold & Mildew Blaster brand
Disinfectant brand
Disinfectant brand
Disinfectant brand
Janitor's supply
Janitor's supply
Disinfectant brand
Common disinfectant
Antiseptic brand since 1889
Disinfectant brand
Line of cleaners
Maker of Dual Action Disinfecting Wipes
It disinfects
Disinfectant trademark
Germ-killing brand
Disinfectant brand
Mr. Clean alternative
Maker of disinfectant sprays and wipes
Germ-killing brand
Brand that makes Mold & Mildew Blaster