Word: MANE

The word MANE has appeared in at least 305 clues on different crosswords.

MANE definition(s):

• Longer hair growth around head of male lions

• Longer hair growth on back of neck of an animal, especially a horse or lion

• Long or thick hair of a person's head.

• long coarse hair growing from the crest of the animal's neck

• growth of hair covering the scalp of a human being

• The long hair in the neck of horses and lions.

• mane (of a horse, lion, etc.)

• Longer hair growth on back of neck of a horse

"'91 White Lion album ""___ Attraction"""
A lion has one
A pride of lions?
A stallion can have a long one
A zebra has a short one
Arab's locks
"Bald person's envy, maybe"
Barber's challenge
"Bareback rider's ""reins"""
Barn locks?
Bay feature
Bay shock
Big cat's thatch
Bison feature
Bison's feature.
Bison's locks
Bison's pride
Bjorn Borg trademark
Certain king's pride
Challenge for a barber
Charger's pride.
Clydesdale feature
Crowning glory
"Crowning glory, to a horse"
Currycomb target
Dobbin's tresses
"Equestrian's grip, maybe"
Equestrian's handful
Equestrian's handhold
Equine feature
Equine feature.
Equine tresses
Equine's pride
Extended locks
Fabio's coif e.g.
Feature of every creature on the United Kingdom's Royal coat of arms
Feature of some lions
Female lion's lack
Filly feature
Flowing hair
"Frontman feature, at times"
Full head of hair
Gnu feature
Gnu hair
Hair aplenty.
"Hair behind the ears, maybe"
Hair on a horse's neck
Hair on a lion's neck
Hair very apparent?
Hair-band necessity
Hairs on the back of the neck
Head of hair
Heavy hair
Heavy hair.
Hippie's hairdo.
Horse do
Horse feature
Horse hair
Horse hair.
Horse hairs
Horse head feature
"Horse rider's grip, at times"
Horse's hair
Horse's hairdo
Horse's neck growth
Horse's neck hair
Horsehair source
Horsehair supplier
Important to hair bands
"Iron and Wine ""Lion's ___"""
It connects to the neck
It grows from the neck
It may be braided
It may flow on a ranch
It runs down the neck
It's above the withers
Jungle growth?
Jungle neckpiece.
King of beasts' crowning glory
King of beasts's crowning glory
King of the beasts' crowning glory
Leo's locks
Leo's pride
Leo's ruff
Leo's tresses
Leonine coif
Leonine feature
Leonine feature (4)
Leonine feature.
Leonine hairdo
Leonine head of hair
Leonine locks
Leonine locks.
Leonine symbol
Lion feature
Lion growth
Lion hair
Lion locks
Lion's coif
Lion's do
Lion's hair
Lion's hairdo
Lion's locks
Lion's lovely locks
Lion's neck hair
Lion's pride
"Lion's pride, say"
Lion's pride.
Lion's pride?
Lion's ruff
Lion's shag
Lion's trademark
Lion's tresses
Lioness' lack
Lioness's lack
Lipizzaner's locks
Lippizaner's locks
Locks in a barn
Locks in a barn?
"Locks in a cage, maybe"
Locks in a lion cage?
Locks in a paddock
Locks in a stable
Locks in a stable?
Locks in a stall
Locks in a zoo?
Locks in the lion cage
Locks in the paddock?
Locks in the stable?
Locks in the state fair
Locks in the zoo?
Locks on a horse
Locks on a lion
Long hair
Long hair.
Long locks
"Long, flowing locks"
"Long, flowing locks, slangily"
"Long, heavy hair"
"Long, luxuriant hair"
"Long, thick head of hair"
"Long, thick locks"
Luxuriant hair
Luxuriant head of hair
Luxuriant locks
Luxuriant tresses
Luxurious head of hair
Male lion identifier
Male lion's distinction
Male lion's hair
Male lion's locks
Mare hair
Mare's hair
Mare's hairs
Mess of tresses
Metal locks?
Mister Ed's locks
Mop of a sort
Mop of hair.
Moppy hair
Mule feature
Nape growth
Nape growth.
Neck band?
Neck hair
Neck line?
Neck tress
"Opposed to, in the sticks"
Outgrowth of hair
Palomino's pride
Part of a horse
Percheron feature
Place for a comb
"Ponytail, in a way"
Pride member's pride?
Pride of Simba or Silver
Pride of lions
Pride of lions?
Pride of one in a pride
Pride of the pride
"Rapper and ""Spring Breakers"" actor Gucci ___"
Rider's grip perhaps
"Rider's grip, perhaps"
Rider's handful
Rider's handhold
Rock image accessory
Safari shock?
Scar feature
Scraggly hair.
Series of shocks?
Shaggy growth of hair.
Shaggy hair
Shaggy locks
Shiny locks
Shock of hair
Shock of hair.
Silver hair
Silver hair?
Silver locks
Simba grows one
"Simba grows one in ""The Lion King"""
Simba's neckwear
Simba's pride
Simba's pride?
Simba's tresses
Smart Jones' hair
Something braided on a farm
Stable locks
Stable locks?
Stallion feature
Teen hairdo.
Teenage hairdo
Thick hair
Thick head of hair
Thick locks
Thick tresses.
"Thick, long locks"
Thing to groom
This appears on a horse's neck
Trigger locks?
Trigger's tresses
Werewolf feature
What Disney's Simba has that Nala lacks
What a groom grooms
What a groom may groom
What a lion has that a lioness lacks
What grooms groom
Wildebeest feature
Zebra feature
Zebra's hair
Zebra's thatch
Zoo cage locks?
___ event (horse show?)
Nape growth
Lion's hair
Nape covering
Equine feature
Horse's hair
Horse hair
Horse's hair
Some locks
Lion's neck hair
Lion's hair
Horse's hair
Lion's hair
Simba's coif
Lion feature
Horse feature
Long coarse hair
Lion's crowning glory
Pride of lions?
''That smarts!''
Horse's hair
Horse's hair
Horse's hair
Horse's hair
Lion's hair
A giraffe has a long one
A giraffe has a long one
Horse's hair
Horse's hair
Horse's hair
Locks in a barn?
Lion's neck hair
Lion's hair
Lion's hair
Horse's hair
Luxuriant locks
Lion feature
Lion's pride
Lion's hair
Lion's pride?
Locks in a barn
Thick head?
Lion's pride
Lion's pride?
Thick locks
Horse's hair
Lion's hair
Horse's hair
Lion's neck hair
Leo's locks
Horse's hair
Horse's hair
Lion's hair
Horse's hair
Lion's neck hair
Feature of a male lion
Lion's hair
Horse neck hair
Mean to transform some hair
Mustang feature
Filly feature
Luxuriant locks
Horse's hair
Lion's pride?
Filly feature
Horse's hair
Zebra's neck hair
Long coarse hair
Horse's hair