The word MAFIA has appeared in at least 130 clues on different crosswords.

"""Boardwalk Empire"" subject"
"""Godfather"" group"
"""GoodFellas"" group"
"""Goodfellas"" group"
"""The Godfather"" crowd"
"""The Godfather"" group"
"""The Godfather"" subject"
"""The Sopranos"" bunch"
"""The Sopranos"" subject"
"""Valachi Papers"" subject"
"'05 ""In This River"" Black Label Society album"
'Valachi Papers' subject
"1998 comedy that spoofs films like ""The Godfather"" and ""Casino"""
"1998 film whose tagline is ""The comedy you can't refuse"""
"1998 movie with the tagline ""The comedy you can't refuse"""
A syndicate
Any dominating group
"Brotherhood depicted in ""The Valachi Papers"""
Brotherhood of evil.
Capo's crew
Capo's group
Capo's organization
Consigliere's organization
Coppola subject
Corleone's circle
Corleone's group
Corleones and crew
Cosa Nostra
Crime group
Crime syndicate
Crime-fighter's target
Criminal group
Criminal organization
Don's crowd
Don's family
Don's group
Don's organization
Family group
"Family in ""The Sopranos"""
"Family, of a sort"
Gangland clique
Godfather gang
Godfather's group
Gotti group
Group at some crime scenes
"Group featured in ""The Sopranos"""
Group in 'The Sicilian'
Group of gangs
"Group that has ""kingpins"""
"Group that offers ""protection"""
Group with 'kingpins'
Group with rackets
Hit group?
Its code of silence is called omert
John Gotti's group
Mario Puzo subject
Mario Puzo topic
Mediterranean union
Mob group
Organized crime
Organized crime group
Organized crime syndicate
Protection provider
Puso's theme
Puzo group
Puzo protagonist
Puzo subject
Puzo topic
Puzo wrote about it
Racketeer group.
Rackets rulers
Scorsese subject
Secret crime organization
Secret society
Secret society.
Secretive organized crime group
Sicilian invention.
Sicilian phenomenon.
Sicilian secret society
Sicilian society
Sopranos group
Swedish House ___
The Godfather group
"The fellas in ""GoodFellas"""
The mob
They may raise a racket
Three 6 ___
"Underworld ""family"""
Underworld 'family'
Underworld family
Underworld group
Underworld society
Where to find a capo
"Word never spoken in ""The Godfather"""
"Word never used in ""The Godfather"""
"Word not found in ""The Godfather"""
"Word not heard in ""The Godfather"""
"Word unheard in ""The Godfather"""
Don's group
Secret organisation; to mother, a bit of a fiasco?
Secret organisation; to mother, a bit of a fiasco?
"The Godfather" organization
"The Godfather" organization
Tony Soprano's outfit
Don's dominion
Cosa Nostra
Criminal organisation
The mob
Group in "GoodFellas"
Criminal organisation
Criminal organisation
Family group
"The Godfather" organization
Top rate celebrity snubbed and upset the mob
Criminal organisation
Cosa Nostra
Criminal organisation
Group with a code of silence
Mario Puzo subject
Underworld society
Gangland group
Criminal group
Criminal organisation
Mob family
Cosa Nostra